CNA Certification in Delaware

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There are some specific steps that each CNA aspirant needs to undergo to fulfil his/her dreams to work as a CNA in Delaware. Firstly, there is a training program which is followed by the exam. The DLTCRP, ‘Delaware Division of Long term Care Residents Protection’ is under the charge to look after the CNA certification process in the state.  This group coordinated with the Prometric Inc. to design and monitor the CNA certification competency examination and the CNA registry. The entire process, right from setting the eligibility criteria for the training to the requirement for appearing in the CNA Registry is as per the Federal Standards.

Eligibility Requirement for Training:

Following are the basic criteria that applicant must meet to apply for the training-

  • Age of the candidate must be 16 or above.
  • Possess CPR certification as facilities require.
  • Own a proof of a GED or High School Graduation.
  •  Hold evidence of immunizations with the vaccination of hepatitis B series.
  • TB and drug screening test along with the full physical test.
  • No criminal background. Candidate must be free from allegations of– drugs, felony thefts and violent offences. Applicants must undertake fingerprinting and criminal background check. More information regarding the ‘Criminal Check and Mandatory Drug Testing’ is reachable at (302)577-7295, ext. 244.

How to Apply:

To earn CNA certification, aspirants need to take training in the state approved program. But some aspirants have escape to it. Following are those aspirants-

  • Graduate and student nurses who have completed a course study of at least 75 hours.
  • CNAs of other states with an experience of at least 3 months of paid employment.
  • LPNs or LPNs for over 1 year of certification.
  • Individuals who were the state registered CNAs in the past and have worked for at least 64 hours in the last one year.
  • Only registration with the state for reciprocity aspirants with good standing.

Candidates who fail to fall in the above mentioned categories, they need to take the training then. The DLTCRP provides the complete list of the state approved training programs-

Training programs must go for no less than150 hours that are equally divided between the classroom lectures and clinical learning. After completing the training, apply for the official exam. Along with the written questions in the exam, there is a test of clinical skills as well where candidates have to perform nursing skills.

Sample paper ( ) is provided by the Prometric.


As per the training program, training fees vary in Delaware but it falls somewhere between $ 800 and $ 1000. Testing fees are as follows-

  • Written and Skill test- $108
  • Oral and Skill Test- $ 118
  •  Only Oral retake- $ 50
  • Only Written retake- $ 40
  • Only Skills retake- $ 68

CNA license Renewal

The licensure needs to be renewed in every 2 years. Candidates must complete continuing education of 24 hours in his/her 2 year certification period.  License can be activated only if a CNA has discharged paid nursing services for at least 64 hours in the past 24 hours.

Must Know Facts:

  • As per the Federal Law, candidates with an employment offer or employment will not pay on their own for certification. The employer will bear the training and testing expenses.
  • Candidates are permitted to work as a CNA without the CNA license in any healthcare setting of Delaware for up to 120 days.   If they fail to earn the certification in this time duration then they can’t work anymore as an aide.
  • If aspirants fail to take and pass the exam before 24 months of the completion of training, then they need to undertake the training again.