CNA Certification in Oklahoma

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The process of earning the CNA credentials in the state of Oklahoma is hassle-free. To get recognized as a certified nursing assistant in the state, it’s mandatory to get registered with the state’s registry. For this, you will have to go through the training and testing. The Oklahoma State of Department of Education and Healthhandles the CNA certification training and registry. The exam is conducted under the administration of D&S Diversified and takes place at one place only, i.e., the OSU-OKC Technology Education Centre. Training can be taken at the OSU-OKC campus or independently from the state approved program.

The nurse aide certification helps you in getting better employment opportunities, promotion and career progression, and higher annual and monthly salary.

Eligibility Requirements

There are certain requirements that are essential to meet before applying for the certified training program. Here, they are:

  • The minimum age of aspirants must not be less than 18.
  • They must own the evidence of negative TB screening, drug screening and latest immunizations.
  • They must submit an evidence of sex offender check and criminal arrest background testing.
  • You must have a diploma in high school or GED.

CNA Certification Process

  • Successfully take a nurse aide training program, accredited by the state.
  • Qualify the NNAAP or any other certification examination, recognized at the national level.
  • Get your name listed in the nurse aide registry of the state.

Online CNA Certification

Online CNA certification programs provide more flexibility to the aspirants. But, for that, you need to meet certain criteria and follow the rules and regulations imposed by the state of Oklahoma. The topics covered in these online programs are nursing fundamentals, medical terminology and clinical procedures.

How to Apply

State approved training is usually required to obtain the credentials of certified nursing aide in Oklahoma, but some aspirants, such as challenges, waivers, nursing degrees and lapsed certifications, need not to take the training.

Training is usually taken from the OSU-OKC Certified Nurse Aide Training programsOther training options are also available in the state.Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Educationare the other two main providers.Training sessions run for minimum 30 hours. There are 6 different locations of OSU-OKC across Oklahoma, where training of 96 hours can be acquired. These 96 hours are split between the clinical work of 24 hours and the remaining 72 hours are for classroom learning. Clinical classes can be taken during evening or day.

After completion of the training, one has to take Oklahoma Nursing Assistant Test. This test can be taken through Prometric, an independent testing site that has no association with OSU training.  The exam contains performance of clinical skills and written questions, irrespective of where the exam is being taken.  D&S Diversified provides a sample test.

If you are already working with some healthcare facility and are a hard-working employee, your employer will pay all the expenses of your training and testing.


The average price to take the training course for CNA certification that lasts for few months in Oklahoma is approximately $1000. This includes expenses on books and other study materials, but not testing fees.

The fee for testing is as follows:

  • Written Testing: $20
  • Skill testing: $75
  • Oral testing: $35

After completing the training successfully, candidates are supposed to submit the application form of examination along with the requisite fees.

Certificate Renewal

The CNA license expires in 24 months. Therefore, it is important to deliver paid nursing services for minimum 64 hours within last 24 months. Besides this, the nursing assistants of the state are required to finish the continuing education of 24 hours after every 2 years of certification period.

Facts You Must Know

  • Aspirants can work in any healthcare settings for up to 4 months before acquiring the license of a CNA. They must earn the required credentials within this time frame in order to continue working.
  • Candidates get three attempts and 2 years from the date of the completion of training course to pass each of the sections of the competency examination. Both the tests (written and practical) must be cleared during the mentioned eligibility period, so that results can be passed to the state’s registry. Retraining is required, if you fail to qualify the examination in the period of 2 years.

Candidates, who got offer from or employed in a Medicaid-certified nursing facility, are not required to pay their examination fees at their own. Their fees will be paid by the concerned nursing home employers.