CNA Certification in Wyoming

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Earning the reputed title of a Certified Nursing Aide in the state of Wyoming involves a few steps. The first step is to complete the training program of mandatory hours. This is followed by the competency examination of NNAAP standard, conducted jointly by Pearson Vue and the American Cross. The training programs are approved and accredited by the Wyoming Board of Nursing. Candidates who qualify the exam appear on the state’s CNA registry and can work as a professional nursing assistant. The Wyoming Department of Health manages the state’s registry.

Eligibility Criteria

Before aspirants apply for training or testing, they must ensure that they meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must complete their 18 years of age;
  • They must take the Board of Nursing specified criminal background check and fingerprinting.  Health care related issues can disqualify candidates from taking the training or finding the employment in the state;
  • They must have a proof of GED or a diploma of High School;
  • They must carry the proof of recent immunizations and this must include hepatitis B series vaccination;
  • They must meet the physical requirements related to general health and lifting; and
  • They must also take a full health testing, involving drug and TB testing.

How to Apply

Formal CNA training is not mandatory for all aspirants. Candidates with the required experience and qualifications can skip the training and straight away challenge the exam. This involves:

  • Candidates who are in other state’s registry or in the Wyoming Nurse Aide Registry;
  • Candidates who fulfil the terms and conditions of the BON form CNA-EX 109 or 102; or
  • Candidates who have completed out-of-state OBRA training program or the state approved training program in the past.

The Wyoming Board of Health provides a complete list of the state approved training at its website. Candidates who are in need of training, can access the website to know the programs.Approved programs involve 64 hours of classroom learning and 36 hours of work in a clinical setting. Once they finish the training of required hours, they can apply for the testing.

Two applications are needed to apply for the exam:

  • Wyoming Nursing Assistant Certification by Examination-This application is sent to the Wyoming Board of Nursing; and
  •  Nurse Assistant Examination Registration- This application is sent to the American Red Cross for scheduling an exam.

Students receive a confirmation letter that comes from the ARC application. This confirmation letter is to be presented by students on the day of examination.


Candidates who are employed in a nursing home are liberated from the training and testing fees. It costs approximately between $ 250 and $ 400 to self paying. This amount is without the testing fees. There is a range of fees for testing in the state.

Testing Fees are:

Both Written and Skills testing (Spanish or English): $ 98
Both Skills and Oral testing (Spanish or English): $ 98
Only Skills retesting: $ 65
Only Written retesting: $ 33
Oral retesting (Spanish or English): $ 33

Other fees associated with CNA certification include:

Criminal Background testing fees: $ 60
Application fees: $ 60

Certificate Renewal

  • CNA certification remains valid only for one year. It is needed to be renewed every year to maintain active status in the state’s CNA registry.
  • CNAs must renew their license on time; else they are required to take the examination all over again to work as a nursing assistant in the state.
  • The license expires on 31st December each year.

Must Know Facts

  • Candidates must re-train if they fail to qualify both the sections (Skills and written testing) of the exam within 2 years of the completion of training program.
  • If CNAs find employment in a nursing home within 12 months of the completion of nursing assistant training then all of their training and testing expenses are reimbursed by their employers.
  • Those who are employed (or got job offer to work with) in a nursing facility then they are not charged for certification training, testing, books and other study materials.

Aspirants are allowed to work in a nursing home as a CNA for up to 4 months before earning the CNA license. But, they cannot work for more than 120 days if they fail to appear on the state’s registry in that period.