CNA Certification in Virginia

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The process of obtaining the CNA certification in the state of Virginia is simple and quite similar to other states. It requires meeting the requirements for enrolment in the training program. Those requirements are laid by the Commonwealth and the Virginia Board of Nursing. The same group is in charge of reviewing and approving the state’s training programs, and working with Pearson Vue to conduct the exam of NNAAP standards. Students, who are able to qualify the exam, appear on the state’s CNA registry, which is managed by the Pearson Vue group.

Eligibility Criteria

Before the NNAAP exam, training is needed, and to enrol in a training program, there are certain requirements which are necessary to meet. Here are the basic eligibility requirements:

  • The candidates must complete 18 years of age;
  • They must take a full physical test that involves drug screening and TB testing. Besides, they need to provide an evidence of immunization;
  • It is mandatory to take a complete background check that assess fingerprinting data at the federal and state level, felony offenses, taxation data, child support problems that can debar candidates to become employable in the state; and
  • They must carry a proof of a GED or a High School Diploma.

How to Apply

It is not mandatory for all students to enrol in a training program. They can directly apply for the NNAAP exam.  Such students are:

  • Licensed nursing graduates;
  • Nursing students with a clinical experience of 40 hours; or
  • Lapsed CNAs from other states whose license is expired.

Students, who cannot skip the training, must visit the website of the Virginia Board of Nursing. At the website, a complete list of the state approved training programs is available.  All approved training programs involve classroom and clinical work of 75 hours. On completion of the training, students can schedule the exam.


The cost of the state approved training programs comes in the range of $ 400 and $ 1000.  There are extra expenses on the Pearson Vue testing as well.

There are two sections in the examination- written and skills testing sections. The written section includes 70 multiple choice questions, and the skills testing section involves performance of 5 randomly chosen nurse assistant skills.

Testing Fees are as follows:

Both Skills and Written testing: $ 94
Written testing only: $ 25
Both Oral and Skills testing: $ 94
Skills testing only: $ 69
Oral testing only: $ 25

Training and testing associated fees of employed CNA aspirants are paid by their employers, as per the Federal Law.

Certificate Renewal

  • The CNA certificate in Virginia expires in every one year.
  • Certified Nursing Aides receive renewal notification 60 days before the expiration date of the license.
  • CNAs get 90 days for renewal of the certification.

Must Know Facts

  • Students are obliged to qualify both the sections (Written and skills) of the exam within the 24 months of the completion of the training programs, regardless of the number of attempts it takes candidates to pass the examination.
  • Students enrolled in the training course approved by the State Board of Nursing (but haven’t earned the CNA certification), are permitted to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant for duration of up to 4 months in a nursing facility.  They are obliged to take the training, testing and licensing in those 120 days to continue to be in nursing service.
  • The state of Virginia needs employability assessments without any exception made for certain felony crimes.