CNA Exams in Hawaii

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Aspirants, seeking for a fresh and fast-paced profession, can get enrolled in the CNA training classes, in Hawaii. There is a huge requirement for the healthcare professionals in the state of Hawaii, due to the increasing population of the elderly.

To complete the program in the state, students have to undergo about 250 hours of administered nursing work, organised by the school or the institute, near your medical center or local hospital.

In order to take the ‘NCLEX-RN’ nursing exam, you can download the application form from the Hawaii Board of Nursing website and submit there. Applicants need to mail the form with the application fee of $40, at:

Hawaii Board of Nursing
DCCA, PVL Licensing
P.O Box 3469
Honolulu, Hawaii 96801

A certified CNA certification training must meet the federal regulations and requirements for certified nursing aides, in Hawaii. Being a student of the CNA courses in Hawaii, you have to accomplish a minimum of 100 hours of training session. This includes classroom training and around 70 hours of clinical skills practices. To avail the CNA training in Hawaii, some of the common centres are vocational schools, nursing homes, community colleges, hospitals, etc.

If you find the centres are quite far away from your residence, then you can also go for the online training option and avail online classes at home.

Components of the exams

Once you successfully complete the CNA classes in Hawaii, then you can prepare yourself for attending the certification exam. When, the training will be finished, the candidates will have to undergo two sections of the CNA exam. This will verify that the candidates are aware of everything, which they must know in order to complete the job efficiently. The CNA test will be divided into 60 multiple-choice questions and five randomly chosen practical skills presentation. In order to get enlisted in the ‘Hawaii Certified Nurse Aide Registry’, candidates have to qualify both segments of the CNA test and become eligible to work.

  • Once the CNA training gets completed, students have to pass the state approved CNA exams, as well.
  • The CNA exam will also comprise two sections, which includes the written and the clinical sections.
  • Scoring will be done separately for both of these sections.
  • Applicants must qualify in both the test.

Written exams

The first section of the CNA test is comprised of a written format including multiple-choice and general-knowledge questions. In order to qualify the written test, you have to be aware of the relevant course content. This will give you an in depth understanding of controlling infections, assisting to establish a patient’s independence, feeding, bathing and clothing of not working patients and receiving certification in managing the CPR.


  • Individuals seeking to become a CNA in Hawaii must be above 18 of age.
  • They must be able to qualify in the police records verification and drug screen.
  • They must have also participated in short training courses.
  • CNA prerequisites are latest background verification, 2 fingerprint cards, two passport size photos, Photo ID.
  • A TB test report of not more than past 6 months duration.
  • An evidence of immunizations will also be required.
  • Students should also have a GED or high school diploma.

Skills evaluation:

While, assigning the tasks among the candidates, they must listen to it carefully. Contestants will be given 3-5 different tasks to demonstrate. The appointed examiner will observe and evaluate the presentations of the candidates minutely. There are also some key steps, which you need to keep in mind, while going for the skills evaluation test.

  • Candidates must wash their hands properly.
  • Candidates must walk towards the sink, before commencing any given duty and present the appropriate hand-washing procedure.
  • Keep some paper towel within reach. Now, start the tap and clean your hands properly.
  • Take a substantial amount of hand soap and cover with lather.
  • Clean your fingernails, in the middle of the fingers and your wrists thoroughly.
  • Take around 20 to 30 seconds minimum for washing hands. You may also start counting to make sure that you have taken appropriate amount of time.
  • Take the paper towel and, dry your hands.
  • Turn off the tap.
  • Candidates must also clean their hands once again, after performing the patient care activity.
  • The time duration given to each candidate for the Skills Test will differ from one skill duration to another. This depends on the particular skill given to applicants. The times can range from 31 minutes to 40 minutes.
  • Each test times also include 3 minutes of allocated hand washing time. This is expected from the candidates to do it in the starting of the first skill. At that point of time, the evaluator rates the hand-washing skill.
  • Any of the given skills has not given fixed time to complete. All the three given skills along with the hand washing skills have to be done in the fixed time.
  • The duration of the skill test finishes, when the applicant says ‘I am done’, after completing the third skill or, after the entire given time expires.

Many candidates, most of the time complete their test before the time limit expires. The nurse aide evaluator or NAE, who is responsible to administer the Clinical Skills Test will initially advise all the candidates regarding the total duration fixed for their exam. The NAE explains this, at the time of providing the ‘Clinical Skills Instruction Card to the candidates, which has the entire list of skills and read out loud for the candidates. The NAE reminds the total time for the test to the candidates at the time of beginning the test. The NAE will set a timer to check the time left for concluding the overall test.

Pre-preparation for the Exam:

Candidates enrolled for CNA exams must study and practice both, for attending the CNA exam. For achieving good scores in the written section of the CNA exams, candidates must read and practice sample papers, as much as they can.

To earn high grades in the practical sessions, they must practice the most frequently asked skills earlier than taking the exam. This may include shifting a client having paralysis from right or left side from the patient bed to the wheelchair, measuring the patient’s temperature, giving a bedpan, noticing and copying the vital signs, measuring the blood pressure, repositioning of a patient in the bed, replacing the bed linens of an an occupied bed, presenting the process of correct disposal of soiled linens, basic grooming, denture and mouth care of patients with and with no teeth, etc.

Passing the Exam:

In order to obtain a certificate to employment, you have to pass the CNA Skills and Written Tests. The examination will take the entire day and approximately 6-7 hours. Students will know, if they qualified or failed after the tests. They will get a CNA card via an email within 10 days, after passing the tests. The test fees might cost you around $100.

Qualified students must get an official report via an email or letter stating their CNA certification in the state of Hawaii, as certified. Their name must also be added on the list of the nurse aide registry. Successful candidates will receive their certification sooner and also get listed on the State registry. Now, such candidates can prepare their resume and make a profile on the site to post their application, so that the employers within their area can reach them.

For Additional Information Contact:

Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry
Hawaii Dept. Of Commerce & Consumers Affairs
Professional and Vocational Licensing Branch
335 Merchant St.
3rd Floor, Room 301
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 739-8122
Fax: (808) 734-8318