CNA Exams in Florida

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The collaboration of the Prometric and The Florida ‘Department of Health’ (DOH) develops and administers the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam in the state. To know the procedures for being a CNA in the state of Florida and get registered on the CNA Registry; you have to follow the given steps.


Initially, you need to complete the application form of the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant. You may go for online application, as forms are also available at

The other requirements to complete the exams are:

  • Applicants must finish the Florida Board of Nursing background screening.
  • You must have prepared yourself for CNA exams with the help of the sample test papers and skills practices at home in order to get qualified.
  • Applicants must appear for the exams on time as per their schedule and exam location.
  • Do not forget to carry all the essential identifications with you, while going to the exam center.
  • Even if you have qualified in the CNA exam, still you need get enlisted on the ‘Florida Board of Nursing registry’.

Background screening:

  • Every fresh CNA applicant must accomplish a state-obligated background screening.
  • It is compulsory for every applicant to undergo fingerprinting process conducted by the ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ (FBI) before getting eligible for the test. Every time a candidate get registered for the exams, fingerprint background verification by the FBI is required.
  • In order to have a fingerprint scanning appointment, you must have a copy of Application from Prometric.
  • Your results must be approved by the ‘Florida Board of Nursing’ for your background screening, prior you go for the certification and get posted on the CNA Registry.
  • The Board may also deny you request, if they find any information regarding your criminal offenses encountered in the results during the background screening.

Components of the Examination:

Like other states, state of Florida also comprises the written and clinical sections of the exams.

Written Examination:

The Written examination comprises 60 multiple-choice problems. This helps in evaluating your nursing skills and knowledge as a potential aide. Every candidate will be given 90 minutes to complete the test. In the written test, there are 3 different multiple-choice formats are used.

Skills Evaluation:

  • To appear in the Clinical Skills test, you have to take care of the schedule given for each skill. The skills will be assigned by the computer to perform, when you are listed for testing. Candidates will be given any five skills to perform and will be graded accordingly.
  • After performing three randomly given skills; the candidates will also be given two additional skills, which includes Hand washing and Indirect Care of a patient.
  • The care pertaining to the residents’ rights and choices, contact with the patient, resident’s safety, ease and needs, and infectivity control comes under the Indirect care of the patient.
  • The time duration, which you will utilize, would depend on the skill; you will be asked to conduct.
  • The times taken for every skill can vary as some skills may take longer and some may take less time to be completed.
  • While giving you the directions for the skills you need to conduct in your test, the mentor will also told you about the total time you can take for a skill.
  • The mentor will also remind you about the total amount of duration you have, just before you start your test.
  • The time provided for the Skills test may vary from 31 to 40 minutes, depending on the skills, you have got.
  • In order to qualify the Clinical test, students have to pass all the given five skills.
  • If you want to pass an assigned skill, then you have to demonstrate the proficiencies of skill, and not just performing it flawlessly.
  • Remember, every skill has a number of checkpoints.

Exam Results

After passing both sections of the CNA exams, you need to provide your valid Social Security number to the Prometric. They send this number and your scores to the Board of Nursing. When the ‘Board of Nursing’ receives your information along with the score, they send you the Certificate via an email at your address. Your authorized results will later on also be enlisted on the records of the CNA Registry. From the day of your test to send the scores to the Board of Nursing, the Prometric takes around one week altogether.

Whereas, the Board of Nursing takes about 2 to 4 weeks, to issue a mail of your certificate to the individual candidates.

Examination Fees

As per the federal law, if you got appointed in a nursing facility within 12 months of completing your certification, then the facility has to pay you the training fees and the testing expenses, which you have done in the CNA examination. Those, who want to gain more information regarding rule, can contact the ‘District Medicaid Office’ in their local area.
The company can do the Payment through a MasterCard, a Visa number, company check, money order or cashier’s check, etc. Purchase orders, personal checks, cash and vouchers are not accepted.

Fees structure is:        

Written Tests and Clinical Skills (in English): Standard fee- $93 with audio- $97

Clinical Skills Test (English) and Written Test (Spanish): Standard fee- $93 with audio- $97

Written Test (English): Standard fee- $36 with audio- $40

Written Test (Spanish): Standard fee- $36 with audio- $40

Clinical Skills Test (English): Standard fee- $57 with audio- N/A

Rescheduling: Standard fee- $25

FBI Screening (must be sent with each application): Standard fee- $43.25

Processing (must be sent with each application) Standard fee- $25

The written exam is also available as an audio exam for the candidates, who do not want to conduct the test in written.

