CNA Certification in Rhode Island

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To attain credentials of a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Rhode Island requires taking the Department of Health approved training course and examination. The Department of Health works in association with Pearson VUE to conduct the exam, to determine the score and declare result of exam to the CNA registry of the state.  All testing is under the control of the CCRI (Community College of Rhode Island).

Eligibility Requirements

The state of Rhode Island requires the following requirements to become eligible to apply for the training programs-

  • The minimum qualifying age is 18;
  • Evidence of a complete physical test (with drug screening and TB testing) and immunizations;
  • Proof of a GED and a High School diploma; and
  • Evidence of a criminal background check, including felony arrests and fingerprinting.

How to Apply

It is essential to take the state approved training programs to earn CNA certification in Rhode Island. But, candidates with the given below qualifications are liberated from the training part and are allowed to take directly the competency examination.

  • Candidates with a lapsed nursing assistant certificate. The certificate must be out of service for more than 2 years. If it is, then retaining is required; or
  • Nursing students who have completed two clinical courses.

Candidates without above qualifications need to take the training. The state approved training programs include 100 hours of work. These hours are divided between the clinical work of minimum 20 hours and the remaining hours are dedicated for classroom lectures. The time period of a few months is required to finish the training.

After training, students apply for the examination. They can get an Application for Registration by Examination either by contacting CCRI or through their CNA training program. On reciving an examination application, CCRI schedule the exam. A list of testing locations is available at a link provided by the Pearson Vue-

There are two section in the exam- Written and Practical. Students with testing problems can take the exam orally by paying extra fees.


The cost to undertake the training in the state comes more than $ 1000. Candidates, who are employed or got a job offer from a certified nursing facility, are liberated from paying the testing and training expenses. Their employers bear those expenses.

Testing fees are as follows:

  • Both practical and written testing: $ 199
  • Orally administered written and practical testing: $ 99
  • Only Written retesting: $  30
  • Only Practical retesting: $ 69
  • Oral retesting: $ 30

Certification Renewal

  • The renewal of license is done in every two years.
  • CNA certification become inactive after a lapse of 2 consecutive years or more in delivering nursing related services.
  • CNAs need to provide a proof of paid employment for at least 8 hours during the past 2 years in order to maintain the active status of the license.

Must Know Facts

  • Retraining is not required if the examination is passed within 3 attempts.
  • Rhode Island and Federal laws say, candidates that participate in Medicare/Medicaid programs are barred from meeting the state examination fees.