CNA Certification in Nevada

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The process of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Nevada includes a number of preliminary steps. The first step is to take the training approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN) and qualify the testing to appear on the state’s CNA registry. NSBN is a body which handles all facets of the Nevada CNA program and administers the certification examination by working along with the Prometric, Inc.

Eligibility Requirements

Only those aspirants are allowed to take the process of earning the credentials of certified nursing aide who meet the following basic requirements-

  • Minimum age of the candidate must be 18 years;
  • He must have earned a Hugh School Diploma or GED;
  • He must submit the proof the criminal background check, including felony record check and fingerprinting data;
  • He must carry the proof of negative drug screen, negative TB screening and immunizations; and
  • He must possess CPR certification.

How to Apply

All need not to take the state approved CNA training program. This privilege is enjoyed by only those who meet the given below criteria-

  • Waiver- candidates who got the proof of licensures as a LPN or RN in another state or country. The proper state commission reviews the documents of these candidates and place them on the state’s registry;
  • Reciprocity-Candidates who are registered as a CNA in the nursing aide registry of another state. These candidates are liberated from taking the training and testing to appear on the Nevada registry; or
  • Lapsed-These are those candidates whose license got expired. Inactive license can be reactivated by completing the renewal process, filling the required form, paying the associated fee and continuing education. If CNAs have not delivered the nursing service for over 2-3 years, they need to complete a refresher course before certificate renewal.

Aspirants who have got no escape from the training, can access to the link ( in order to know the training courses approved by the State Board of Nursing. All approved training programs need at least 75 hours that split between the 15 hours of clinical work and 60 hours of classroom instructions. After completing the training, candidates apply for the examination eligibility. When application for exam is accepted, students are provided with a list of contacts to reserve their two-pass exam. Examination includes two sections- practical skills and written exam. Students are placed on the state’s registry only when they qualify both the sections of the testing.


Earning the CNA certification takes quite a few months to complete, and the price to take training goes around $ 1000. Candidates can get training and testing free of cost if they get ready to work during the training period. The employer pays their testing and training related expenses.

Testing fees are as follows:

Great Basin College

  • Written Retake-$30
  • Clinical Retake-$60
  • Both tests-$90

College of Southern Nevada

  • Written Retake-$30
  • Clinical Retake-$90
  • Both tests-$120

Truckee Meadows Community College

  • Written Retake-$30
  • Clinical Retake- $ 90
  • Both Tests- $120

Certificate Renewal

CNA license holds the validity for two years. To keep it in an active status, candidates need to renew the license. Candidates must have paid employment of minimum 1 documented day in the last 2 years. Renewal forms are delivered to the eligible CNAs around 60 days before the date of expiration.

Must Know Facts

  • Candidates get 3 attempts to pass both the sections (written and practical) of the testing. There is a new fee for every attempt of the exam. If candidates fail to pass the exam within those three attempts, they must retake the training course all over again to re-take the competency exam.
  • Aspiring CNAs can take the sample test accessible on the site of the Prometric Nevada-
  • Testing fees is not transferrable or refundable. The paid feed is neither refunded nor carried over for the next eligibility period.
  • Candidates must take and pass the competency exam (both tests i.e. written and practical) within 1 year from the date of application received by the Nevada State Board of Nursing(NSBN).