CNA Exams in New Mexico

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The state of New Mexico has certain criteria for the aspirants, who want to become a CNA. The New Mexico Board of Nursing is the authenticated state agency to safeguard the citizens of New Mexico by providing licenses to the nurses and certifying Hemodialysis Medication Aides and Technicians. The board is responsible to regulate various educational programs for the certificate holders or the licensees. It maintains discipline by accepting the complaints of the licensees and providing them with proper solutions.


Candidates need to fulfil the specific requirements for testing and training to work under a Medicaid- approved nursing center. Here are some federal and state rules to be kept in mind for taking CNA exam:

  • Candidates must be of 18 years or above.
  • Candidates are ought to have GED or a high school diploma.
  • You are required to qualify a criminal background verification process.
  • Aspirants must undergo a full physical check-up, including a negative TB check, immunization, and no drug test.
  • They should also pass fingerprint test.

CNA Exam in New Mexico: Requirements

The New Mexico certified nurse aide competency exam is a combination of two separate tests, including the Clinical Skills Test and the Knowledge/Written test. Applicants are required to qualify both the tests to pass the overall exam.

Application Form Requirements

  • Fill the CNA form with accurate information.
  • Form should not be incomplete or unsigned.
  • Submit the application form to the New Mexico nurse aide registry.
  • Deposit the appropriate fee(s).
  • If it is required to get pre-approval from the DOH, then attach a copy of DOH Approval Letter to your application.

Other Essential Requirements

  • If your name has changed and you have not made changes in the identification card, you will be asked to take test using the same name.
  • When your identification is changed to match the new legal name, you are required to submit a copy of legal authenticated documents to Prometric.
  • Prometric provides you the nurse aide competency exam sites, throughout the state. Confirm your preferred test site on the application form.
  • Prometric will authorize your eligibility through a mail. It will have date, time, and location of your exam.

On the Day of Exam

A candidate should keep in mind the following points on the day of exam.

  • Applicants must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled exam.
  • Candidates must possess 2 identification forms; one must have a valid photo ID. You can show your driving license, passport or government issued Photo ID.
  • Improper identification forms will not be accepted.
  • Late applicants will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.
  • The name on the applicant must resemble the name, mentioned on the ID.
  • One has to bring a divorce decree or marriage certificate, if he/she has recently divorced or married.
  • Wear a watch with a second hand.
  • Wear proper uniform in the exam hall.
  • Bring a blue or black pen to complete your written test.

Examination Rules and Regulations

  • In the examination hall, electronic devices, like pagers and cell phones are not permitted.
  • All the electronic items are required to be turned OFF during the process of testing.
  • Eatables are not accepted in the examination hall.
  • Smoking breaks are not allowed.
  • Bathroom facilities will be permitted in between written and clinical exams only.
  • Weapons are not permitted in the exam centre.
  • Candidate will be discarded for creating mismanagement in the exams.
  • Guardians, like guests, family members, and children are not allowed to visit the exam centre.
  • If English is not your primary language, you will be permitted to carry an unaltered dictionary.
  • Electronic dictionaries are not acceptable in the test hall.
  • Cheating is punishable.
  • If you cheat during the exam, your test will be rescinded at that moment.
  • The authorities may punish you, if you found sharing the information, even after finishing the exam, in the test hall.

Fee Information

The state will pay test fees for applicants, who are presently employed by a Medicaid certified nursing facility or have been offered employment. For paying test fees, an authorized Provision Representative must complete Part E of your application. If you are not qualified for state payment, you need to pay the fees in the below mentioned manner:

  • Prometric accepts money orders or cashier’s cheque payable.
  • Personal cheques and cash are not accepted.
  • Applicant has to provide full information to make payment through a credit card.
  • Fees must be paid along with the application.
  • Improper applications with incorrect payment details will be returned.
  • Applicant’s name and Social Security number should be written on the money orders/ cashier’s checks.

