CNA Exams in Minnesota

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Similar to many other states, Department of Health in Minnesota has also signed a deal with Pearson VUE to assist in developing and reporting the marks of the competency evaluation, which are required to prepare certification, and place the qualified nurse aides on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry. The NNAAP examination is aimed at evaluating the awareness, skills and abilities of the nursing assistants.

The entire responsibility to prepare the content of the exam and to set the final passing grade of the test has been taken by The Minnesota Department of Health. This body also holds the right to decide, who is entitled to undertake the exam and who is not.

Components of the Exam

The NNAAP Examinations are conducted in two parts, including a written/oral exam and skills test. The main objective of the NNAAP exam is to verify your knowledge about the nursing theory, and judge your ability and efficiency to perform the job duties. Both parts of the NNAAP exam are usually scheduled on the same date. If you are willing to obtain a CNA certification and get listed on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry, then, you have to qualify both parts of the NNAAP test.

Written Exam

The written examination consists of seventy multiple-choice questions in English. You are given 2 hours time to finish the test.

Oral Exam

There is also an option of oral examination in place of written test, if a candidate requests so. The nurse aide candidate must specifically request an oral examination when filling out the testing application. The oral exam involves listening to each test question on a cassette tape or CD, and marking the correct answer on an answer sheet. 2 hours are provided you to complete the test.

Oral examination comprises of 2 parts, and it’s mandatory to clear both the parts. The first part consists of sixty multiple-choice questions. Every question is read two times. You will have to mark the correct answer on the answer sheet, as the question is read.

The second part of the test, which is aimed to test your English, consists of 10 multiple choice questions. Each word is read thrice. You will have to hear the word on the tape and mark the matching word on your answer sheet.

Skills Evaluation

At the time of skills evaluation, candidates will be given five skills to perform. Every candidate will have a total of thirty minutes to complete all the skills. Your performance will be evaluated by a Nurse Aide Evaluator. Every candidate should attempt to perform all the five skills absolutely correct, with an aim of succeeding the test.


You will be considered eligible to sit in the NNAAP Examination in Minnesota, only if, you fulfils the below given criteria:

  • You have accomplished a nursing assistant training program, approved by the state, within the past two years.
  • You must have undergone the NNAAP Written/oral and Skills test.
  • You have to provide a proof of completion of a state-recognized nursing assistant program.
  • You need to submit an evidence of passing the NNAAP Examination.
  • You are also required to give a document stating that you are enlisted in the ‘Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry’.


Applicants must keep in mind that before taking the NNAAP or NA/HHA Examination, they have to complete a ‘Minnesota Nursing Assistant’ or ‘Home Health Aide’ Application.

  • Applicants may obtain an application from their nursing assistant training program. They may also approach to the test site for applying.
  • If you are unable to understand certain points, mentioned in the application, then, you may ask for assistance from someone associated to your nursing assistant training program, in order to get your application completed.
  • The state of Minnesota necessitates every candidate to provide their ‘Social Security’ number on this application.
  • The Social Security number provided by every candidate will be kept secretly, and it will also become their nursing assistant certificate number. This number is used for identification reasons.
  • If a candidate fails to submit his/her Social Security number, it will be considered as a case of misidentification.
  • Incomplete or incorrect application will result in withholding of your scores.
  • For additional advice or assistance regarding the application, you may contact at (800) 274-0504 to talk with the Pearson VUE Customer Service Representative.

Exam Fees

The candidates applying for the CNA test will have to submit two types of fees- Administrative Fee and NNAAP and NA/HHA Examination Fees.

The given table describes the fee-structure for the NNAAP and NA/HHA Examinations in Minnesota.

Examination Type   Fees
NNAAP Written Exam and Skills Evaluation Both $59
NNAAP Oral Exam and Skills Evaluation Both $59
NA/HHA Written Exam and Skills Evaluation Both $59
NA/HHA Oral Exam and Skills Evaluation Both $59
Written (or Oral) Examin ONLY NNAAP or NA/HHA Re-test $40
Only Skills Evaluation Re-test $19

There are various modes of paying your fees, like:

  • Money order
  • Certified check
  • A check issued by a Technical College
  • A state-approved voucher, payable to “Pearson VUE Processing Center”


  • Cash and personal checks are unacceptable.
  • Fees, once submitted to Pearson VUE, will neither be refunded nor be transferred, as they cover the administrative expenses of registration and testing.