Every attempt for the testing necessitates the processing and background fee along with the testing fee. The first-timers would have to give a total amount of $161.25 to undertake the ‘Florida’s Certified Nursing Assistant’ (CNA) Exam.

Those, who are applying for the retest for an English written exam, would give $104.25 and $125.25 for only clinical retest. The fingerprint vendor will also charge an additional sum for processing your scanned fingerprints for the retest.

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

Candidates, who want to go for reschedule, they must contact Prometric. If students are testing at an in-facility test site, then the facility should reschedule for you.

  • The rescheduling fees required $25 to rearrange up to six whole working days, earlier your test.
  • Candidates will be charged a complete exam fee, if they reschedule less than six complete working days earlier their test, or if they denied admission for not giving a valid ID into the test site, on the testing day.
  • If a candidate reaches late to the test centre or misses it, then he/she will not be entered to sit in the test. They will lose their fees and have to pay a new amount of fee again for the test. Students, who have missed out their test, due to any illness or emergency, they must call at the Prometric for the rescheduling. For such candidates, the rescheduling amount can be waived after seeing the proof of their illness or emergency.

Emergency closing of the test:

  • If in case of any emergency like, unfavourable weather or any other emergency occurs then, the scheduled examination could be cancelled for the day.
  • In this situation, the Prometric will take the charge to inform all the candidates by phone.
  • If you also found the site closed, then the rescheduling of your exams will happen without any rescheduling fee.

What to Carry on the Test Day

  • Candidates must reach a minimum of 30 minutes prior their scheduled exam time.
  • This gives the time to the candidates to log in, and the staffs to check your identifications.
  • Candidates must show the original letter emailed to them by the Prometric.

Identification required:

  • Applicants must show at least two valid proofs of identification, before their test proceeds.
  • One of the proofs must be a present (not expired) government-issued credential, like a driver’s license, military identification card, state-issued identification card, etc.
  • The ID must also have the latest photo with your signature (this must be readable).
  • The name must accurately match with the name written on your ID card and Admission Letter.
  • All the forms and credentials of identifications should have been signed previously to the day of the exam.
  • The second document or form of identification must compulsorily bear your signature.
  • Ids, which are torn, cracked or altered, will not at all be accepted, and the responsible person will not be allowed for the test.
  • Students, who do not provide an acceptable and accurate identification during the exam day, they will not be given the permission to appear in the exam, and it will come under a missed appointment.
  • Such candidates have to repay the entire exam fee for rescheduling another exam.

What to wear on the exam day:

If candidates are undergoing the Skills Test, then they must wear flat, closed-toed, non-skid shoes. It is highly advised to wear a uniform or scrub on the testing day. Candidates should also try to wear a wrist watch on the second-hand.

Failing & Retesting:

  • Candidates getting failed in a will be provided an official score details through the test site on the testing day.
  • All the results will be conveyed to the Florida Board of Nursing once the tests are finished.
  • Those, who are willing to retake a test after failing, then they must wait for a minimum of 30 days before they can go for the test again.
  • Such students will also have to fill up and submit one more application form, processing fees and FBI background verification fees.
  • If an applicant is unable to qualify both sections of the CNA exams including Written and Clinical Skills tests in three attempts and the duration of two years, then he/she will not be allowed to for the test again until they have completed at least 120 hours of CNA training course in an official training program.
  • Students must also need to succeed, both sections of the test in two years after taking the first exam, other the results will become invalid.
  • Candidates have to undergo to retake the Written and Clinical tests, both, despite the past scores.

Written Retesting/Review:

Those, who are unable to qualify in the written test, they can get registered for a voluntary review, as well. Within 21 days of giving the test, you must apply for the written test review. Applicants can contact Prometric for taking the written review test.

The review has to be accomplished in 60 days after giving your test. A fee of $50 is charged for a written test review. While requesting for the review test, you have to provide your name, Social security number, address and $50 as a review fees. You can the fees by money order, MasterCard/Visa, cashier’s check or company’s check. Cash and Personal checks will not be accepted.

Most of the times, your review test will be arranged at the same place where you have earlier given the test. However, you can also specify for the appointment at another location within the same region.

In the Written Test review, the candidates will be provided a printout of their test that shows the questions ignored and the wrong answers mentioned. Candidates will be given one hour duration to review the questions and answers of the test.  During this time, they have to determine about the correct answers, they should have given and what questions they have missed out. Candidates will also be not allowed to leave the test room with any documents or notes. All the security requirements that have been applied during the previous test will pertain to the review test, as well. After 30 days of the review session, your retake session will be scheduled.