CNA Exams in Oregon

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The prerequisite requirements for becoming a certified nurse aide in the state of Oregon are different from all the other states of the USA. The other states in the USA emphasize mainly on their own set of regulations. All the other states, except Oregon, share one thing in common, that is, they all have a set of centralized rules and regulations, which they trail.

To obtain a nursing aide certification in Oregon, the first requirement is to finish the CNA training that is approved from the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN). The second requisite proviso is to clear an assessment exam, which is administered by the state. After training and passing the exam, the candidate is listed on the Oregon Nurse Aide Registry. After completion of all the procedures, a candidate qualifies to work in a nursing centre or any health center in the state of Oregon.

The other criteria that should be mandatorily fulfilled are:

  • The candidates should be or above the age of 18.
  • The aspirants are required to complete the training of at least 150 hours, out of which, 51 hours of clinical training is obligatory.
  • A candidate is required to earn a diploma or its equivalent.
  • The applicants are ought to submit an evidence of their background check and a thorough physical examination to ensure proper health.

Examination Method

The candidates are provided with a test confirmation letter that includes the information about the date and time on which; they need to report to the test site. The candidates are requested to arrive 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time for check-in. The candidates must plan the day accordingly as they have to be at the testing site for up to eight hours. Only after signing-in and proper ID verification, the candidates are allowed to take the examination. After the candidates are done with their written/oral test, they are assigned time by the RN test observer to take the skill test.

Online Knowledge Tests

Other than traditional style of written test, the OSBN and Headmaster approves the concept of the electronic tests, called as WebEtest©, which are taken with the help of internet connected computers.

The online testing procedure works on the concept of real time scheduling. The official scores are made available to the aspirants on the same day. This saves time by eliminating examination material shipping, so that, the results are made available more rapidly as compared to paper and pencil testing.

The Knowledge (Knowledge/Oral) Test

The knowledge test conducted by OSBN does not approve of any language other than English. Any translation dictionaries and devices are not allowed during examination. Each test is different from the other, and no candidates will get the same knowledge test.

Maximum of ninety (90) minutes are provided to complete seventy-seven (77) knowledge test questions. The invigilator will make available exam materials to all the candidates and will read the necessary instructions that applicants are supposed to known before the knowledge test. The candidates are not allowed to ask any question to the invigilator regarding their question booklet (like “What does this question mean?”), once the test begins. Any mark on the test booklet will not be considered as an answer, and you have to answer in the scanned answer sheet, which is given to you along with the booklet. You must score 65% or over to pass the examination.

If any candidate would wish to take the exam in oral form, he/she has to inform it prior to the knowledge test, at the time of the submission of the application form. An oral examination allows the candidate to listen to the questions through earphones, which are connected with a cassette player. They are also given the question booklet so that they can read and understand the questions while listening. The candidates, giving the WebEtest©, are also given an earphone and questions are displayed on the computer screen.

The structure of knowledge test is in multiple-choice questions format. Questions are selected and approved by the Oregon Test Plan and include questions from all the required categories as defined in OBRA regulations. The questions covered in the knowledge test are based on the following subjects:

  • Personal Care
  • Basic Nursing skills
  • Mental Health
  • Role and Responsibility
  • Safety
  • Care Impaired
  • Disease Process
  • Communication
  • Infection Control
  • Data Collection
  • Client Rights
  • Growth & Development across the Ages

Skills Test

The skill test is aimed to evaluate the nursing skills of the candidate. These skills are taught to you during the practical clinical session of the training. Hand washing is the primary task that is needed to be performed, and rest four are selected randomly.

In skill test, the candidates are required to attain a score of 80% without missing any vital step. The prime steps are decided by the advisory panel of OSBN. If a candidate fails in any of the task, he/she will have to retake the skill test along with the total of all the five tasks, including the one in which, the candidate previously failed.

