CNA Certification in Missouri

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To appear in the CNA registry of Missouri demands taking a training program and passing the competency exam. The Department of Health and Senior Services monitors the certification programs of Certified Nursing Assistants. The exams are usually taken where students take up their training, but exams can also be taken at various community colleges and vocational technical schools.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are allowed to apply for the certified nursing aide training programs if they meet the following basic requirement-

  • Students must be at least 18 years old, otherwise he/ she must be enrolled in the program of ‘occupational health career’ in a high school student of a Missouri’s accredited high school.
  • Candidate with the evidence of a GED or High School graduation;
  • Candidates must not have any criminal background. For this, they must take fingerprinting and background check;
  • Candidates must undertake the complete physical test, and with a negative results on TB and drug screening, and
  • Candidates must not be a part of the ‘Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ employees’ debar list.

How to Apply

Some aspirants can skip the CNA training course and directly sit for the competency exam. Such concession is given to the following individuals-

  • LPN or RN candidates that fail to qualify the examination;
  • Aspirants who are enrolled for the program – RN/LPN , that contains  a clinical rotation in the previous 5 years;
  • Candidates who pursued out-of-the-country training program;
  • Candidates that are enlisted on the ‘Missouri State Certified Nurse Assistant Register’  with an inactive status; or
  • Candidates who are in good standing and active in the out-of-the state registry.

The state of Missouri gives only one chance to qualify the competency exam to the above mentioned privileged candidates. In case they fail to pass the examination then they are required to take the training all over again and then apply for the testing.

If the nursing aide training is required to be taken, then the list of the state approved programs is obtainable from the website of the ‘Missouri Department of Health’

Every state approved programs at least demand the classroom work of 75 hours and the practical training of 100 hours. The aspirants can apply for the exam after completing the training of the compulsory hours. The exam contains the two portions- one consists of the clinical skills and the other portion is comprised of the written questions. Prometric conducts the exam and it also provides the sample test, which is accessible at its site-


In Missouri, the cost of training varies depending upon the employment status. Candidates, who are employed in a skilled nursing or a long term care facility, pay $ 500 that covers the testing fees as well. On the other hand, non-working candidates pay approximately $ 1400 for testing and training.

Certificate Renewal

Credentials of the certified nursing assistant expire in two years. License can be renewed or kept in the active state, if the evidence of at least 8 hours as a paid CNA during the past 2 years is provided.

Must know Facts

  • Candidates must take and pass the competency examination of the certified nursing assistant within the period of six months after the completion of training.
  • Candidates, who fail to qualify the competency examination, are allowed to re-take the exam twice within 3 months.
  • If the license expires, candidates can either re-take the training course or provide the proof of the employment.
  • Under the Federal Law, the candidates who are employed or working with skilled nursing facilities are not supposed to pay the training and testing fees. Those are borne by the employer.

If candidates fail to pass any part of the exam then they get two attempts to qualify the failed portion within the 90 days. If they don’t take and pass the failed portion in those 90 days then they must re-take the training program all over again.