CNA Certification in Nebraska

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To earn the respect of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Nebraska requires completing the training program which is handled by the ‘Department of Health and Human Services’. Following to this, the competency exam is held and candidates who successfully qualify the exam are enlisted in the state’s registry.

Eligibility Requirements

The students, who dream to become a CNA in Nebraska, are supposed to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Candidates must be 16 years old;
  • He must possess a proof of High School Diploma or an equivalent GED;
  • He must understand and speak the English language;
  • He must undergo the physical test, and come out with a negative drug screen and negative TB status, and also got the proof of immunizations; and
  • He must not have criminal background. He needs to take the criminal background check, including a felony arrest trace and fingerprinting data.

How to Apply

Some aspirants enjoy the privilege to skip the training (as they have already earned enough training experience) and appear for the competency exam directly. These candidates may even miss out the exam and get registered on the state’s registry. Following are those candidates-

  • Candidates whose CNA status is lapsed with a lapsing period of not more than 2 years;
  • A military CNA, nursing student, a candidate with foreign Certified Nursing Aide training, and a lapsed LPN or RN; or

All the approved training programs are divided between the classroom instructions and hand-on experience. The training at least takes 75 hours with 16 hours for practical learning and the rest 59 hours for classroom lectures. After taking the training of compulsory hours, aspirants can go ahead applying for the certification examination.  The exam of certified nursing assistant includes 70 questions. Along with this, candidates also need to finish up 6 tasks of nursing aide in order to pass the exam successfully.

Exams can apply for the exam by contacting to either of the following –

Province Health Care Institute

4600 Valley Road, Suite 401
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510
Phone: (402)364-2330 or 326-2792

Nebraska Health Care learning Center

3900 NW 12th Street, Suite 100
Lincoln, Nebraska 68521-3037
Phone: (402)435-3551


The cost to earn the CNA certification in the state of Nebraska costs approximately $ 500. If candidates work in the same facility where they receive nursing aide training then the training and testing is reimburse to candidates.

Certificate Renewal

  • An active status of CNAs stays for 24 months. If certified nursing assistants are not involved in paid employment for over 24 months, their status gets lapsed.
  • There is no requirement of continuing education and of in service to stay active on the state’s nursing aide registry, but it is important to provide a proof of at least 12 hours in- service for licensed nursing and Medicaid certified facilities.
  • CNAs, who have completed the certified nursing assistant training of 75 hours but are out- of -work for 2 years, can reactive the certifications by re-taking the clinical and written exams.

Must Know Facts

  • If candidates fail to pass the certification exam in 3 attempts then they must retake the CNA training of 75 hours in the state.