What to Expect During the Skill Test

  • The beginning of the skill test will be done by reading the scenarios of all five skills, before the candidate demonstrates each of the tasks.
  • When the candidate finishes each task, he/she will have to inform it to the RN test observer and has to move to the “relaxation area” until; the scenario for his next task is read to you by the examiner.
  • When the RN observer is reading out the scenarios of the task, the candidates must listen to him/her carefully and can ask to repeat the scenario, if required.
  • Candidates must make sure that they listen to each and everything carefully as they are not allowed to ask anything in between the course of task.
  • The RN test observer will demonstrate the candidates the use of all the equipments, which are required to complete the task.
  • The candidates will be rendered forty-five (45) minutes to finish the five assigned tasks and all of them are to be performed accurately in order to pass the skill test.
  • If a candidate believes that he/she has made any mistake while performing the task, they must immediately inform it to the observer and redo the task. This process has to be done within the time frame of 45 minutes that are given to the candidate.

Exam Fee

Exam Fees
Initial Examination (Knowledge and Skill Tests) $106
Reactivation by Examination (Knowledge and Skill Tests) $106
If Requesting an Oral Knowledge Exam (tape recording) ADDITIONAL $35
Retake or Reschedule of both Knowledge and Skill Test $70
Retake or Reschedule of Knowledge Test Only $25
Retake or Reschedule of Skill Test Only $45

ADA Accommodations

If a candidate has a qualified disability, he/she may ask for a special accommodation for examination, while applying. The accommodations must be acknowledged by the OSBN, prior to the date of examination. You can visit the website of OSBN to make request for ADA Accommodation Form. You can either request for it by calling to OSBN.  The ADA form must be submitted along with the application packet.

Exam Check-In (Identification) and Allowed Items

To assure the proper execution of the nursing aide examination, following points should be kept in mind:

  • Proper ID’s of the applicants are required on the examination venue without which, the entry will not be given. Also, the fees will not be refunded to you.
  • Two current and signature-bearing identification forms in original are required to test. No photo copies or expired copies are allowed. At least one of the IDs must contain the photograph of the candidate.
  • The name on both the identification forms must match the name on the candidate’s nursing assistant application packet, which they have submitted to the OSBN.
  • If a candidate goes through any legal change in the name, he/she must bring it to the notice of the OSBN and present the necessary documents, like marriage certificate or divorce verdict.
  • A candidate has to carry the requisite documents and identifications, which can include the following:
    • Driver’s license
    • State issued identification card
    • Tribal identification card
    • Social Security card
    • Credit card or debit card
    • Passport (Passport Cards are not acceptable as they contains no signature)
    • Hunting or fishing license
    • 1st Aid or CPR card
    • Alien registration card
    • High School ID for the current year with a signature
  • The candidates suffering from any temporary physical limitations, like Cast, Brace, Crutches, sickness, etc. are not allowed to take the test. The candidate can contact the headmaster prior to the scheduled date of the exam, so as to reschedule a new exam date.
  • Other items, like cell phones, electronic equipments, backpacks, notepaper, purses, books, food or drink are not allowed in the premises of the examination.
  • No visitors, guests or children of the candidate are allowed at the testing site.

Scheduling an Exam Date

The candidates who are giving the CNA exam for the first time have to give both the exams i.e. skill test and knowledge test on the same day at either an approved OSBN in-facility or at an approved Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) regional exam site.

When the candidate’s successfully completes all nursing assistant training requirements, he/she must choose an appropriate exam date, which has to be given to the instructor. The candidate has to mail the preferred date within 21 days after mailing the examination application to the OSBN.

Rescheduling an Exam Date

If a candidate wishes to reschedule the exam date, he/she must do it as soon as possible. The candidate can reschedule an exam date within three business days before the scheduled exam date (excluding official holidays and Sundays).

If a candidate reschedules the examination and does not take the exam on that day, he/she will be considered as a NO SHOW.

Exam Results

After the successful completion of both the knowledge and skill test, an official scoring team of the Headmaster’s Helena double checks the score. After that, it sends notification of test results to the candidates by mail or candidates can check their results at

When a candidate passes the exam and meet all the requirements of the board, as noted in the CNA1 Certification by Examination Information, they are certified and listed on the Oregon Nursing Assistant Registry.

If a candidate fails in the exam and wishes to retake the test, he/she must send the top portion of their test results letter spotted with the proper failed test or tests requested and appropriate retake amount to OSBN. The candidate is given three attempts to pass the knowledge and skill test within the two years of the completion of the nursing program. If a candidate does not pass in any of the attempts and does not complete testing successfully, he/she must complete a new OSBN approved training program in order to become qualified for a further attempt at Oregon CNA1 examinations.