CNA Certification in Alaska

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Does becoming a CNA in Alaska interest you? Alaska offers many programs that can help you to accomplish your dream of becoming a Certifies Nursing Aide in the state.  You require fitting credentials and training to work as a CNA and treat patients in the state. Take approved training, apply for and pass the examination. It is an easy procedure, free from complexity. You just need to fulfil the eligibility criteria to take the state training program.

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum age of the candidate must be 18 years.

  • Proof of GED and high school graduation.
  • Full physical exam that involves TB Testing, drug screening and proof of immunization.
  • Submission of the fees associated with the check of criminal background and fingerprinting.


It costs around $ 1000 with books and materials to earn the credentials of CNA certification. The application for the examination involves other fees also-

  • Certification Fees – $ 120
  • Fingerprint Fees- $ 59
  • Application Fees- $ 50
  • Total for Oral Exam- $ 284
  • Total for Witten Exam- $ 279

How to apply for the CNA certification

  • Fill out the application form
  • If you’re paying money by yourself then attach a  money order for $ 279, otherwise get a purchase order or voucher from your prospective employer.
  • Along with this, also provide a filled fingerprint card. Another option is to get it from a ‘Law Enforcement Agency’. Don’t forget to take the FD 258 form.
  • Attach your passport sized (2*2) photograph with your signature and clicked date on page 2 of the application form.
  • In a similar way, you’re required to fill out any one form out of the following two- “Verification of Credentials for Alaska nurse Aide Registry form” and “Verification of Training for Alaska Nurse Aide Registry”.    The copy of these forms can be availed at nurse aide registry.

When you don’t need to attend an approved program in Alaska state if

  • Proof of completion of CNA program in another state without any cumbersome registration in the state.
  • Successfully completed the training program of nursing outside the US, except the state Canada.
  • Successfully completed service in 5 years and training in10 years of a US corpsman and medic training programs.
  • Successfully completed 1 year or more of nursing education involving classroom and clinical instructions, within 5 years of applying.
  • Successfully finished the state approved nursing program without any licensure within the past 2 years.

Candidates can apply for the exam only after completing the training program. Approved programs for training are available on the website-

Courses involves at least 140 hours that divide between the classroom study (60 hours) and the remaining hours for clinical instructions.

The examination followed by the completion of training program, includes written questions as well as the performing CNA skills.

Must Know Facts

  • The Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division may grant you a non-renewable temporary license of 150 days validity, if you’re in arrears on child support. Child Support Enforcement can be contacted at 1-800-478-3300 regarding payment issues.
  • Certificate needs to be renewed in even numbered years irrespective of the issued year. Hence, renew your certificate in every two years.
  • Notification regarding the renewal of certificate is mailed 60 days before its expiry date.
  • Denial or revocation of licensure can be done if the candidate is found incompetent, convicted for crimes or caught working as a CNA without credentials.

Continued competency is required for the renewal of license. Renewal for the first time requires the completion of continuing education of 12 hours and paid employment as a CNA for at least 160 hours.