CNA Certification in Alabama

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To earn CNA certification in Alabama, one needs to enrol for the state approved training program offered by many nursing homes, community colleges and some of the private colleges, followed by the state CNA certification program. Great career opportunities, like healthcare field fall forth to a CNA. The entire process to earn certification is hassle-free but it approximately takes 8-13 weeks, comprised of 75 recognized hours of CNA course work and dedicated clinical rotation of 100 hours.  It is only after the successful passing of the ‘Certified Nurse Assistant’ examination; one qualifies for the ‘Alabama Nurse Aide Registry’.

The ‘Alabama Department of Public Health’ is the agency that assess and approves CNA certification programs of the state. The testing to standards of ‘National Nurse Aide Program’ (NNAAP) is done through an application to the ‘NACES Plus Foundation’.

Eligibility Requirement

Criteria to earn the certification in Alabama, is as follows:

  • Age of the pursuant must be at least 18 years.
  • Owns the proof of a GED or high school graduation.
  • Have undergone a health examination- ‘Drug screening’ and ‘TB Test’.
  • No past history of criminal or unprofessional conduct.
  • Show proof of immunizations.
  • Two fingerprint cards, two passport size photographs and Photo ID.

Required hours for CNA Certification

Before writing the Alabama CNA licensing examination, a candidate is needed completion of minimum of 75 hours of academic CNA course work and 100 hours of medical (clinical) rotation.  The duration of the nurse aide classes run s for about 2-to-6 months. Most of the schools of Alabama have their own specific requirements for the training program.

Candidate must write the exam for the CNA certification within 24 months of training, otherwise face the call to retrain.


It costs roughly $1000 to get CNA certification in Alabama. Along with the tuition fees, the testing fee is also charged to some candidates. According to the Federal Laws, those with jobs offers or into jobs with long term facilities are liberated from the tuition fee as in that case it the responsibility of the employer to pay.

Testing includes the test of written knowledge and practical skills. This involves 60 problems and also 10 multiple choice questions, and after this performing the 5 randomly chosen skills. The testing costs may vary depending on the way the tests are taken.

Both practical and written in Spanish or English: $100

Practical and written – administered in Spanish or English: $ 120

Procedure to Apply For CNA Certification:

Step 1: Firstly, complete the state approved class program of 2 years. Then, fill an application form on the NACES website. You will be required to provide the documentations to prove the successful completion of training program by you and also your identity confirming data. At the time of testing, you’re needed to provide the information if you’re being sponsored by your present employer. The exam tests the competency level of pursuant in 2 areas. The 1st portion is comprised of written examination and the 2nd one is to assess the care-taking skills of aspirants.  Computer grades the written portion and the proctor is responsible for grading the skill section.

Step: 2 NNAACP conducts the written and oral examination. Each of the examination (written as well as oral) carries 60 questions.

Step: 3 After completing training and passing the nurse aide examination, you are all set to look for job options in the Alabama state. Ensure you’re registered in the ‘Alabama Nurse Aide Registry’. This can be checked by visiting the page

Employers verify the validity of the certificate of job applicants via this page, so it’s important you keep you renew your license in every two years. If you don’t, it will become inactive. License for CNA certification can be renewed online in Alabama. Renewing of the license is done free of cost.