CNA Exams in Nebraska

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Like several other states, the certified nursing assistants in Nebraska also require to be on the records of the Nurse Aide Registry. Those, who want to get registered in order to avail the written and clinical skills test by a state approved competency evaluation exam, must follow a Nebraska facility-based training course, till its completion.

The examination fees are considered by the examination provider. This must be submitted to the administration or the examination provider.

To get recognized as a certified nurse aide in Nebraska, every applicant must finish 75-hours of training course, approved by a DHHS (Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services) training centre. The DHHS keeps a record of various approved training programs on its official website. If a person is working in a facility prior to obtaining the certification, then as per the State Law requirements; the person needs to accomplish the program within 120 days of employment time.

Successful CNAs in Nebraska are not required to submit an official application for registry. When the department gets the notification of a candidate’s success in the skills and written exam, it adds his/her name on the registry within 30 days of time.


If you want to get placed on the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry, then you must meet all the given criteria in the state of Nebraska:

  • Individual applying for the exam must be of 16 years or above.
  • You must neither have committed nor been a part of any crime, involving moral turpitude.
  • Individual must have been an understanding of English language.
  • Candidates must effectively complete a basic training course and competency program for certified nurse aides, accredited by the Nebraska Department of Health.

Pre-Preparation of the Exam

You must prepare yourself for the Nebraska certification exam before applying for the competency evaluation program in the state. You must keep on reading and revising the topics, covered during the CNA training program. You may also avail sample tests, available at several online practice test sites. This will help you in improving your weaker areas. Additionally, you will also get acquainted with the format of the questions that you will come across in the final exam.

Components of the Exam

The DHHS has selected the ‘Nebraska Healthcare Learning Center’ and the ‘Providence Health Career Institute’ as the authorized administrators for the CNAs competency examination. CNA exam comprises of a written and clinical skills test, and it’s mandatory to pass both the tests to qualify the overall examination. As soon as a candidate passes both sections of the test, the institute or the exam center forwards the final results to the administrative centre that, in turn, adds his/her name to the registry.

Written Exam

The written /knowledge test in Nebraska covers about 50 multiple-choice questions. The passing score for this test is fixed at 70% or greater. The final results take about 3 weeks duration to process. Candidates will be notified regarding their individual tests, only when, they fail in the exam.

Skills Evaluation

The skills section of the CNA exam requires every candidatetodemonstrate at least 6 selected skills, which have been taught them during their approved nurse aide training course. Every candidate must qualify every skill and try to achieve a passing grade of 70% or above. While performing the skills, you must keep in mind that some of the tasks, given to you, may have one or more compulsory steps. Every candidate must try to execute these skills appropriately to obtain passing scores in the skills test.

If a candidate gets failed in any of the 6 skills, he/she fails the entire skills exam and has to go for retesting. The candidates will get only 3 chances to crack the skills test. While retaking the skills exam, the failed candidate will be provided new 6 skills to demonstrate their clinical abilities. If the candidate is unable to clear the test in the three attempts, then, he/she must has to retake the 75 hours of nurse assistant training, in order to achieve a position on the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry.


Upon passing, the individual’s name will be added into the state registry within 30 days, after the Department receives the notification about the successful accomplishments of both the written and clinical tests. The overall grades are conveyed to the nurse aide registry through the examination administrators. The details of the passing candidates are registered on the Registry.


The notification of the failed candidates is sent either to the Director of Nursing (DON) of the center or directly to the candidate, if he/she is self-registered.

Every candidate gets three opportunities to qualify the written exam. In case, the candidate cannot qualify the exam in 3 attempts, then he/she will have to retake the nurse aide training of 75 hours to get enlisted on the Nurse Aide Registry.

Exam Results & Retesting

Usually, both sections of the exam get completed on the same day and the applicants also get to know their results on that similar day. It is the exam provider’s responsibility to forward the test scores to the Registry. The registry takes around three weeks of time to update the records of passing candidates, after getting it from the provider.

To gather more details regarding CNA exams in Nebraska, you can check out at the below given information:

Nebraska Health Care Learning Center
1200, Libra Drive, Suite- 100
Lincoln, Nebraska- 68512
Phone: (402) 435-3551 

Providence Health Care Institute
4600, Valley Road, Suite- 401,
Lincoln, Nebraska- 68510
Phone: (402) 326-2792 or 364-2330