Tests and related fees are mentioned below:

Test Test Fee 5% NM State Tax You Pay
Clinical Skills test and Written test $100 $5.00 $105
Clinical Skills test (retakes only) $63 $3.15 $66.15
Clinical Skills test and Oral test $110 $5.50 $115.50
Written test (retakes only) $37 $1.85 $38.85
Oral test (retakes only) $47 $2.35 $49.35

Rescheduling a Test

Applicants can contact Prometric at least 5 business days prior the scheduled test, in order to avoid rescheduling fee. Applicants are solely responsible for the payment of fees; it is not a matter of state. You will have to pay a rescheduling fee equal to the original test fee, if you don’t allow five full business days to reschedule the appointment. Applicants are required to pay the fees before the appointment is rescheduled.

Emergency Closing

Scheduled test can be cancelled in case of severe weather or any emergency. If this happens, Prometric will contact you by phone or you may call at 866.391.1945 to see if a site is closed. If the site is closed, there will be no extra charges for rescheduling the exam.

Components of CNA Exam in New Mexico

Written Test

The written test is conducted using a Prometric’s Microsoft Windows-based, user- friendly, and computerized testing system. No computer experience is required to use this system. You just need to use a computer mouse to choose the answers. The written test includes 60 multiple-choice questions, which evaluates your nurse aide knowledge and skills to become a certified CNA.  Candidates will be provided 90 minutes to take the test.

Oral Test

The candidate can also choose to take an oral exam. During an oral test, candidates will be asked the questions, which they have to hear attentively. The questions will be read to you via CD or tape, and you will have to answer them on the computer. Candidates can replay the questions as many times as needed. Candidates can select the option for oral test on the application form, but this request cannot be altered on the day of testing. Besides oral test, the reading comprehension test is also conducted, which includes 15 questions. This test enables to judge a person’s reading skills.

Candidates will be provided a separate score for each test section.

Clinical Skills

The aspirants have to accomplish the clinical skills test within the stipulated time. They will be tested on five skills. The two additional skills – Hand Washing and Indirect Care are the part of the test. Here, the Indirect Care is related to the residents’ rights and preferences, communication with the resident, resident’s safety, comfort and needs, and infection control. The amount of time consumed to take your test depends on the skills you are asked to perform. Proper instructions will be provided to the candidate in order to take a test. The examiner will remind you about the time left. The time specified for the clinical skills test ranges from 31 minutes to 40 minutes based on the skills, one is asked to perform. The Nurse Aide Evaluator (NAE) will watch you and compare your performance to the checkpoints for the skill.

Practice Exam

To practice a nursing exam, one can visit the below mentioned link and practice the online exam:

The practice exam is formulated in the same format and uses the same type of questions as the actual certification exam. It will help a candidate to become familiar with the computer-based testing process. During the exam, candidates will get immediate feedback to correct and incorrect responses. The nurse aide practice exam contains 50 questions. The fee of $10 is payable online for each exam.

Test Evaluation

If a candidate qualifies both parts of the examination, a mail will be send through the New Mexico Nurse Aide Certification within one week from the date, you appeared for the test. Candidate’s name will be listed on the New Mexico CNA Registry. Scores are confidential, which are only revealed to you and the state. Scores are not given out over the phone.

Written Test

Once the candidate completes the written test on the computer, a score report will be sent to him/her. It will reveal whether you have failed or passed the exam. The employees of the test sites are not allowed to discuss your results.

Clinical Skills Test

A candidate is required to qualify all 5 clinical skills to get certified as a nursing assistant. After the completion of test, a score report is disclosed to the candidate within a short period. The nurse/exam evaluator is not allowed to discuss your results.


If a candidate fails in a test, retaking the test is the best option for him/her.  Candidates are required to pass both the clinical skills test and written test. You can qualify the exams in three attempts.  If aspirant can’t qualify the exam within 3 attempts, he/she has to retake the training and exam.

Contact Information

Use the below given contact information, in case of any query.

Prometric- NM Nurse Aide
7941, Corporate Drive,
Nottingham, Maryland- 21236
Phone: 866.391.1945
Fax: 800.813.6670

If a candidate has direct questions to be resolved, please contact:

New Mexico Department of Health
Health Facility Licensing and Certification Bureau
2040, South Pacheco Street, Room- 413
Santa Fe, New Mexico- 87505
Phone: 505.479.9040
Fax: 505.476.9026