On The Day of Exam

In order to undertake the NNAAP examination, candidates must reach at the testing location with the exact fees, appropriate identifications, and required documents.

  • For both the written and skills test, arriving at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time is imperative.
  • Those, who reach late for the written test, will not be permitted to appear in the test and their fees will also not be repaid.
  • It is necessary for those, who have missed their written examination due to any reason and are now scheduled for skills evaluation, to reach the testing site 30 minutes before the scheduled time, as skills test times are fairly accurate.
  • It’s mandatory for every candidate to check in for both the tests (written and skills evaluation).
  • Every candidate has to carry and show correct identification.
  • If any candidate is found causing any kind of disturbance or getting engaged in any sort of misdemeanour, he/she will be immediately dismissed from the test, and this will be reported to the state licensing agency.
  • The agency will be responsible for taking disciplinary measures against such candidates.

What to Bring on the Day of Exam

Students must carry the following items with them, when they go for their NNAAP Examination.

  • If the candidate is new, then he/she must bring a completely filled application.
  • Failing Score Report from the Oral (or written) exam is mandatory to carry at the test location.
  • A proof of successful completion of ‘Minnesota Department of Health’ approved nursing assistant training program.
  • Two forms of official, signature-bearing ID (one form must have photo), like State-issued identification card, Passport, or Driver’s License. Photocopies of IDs will not be taken.
  • Three sharpened No. 2 pencils.
  • Eraser.
  • Wristwatch with a second hand.
  • Social Security number.
  • Examination fees payable to “Pearson VUE Processing Centre”.
  • Test site fees (as required by the Technical College).

NOTE- Except the above mentioned things, no other item will be permitted to take to the testing location.

Rules for Disabled Candidates

Those, who have any kind of disability, must mention for specific arrangements, they will require during the testing, in their application.

  • Candidates with a disability must also check that their requests have been approved by the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry and the Technical College, prior appearing for the exam.
  • They may also attach an evidence of the need (diagnosed disability), provided by their health care provider.
  • Evaluators, managing the skills evaluation test will also be responsible to meet the requirements of nursing assistant candidates with disability, during the test.
  • To gather more details regarding special examination services and requests, you must contact your Technical College.


  • In most of the cases, weather condition is one of the most crucial reasons that lead to the cancellation of a scheduled test. Severe weather or any kind of natural disaster makes the test site unreachable or inaccessible. This makes the administration centers to delay or cancel the examination.
  • In such scenarios, exam fees are refunded to the students.

Exam Results

Written (or Oral) Test Results

Candidates, who have finished their Written (or Oral) Test will receive their test score answer sheet by the Evaluator via fax. Students will get their official Score Report on the same day. It will be clearly mentioned in the Score Report, whether you have qualified or disqualified the Written or Oral test. Remember, your results will not be disclosed over the telephone.

Skills Evaluation Results

Your Skills Evaluation results will also be faxed to you by the Nurse Aide Evaluator. The candidates will be given their official Score Cards on the same day, which will specify whether they have passed or failed the skills evaluation test.

In case of any technical difficulties, if the Score Reports are not received by the test center on the same day of testing, then, the answer sheets of every candidate will be mailed overnight to the Pearson VUE for manual/hand scoring. Then, it will be sent to the candidates within 5 to 7 working days via mail. Those, who have any query regarding their delayed Score Cards, may call Pearson VUE at 800-274-0504.


Candidates, who have failed either in the written or the skills evaluation, must re-take only that part, they have failed in. On the testing day, the failed candidates must bring their failing Score Reports to the testing site, along with the new test fees payable to “Pearson VUE Processing Center”. To find out the actual amount of the administration fee, contact the Technical College.

Every candidate will be given three chances to qualify the Skills Evaluation or the Written/Oral test. If you fail to pass the test in all the three attempts, you will have to undergo a state-approved training program, once again.  You will also have to fill a new application form, pay new administration and exam fees, and re-take the NNAAP test.


You will receive a certificate after succeeding in both the written and skills evaluation exam. Their name will be conveyed to the ‘Minnesota Department of Health’ for listing on the ‘Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry’.

Candidates must try to clear both parts of the test within two years of completion of the training program, so that, they may become eligible for getting the certification. Once you have qualified the testing, Pearson VUE will mail you your nursing assistant certificate in about ten business days. In case, you don’t get your certification within 30 days of testing, you should contact to Pearson VUE at (800) 274-0504.

Remember that the scores provided to you in your Score Reports will remain applicable only for twenty-four months from the testing date.