CNA Exams in Kentucky

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The state regulations have certain certification requirements for a nurse aide. This is the reason, why one needs to be extremely careful while choosing the training program. It is imperative for every nursing aide to get certified by the state and enlisted on the state’s registry. For this, one needs to complete a specific number of hours of CNA training in the state.

The responsibilities for the final written or oral examination along with the skills presentation is taken by the ‘The Kentucky Community and Technical College System’.  The questions of the test are designed on the basis of State-approved syllabus along with the contribution of ‘Nurse Aide Training Advisory Committee’ members.

KCTCS also bears the accountability of validating and maintaining the uprightness of the test and other individual assessments. The state of Kentucky also gives the provision of substituting the oral examination from the written, particularly to the candidates, who have limitations of literacy skills.


Before going for the CNA exam in Kentucky, you need to get enrolled for a CNA training program. For that, you will have to meet few requirements that must include:

  • Applicants must be 18 years or above in age, minimum.
  • Applicants must have a GED or high school diploma before getting started.
  • Applicants are also required to submit a two-part TB test and a complete physical check up reports. This ensures the patient’s safety and prevent from the spreading infection.
  • Must maintain a clear criminal background.

Apart from being eligible for the CNA course in Kentucky, one must also choose carefully for classes or training centres that should meet all the essential guidelines of certified nursing assistant’s program. Ensure that the training centre follows all the regulations that have been proposed by the department of state health in Kentucky.

Those, who undergo CNA training program from a non-accredited school, they might end up standing outside the testing room at the last minute, while attending the exam. At the time of undertaking any approved training course in the state, make sure; it must feature a bare minimum of 75 hours of training. From which, 59 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of a supervised clinical setting should be included. Successful completion of a training course allows you to sit in the competency test, and this is conducted through KCTCS.

Pre-preparation for the CNA Test:

Before going for the competency test for CNA, every candidate must also practice through the sample test section available on the website. This helps in preparing and brushing up your knowledge for the final test.

Try to attempt for the final CNA test as soon as possible. This helps to convey the information easily in the exam as it is fresh in your mind that you have learned in the training sessions.

Components of Kentucky CNA Exams:

The state evaluation exam comprises two sections of the exams. The first part of the evaluation is the written portion, which includes 75 multiple-choice questions. The second segment is the skills evaluation, wherein a candidate has to perform at least five randomly picked skills from the nursing checklist. This checks your ability to perform hands-on skills efficiently for the patient.

In order to pass both the sections, a candidate must have gained a minimum of 70% of accuracy in the answers. Some portions of the testing like illness control will require 100% of accuracy to get a passing grade. The state of Kentucky does not provide a certificate to the candidates, but instead, the nursing assistants can get a proof of certification in written issued by the registry. Every candidate must keep in mind that in order to qualify and obtain a licensure in the state, both portions of the CNA test must be cleared. Passing only one of the sections of the CNA exams do not make you qualified. Every student will get only three attempts to clear the exam. Those, who qualify in the test, they get registered in the ‘Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry’.

Skills Evaluation:

The skills-presentation part of the test must carry at least five skills performances. These five skills are haphazardly selected from a group of assessment items. Students, who have any kind of physical disability has to fill an additional form, at the time of the test. Such candidate can submit this request at least 2 weeks earlier than the date of the test.

The student must know some of the essentials of the evaluation:

  • After completing the prerequisites, the applicants will also undergo a complete background check prior to getting shortlisted for the test.
  • Ids will include 2 fingerprint cards, 1 photo ID, 2 passport sized photos, a negative TB test report in the duration of last six months along with an evidence of immunization.
  • Applicants must fill the complete application form available at the Kentucky Board of nursing website and submit before the due date.
  • Applicants also pay a sum of $110 as application fees as a part of the testing process online, as well.
  • Try to score a minimum of 70% or above in the 75 multiple-choice questions.
  • Candidates must also try to put in their best efforts, while demonstrating the 5 given skills in front of the examiner, by maintain accuracy of 70%.
  • A candidate, who have attended the test, but got failed in any of the parts of the test, can apply for rescheduling, so that the test can be retaken at the next possible date.
  • Those, who fail only in the written portion of the test but qualify the skills test, can apply for only repeating the written part of the competency exam.
  • In some cases, the candidates fail the skills test but qualify the written portion of the test; then such candidate is needed to repeat only the skills test portions, which includes all the 5 skills.
  • Those, who are employed, have only three chances to succeed in the test in the primary four months of employment period.
  • Those, who are presently employed in the long-term care facility has only three chances to surpass the competency test and get positioned on the state registry, inside the duration of one year after their training completion.
  • The nurse aide testing requires a candidate initially contact the health care facility administrator. They will contact the nearest test site ‘Medicaid nurse aide’ test coordinator for the competency evaluation program (CEP).
  • When unemployed individuals or any Nursing student are applying for this testing, they must have certain credentials of their approved training. This includes record of fundamentals, a letter verifying the clinical training part from the training programetc.


It is entirely KCTCS’ responsibility to forward the name, social security number, address and date of test of students, who have finished the competency evaluation successfully to the ‘Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry’, withinthirtydays of suitable completion of the evaluation. The final test results of the evaluation will be forwarded in writing by KCTCS to the applicants, the trainer, the test coordinator and the nursing service administrator.

It is the ‘Kentucky Board of Nursing’ accountability to maintain the name of every candidate, who has successfully done the competency evaluation, on their registry. To enquire more on this, you can call on the toll free number for registry – Nurse Aides at 888-530-1919

For Online verification, you can contact:

Prior to getting appointed as a CNA anywhere, the candidates must ensure that they have been clearly added into the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry. As per the law, every successful student must be on the state registry before they can practice their knowledge and skills officially.

You may also check out the given details for further information about CNA Certification in Kentucky:

Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry
Kentucky Board of Nursing
312 Whittington Parkway
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone:– (502) 329-7047
Fax:-  (502) 696-3955