CNA Certification in Oregon

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To earn the title of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Oregon means taking the training accredited by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, and then qualifying a competency exam. Aspirants become eligible to appear on the Oregon’s CNA registry only after qualifying the exam.

To schedule the date of examination, candidates fill the ‘Certification by Examination Application to D&S Diversified’.

Eligibility Requirements

To become eligible for the CNA training program includes meeting the following requirements:

  • Age must be 18 or above;
  • Proof of a GED or High School Diploma;
  • Have undergone a complete background check with felony check and fingerprinting; and
  • Have passed the health screening tests that involve taking drug screening, TB testing and proof of current immunizations.

How to Apply

Following are the exceptional candidates, who are escaped from the state approved training:

  • Corpsman or military medic;
  • Candidates who own CNA credentials from other states;
  • Those who have finished their training program in the last 2 years; and
  • Individuals who have completed their graduation by taking the nursing education program within the period of last 3 years

Candidates, for whom taking the training program is essential, must go to the link- to know the state approved training courses.

Approved training programs in Oregon involve the study of minimum 150 hours, divided between the clinical work of 75 hours, and the remaining hours for learning in lab and classroom.

The exam follows the training. The testing contains 77 multiple choice questions and performance of randomly chosen 5 CNA skills. The facility to take the exam orally (instead of written) is available for students with language or testing problems.


Expenses go beyond $ 1000 to obtain the CNA certification in the state of Oregon. These expenses do not include examination fees, and payments on buying textbooks and other study materials.

Testing fees are as follows:

Both Written and Skills testing: $ 106
Both Skills and Oral testing: $ 141
Retake of Written and Skills testing: $ 70
Retake of Skills testing: $ 45
Retake of Written testing: $25

Certificate Renewal

  • The license of a Certified nursing Assistants expires in 24 months.
  • To qualify for the certificate renewal, it is necessitate having a proof of being a paid worker for minimum 400 hours in the past 2 years that is from the issue to expiration of the certificate.
  • If license expires (on account of non-renewal on time), the licensed can be renewed by filling the renewal form and submitting the needed renewal fees. If renewal fails within the period of 2 months of expiration, then candidates need to pay an additional fee and take a criminal background check all over again.                                                                           

Must Know Facts

  • D&S Diversified aids students by providing sample tests that are obtainable at –