CNA Certification in Wisconsin

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Becoming a professional Certified Nursing Assistant in Wisconsin involves a simple and straightforward process. The process involves taking the state approved training courses, qualifying the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide program) exam and getting registered on the state’s CNA registry. Aspirants can apply for the training and testing only after qualifying the eligibility criteria set by the Wisconsin’s Board of Nursing.

The Wisconsin Department of Health handles the CNA certification in the state. The group administers the training, and works in association with Pearson Vue to conduct the exam of NNAAP standards and maintain the state’s registry.

Eligibility Criteria

In Wisconsin only those candidates who meet the following set of requirement can apply for enrolment in the training:

  • The age of candidates should not be less than 16 years;
  • They must earn High School graduation or equivalent GED; and
  • They must own a proof of full criminal background check. The social security number of candidates is utilized to determine any record of neglect or abuse , convictions for criminal offences, loss of medical license, taxation problems, issues related to the past child support payment or other court problems.

Candidates are enrolled for training programs once these assessments are done and accepted.

How to Apply

Candidates with required qualifications and experience can skip the training and sit for the exam directly. Following candidates may appear on the registry merely by passing the exam:

  • A foreign educated nurse with required clinical skills. They must own a proof the training taken and the earned license;
  • Graduate or student nurse;
  • Out of state Certified Nursing Assistants with the minimum 32 hours of clinical training;
  • Reciprocity candidates who have earned the training of at least 120 hours from other states;
  • Military personnel with the requisite training.  These candidates can collect the required forms by making a call to the number- 608-26-8319;
  • Lapsed CNAs who are no longer in the state’s CNA registry but they were in the past; or
  • Home health aides with the needed certification.

All approved programs require minimum 120 hours of work, split between the 16 hours of classroom study and the 32 hours are devoted for clinical work.Candidates become eligible to apply for the testing only after completing the entire 120 hours of training.

The testing is done in 2 sections. One is written section that can be given orally as well if candidates suffer from testing problems. The other is skills testing section. The exam is held only in the English language in Wisconsin.


The fee for the CNA training program in the state of Wisconsin is approximately in the range of $ 800 and $ 1000. It takes around 4 months to complete the training. Additionally, there are testing fees too that are paid to the Pearson Vue. Depending upon the manner, test is being taken, testing fee is charged.

The fee structure is as follows:

Both Written and Skills testing: $ 115
Orally administered both Written and Skills testing: $ 115
Written retesting: $ 45
Skills retesting: $ 70
Oral retesting: 45

Certificate Renewal

  • The renewal period of the CNA certification is 24 months.
  • The renewal notification is delivered at CNAs’ given address around 60 days prior to the expiration date.
  • If CNAs do not renew their license on time and let it to expire, then they need to retest in order to get the active status of their licenses.

Must Know Facts

  • It is mandatory for candidates to pass the Pearson examination within the one year of training.
  • All the required forms can be downloaded from the website of the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Training and Registry Information
  • Candidates, who are enrolled in the state approved training programs, are allowed to discharge nursing assistant services in the nursing facilities for up to 120 days. They can continue working only if they get CNA certification within those 120 days.