CNA Exams in Arkansas

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Seeing the increasing requirements of qualified CNAs in the state, interested candidates can apply for an entry-level healthcare job position in Arkansas. In order to do that, initially you must undergo a state-approved CNA certification programs in the state of Arkansas. Those, who are aspiring to get employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Arkansas, have to undergo a state approved training program, qualifying the state exam and then, get enlisted on the state registry. Those, who have pursued other kinds of training, can also apply for the CNA certification in Arkansas.

Prospective CNAs, who are looking forward to going for a state approved training in Arkansas, can step forward towards offices of Long Term Care Agencies.In this context The ‘Department of Health’ and ‘Human Services Division of Medical Services Offices administers the CNA training and certification program in Arkansas. These institutions work in collaboration with ‘Prometric’ to accomplish the test for certification. They also work on the agreement with ‘Prometric’ to manage the state nurse aide registry, meeting the testing requirements of NNAAP standards. On behalf of the Department of Health Services, the Prometric ensures all the new registrations, renewals, trainings and etc in the state.

Components of the Examination:

The CNA exams in Arkansas are written, oral and skill based. While, applying for a CNA program in the state of Arkansas, applicants are required to complete  minimum training of 75 hours. These courses are prepared to guide the students thoroughly for their CNA certification examination and further for their career, as well. The procedure and guiding principles for these training courses are proposed by the ‘Office of Long Term Care’ in Arkansas. All testing points must stick on to these guiding principles and requirements.

Written Examination:

Candidates have to appear in the written test in English, which consists of 70 multiple-choice questions. In this 2 hour of written exam, out of 70; 10 questions are pre-test or non-scored, on which statistical data will be gathered. There will also be a reading assessment, to assist you in determining your reading skills to take the further written exam.

Skills Evaluation:

In the Clinical Skills assessment, the applicants are required to perform any five randomly selected nursing skills in front of the evaluator.

Eligibility/Certification Option

For showing your eligibility, you have to provide certain ‘Certification Route Document’ among these:

  • If a New Nursing Assistant (Arkansas Trained), then you need to provide a photocopy of training accomplishment certificate from an approved training program of Arkansas.
  • Previous Certificate Number from the Previously Certified applicants in the State of Arkansas, (if available).
  • RN or LPN Students have to provide a photocopy of the OLTC’s approval letter.
  • For ‘Home Health Aide’:– A photocopy of certificate of training and accomplishment of an approved under federal criteria ‘HHA program’ (not applicable to Personal Care Aides).
  • One copy of the OLTC’s agreement letter for applicants Trained in Another State.
  • One copy of the OLTC’s agreement letter for applicants Certified in Another State.
  • Others.

Pre-preparation for the CNA exam:

For pre-preparation of the CNA training program, you can go through the relevant academic journals, books and websites. But, make sure these materials should aid while preparing for the test. You can also visit the Prometric webpage for more help.

Here’s the link:

On the Exam Day:

The following pointers will be quite helpful for to know to those who are pursuing CNA certification training in Arkansas:

  • If you want to reschedule your testing appointment, then you have to provide a certain amount of the fee prior five days of scheduled exam.
  • If you do not show up or arrived late for the scheduled exam, then you will not be given permission to sit in the test.

Exam Results

The final results will be sent to the candidates within 10 working days. In case, a student fail in the CNA exam, can appear for 2 more times. Successful candidates will receive the Arkansas Nursing Assistant Certificate upon completion. The qualified contenders will be enlisted in the Arkansas Nursing Assistant Registry.

Exam Fees

If the state is paying the exam fees, the Employment Information section on the next page must be completed.

  • First-Time Tester Fee Total
    Written Test $79
    Clinical Skills Test $79
    Oral Test and Clinical Skills Test $79
  • Retester Fee
    Clinical Skills Test $45 ONLY
    Written Test $34 ONLY
  • ONLY Oral Test (for those, who previously gave the Written test)
    Rescheduling Fee
    Clinical Skills Test $45
    Written Test $34
    Oral Test $34