CNA Exams in Maryland

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The process of becoming a Nursing Assistant in the state of Maryland requires applying for and qualifying the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) Examination. The NNAAP Examination is a way to determine the competency of candidates to become a certified nursing assistant in the state of Maryland.

The Maryland Board of Nursing works in association with Pearson VUE to develop, to score and record the result of the NNAAP Examination. The exam is scheduled and administered for qualified aspirants by a coordinated work of the American Red Cross (ARC) and Pearson VUE.


To qualify to take the NNAAP Examination in Maryland, following are criteria categories:

  • Completed Training: Candidates must have completed the Board of Nursing approved nurse aide training program of 100 hours. The training program must include clinical learning in a Maryland certified Nursing Home. Candidates need to submit a copy of the training program certificate along with their Examination Application.
  • Students NurseInactive: Students who are no more enrolled in a nursing aide training program. They have completed a portion of Maryland approved nurse aide training program in the past 12 months. Such candidates need official student transcripts to get attached along with their examination application.
  • Student Nurse- Active: Students who are currently enrolled in a Maryland Board of Nursing approved nurse aide training program. The Examination Application of these candidates needs to accompany official student transcripts.
  • Graduate Nurse-Foreign: These candidates have completed a program of nursing outside the U.S.
  • Graduate Nurse: Candidates who have completed nursing education program in the US. These candidates need to attach a copy of degree or diploma along with their examination application.

Components of the NNAAP Examination

The NNAAP Examination is made up of Skills Evaluation and Written/Oral Examination. This determines whether candidates can safely and carefully perform the nurse aide skills.
Written Examination:  Seventy multiple choice questions are asked in English in this section. Students get 2 hours to finish the written examination. Students have to mark the answers of test- booklet on a separate answer- sheet given at the test site.

Oral Examination: Oral examination is given in place of written examination. Oral examination is meant for candidates who got intricacy reading English. The request for examination is to be made while submitting the examination application. Questions of Oral Examination are read aloud on a cassette tape.  Earphones and a cassette player are made available at the test-site.  This part of the NNAAP Examination is consisted of two sections- one section includes 10 reading comprehension questions and the other includes 60 multiple choice questions. Multiple choice questions are read twice whereas reading comprehension questions are read thrice.  Oral Examination includes the reading comprehension questions to test candidates’ ability to speak and recognise those English words which are often spoken in long-term care facilities. Students get 2 hours to finish the oral examination.

Skills Evaluation: The Skills Evaluation takes place in an area that resembles actual work setting. Students are instructed to perform five randomly selected nurse aide skills. “Hand-washing” skill is one skill which is always asked to perform. Rest four skills are selected from a list of skills. One measurement skill (such as measuring weight and radial pulse) is also needed to be demonstrated and candidates are given a Recording Sheet to record the data of a measurement skill. Students get 30 minutes to perform all five nurse aide skills.

All the equipments needed to perform skills are given at the test site. Students must come in flat, non-skid, slip-on shoes and a loose fitting- top or shirt with short sleeves and in free- fitting pants.

Failed Skills are scored as “Unsatisfactory” and passed as “Satisfactory” in an official Score Report of Skills Evaluation. A score of “Satisfactory” for every skill is essential to qualify the Skills Evaluation.

Application and Scheduling

Application: Candidates must fill and submit the Examination Application to appear for the NNAAP Examination. Application form is obtainable from nursing assistant training program or nursing facility employer. Candidates may contact ARC Customer Service representative for any query about the application at 866-257-6470.

Candidates must complete their application and mail it along with appropriate fees and documents to the address:

American Red Cross (ARC), Maryland NNAAP,
PO Box 5875, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Scheduling: American Red Cross schedules the examination after receiving the envelope containing fees, required documents and application by the 15th of the month before the testing-month. Admission Ticket is mailed by ARC around 2 weeks before the scheduled examination date. If the Admission ticket is not received by students when just 10 days are left for the exam then they must contact ARC.

 Testing Location: Complete information regarding test sites is obtainable from the website of Pearson VUE ( ) or by dialling ARC at 866-257-6470.

