CNA Certification in New Hampshire

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It takes to follow several steps to earn credentials of Certified Nursing Aide in the state of New Hampshire. Firstly, eligibility of the candidate to appear for the testing is done, and then training and testing is followed. After that, candidates are placed on the state’s registry, so that they can work as a professional CNA in the NH.

It is the NH’s Board of Nursing that handles the training and manages the registry. The Board coordinates with the D&S Diversified Technologies to oversee the competency examination and declare the result of testing. After qualifying the exam, candidates are placed on the registry for the 2 years before renewal of credentials is done.

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates can take the nursing aide training course and testing only when they meet the mentioned below requirements-

  • Minimum Age of candidates must not be less than 18 years;
  • They must have evidence of High School Diploma or equivalent GED;
  • They must be physically fit and fulfil the lifting requirement;
  • They must undertake the full background check, involving fingerprinting; and
  • They are also need to take a complete physical check with negative drug screening, negative TB testing and got all necessary immunizations.

How to Apply

Taking the CNA training is not always compulsory. There are certain instances when the training can be skipped and following are they:

  • Candidates, who want to appear for the ‘Challenge Program’, and have the consent of New Hampshire Board of Nursing; or
  • Reciprocity- candidates who have earned the certification of the nursing assistant from another state.

Training course includes 100 hours, divided between the 60 hours for lab work and another 40 hours for classroom study.


The CNA training program in the state of New Hampshire, costs roughly around $ 1000. Besides this, there are extra expenses on books and testing as well.  A range of fees is charged for testing. Candidates who can’t afford the expenses of CNAs certification, must contract the NH’s Board of Nursing for free nursing aide options. The Board will tell about the training programs that provide free training, scholarships or grants.

To help candidates, the Federal law has stipulated that CNAs who take training, testing and get registered within 12 months after getting into paid employment at skilled nursing homes or facilities, will be liberated from all kind of expenses that occur while earning the certification.

Certificate Renewal

The validity of the CNA credentials is lapsed in 24 months and required to be renewed once in every two years. CNAs must complete a renewal tutoring course of 12 hours to renew the certificate. Only those candidates are eligible for the certificate renewal who have completed minimum 100 hours of paid nursing work each year.

Must Know Facts

  • The state’s Nursing Board provides three attempts to clear the CNA testing. If they are unable to do so then they must retake the training program to appear for the exam again.
  • Candidates are required to apply online for the testing. Only after the acceptance of the online registration form for the testing, students can sit for the exam.
  • Testing takes places at numerous sites. Candidates can pick the location and date after receiving the approval from the concerned authority.
  • Students can take the CNA sample test, accessible at the D&S Diversified Technologies website-