Test Site Name

Test Site Code

Cumberland- monthly














Special Exam Requests and Services:

ARC and Pearson VUE provide special arrangements for examination to disabled candidates. Candidates must request for special arrangements in advance.  Pearson VUE got TDD (Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf) to help hearing-impaired or deaf candidates. TDD calling is accessible on a toll-free number: 866-274-4777 and is obtainable through all Pearson VUE hours. ARC is in charge to approve all requests related to especial exam requests and services. Candidates must get a letter from Education coordinator or nursing home administrator after making requests. The letter provides:

  • Written evidence of candidates’ disability from health care professionals; and
  • A statement that describes the kind of accommodation(s) candidate needed.

Along with the examination application, the letter is to be mailed to the address:

American Red Cross (ARC), Maryland NNAAP,
PO Box 5875, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Examination Fees

The NNAAP Examination in the state of Maryland is:




Written Examination & Skills Evaluation



Written Examination ONLY


$ 40

Oral Examination & Skills Evaluation


$ 115

Skills Evaluation ONLY


$ 55

Oral Examination ONLY


$ 60

Note: Candidates need to pay for both parts i.e. Written/Oral Examination and Skills Evaluation when they test the NNAAP Examination for the first time.

  • As per Maryland and federal laws, the examination (including retest) fee of GNA employees is paid by their employing nursing homes.
  • Acceptable modes of fee payment are: Certified check, company check or money order payable to ARC i.e. “American Red Cross”. The fee can be paid by voucher. Certified check and money order must carry applicants’ name even if it is payable by their employer. Cash or personal check is unacceptable.

Other Fees are:

Endorsement (Reciprocity)

$ 20

Registration Fee

No charge

Registration Fee

No charge

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Candidates must notify ARC minimum 4 business days prior to the examination date in order to cancel their exam and reschedule it. No penalty is charged and the paid fee of the examination is transferred to a new examination-date.

Due to unforeseen situation, students are unable to attend the exam on a scheduled date. Following excused absences are acceptable to ARC-

  • Weather emergency
  • Jury duty or court appearance
  • Death in the family
  • Disabling traffic accident
  • Military duty
  • Illness of the student or of his immediate family member

Candidates must provide a reason of excusing the exam in written along with official documents verifying their absence within 10 business days following the scheduled date of examination. Students are rescheduled for the examination and the paid fee is transferred to a new date of examination.

What to Bring on the Exam Day

Candidates must make a point that they reach the test site 30 minutes before the scheduled time for both-the Skills Evaluation and the Written Examination. Candidates are not allowed to sit for the examination if they are late and the paid examination fee is also non-refundable.

Candidates must carry the following items to the test site:

  • Their Social Security number.
  • Two original (no photocopies) official proper identification forms. Both forms must carry signature and one of the two, must be photo identification. Students are not allowed to write the examination without proper identifications.
  • Eraser
  • Three no. 2 sharpened pencil.
  • They may bring dictionary, but only ‘Longman’s Dictionary of American English’ is permitted.

A list of proper identification includes:

  • Signed Social Security card
  • Driver’s license
  • Clinic card
  • Library card
  • Credit card
  • Passport
  • State issued identification card
  • Alien registration card

Name on the identification must be same as on the examination application. Candidates must bring proof of name change if the name differs. A copy of divorce decree or marriage license is acceptable as a proof of name change.

Score Reporting

Failing: The failed Score Report tells how the failed part or parts of the NNAAP Examination can be retested. As per federal and state regulations, candidates are allowed to take the exam up to 4 times within 2 years after the completion of the nurse aide training program. If candidates fail to qualify the exam after 4 attempts and or within 2 years, they need to take a Maryland Board of Nursing approved 100 hours CNA training program.

To retest either or both parts of the NNAAP examination, candidates must mail their failing Score Report or submit a new Examination Application to ARC at:

American Red Cross (ARC), Maryland NNAAP,
PO Box 5876, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

Passing: Candidates who successfully qualify both parts of the NNAAP Examination within 2 years after the completion of Nursing Assistant training program appear on the Maryland Nursing Assistant Registry and become eligible to work as a professional certified nurse aide in the state.

Duplicate Score Report

Candidates may request a duplicate score report from Pearson VUE by completing the “Request for Duplicate Score Report or Handscored Answer Sheet Form” and mailing it to Pearson VUE.