CNA Exams in South Dakota

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The approved OBRA nurse aide training programme is monitored by the South Dakota Department of Health in South Dakota, which offers certain specific values to the nurse aide examinations.  The purpose of the South Dakota Department of Health is to make sure that those candidates, who are on the lookout for the nurse aide certification, clearly understands the rules and regulations, and can get prepared for the job of entry level nurse aide and test.

The South Dakota Health Care Association in an indenture, with D&S Diversified Technologies, has made available to provide test and scoring services for the nursing aide examination.

The Knowledge (Oral Test)

The candidates will be provided with 90 minutes to complete the skill test, comprising of 75 questions. The score of 75%, to pass the nursing aid examination, is a must for all the candidates.

The test observer will hand out the materials relating to the nursing aide examination to the candidates, and will read out the instructions. A candidate is not allowed to ask questions related to the content of the question paper, in between the examination.

Candidates who face difficulty in reading English, or consider it as their secondary language, can choose to give the exam in oral form by opting it at the time of submitting the application form. The oral test is taken online, where questions are read out to the candidates and they have to answer on a computer. The test may contain questions, on which the statistical information will be collected for future use.

After the completion of the test, all the test materials must be left in the testing room. Whosoever tries to take any information or materials, out of the testing rooms, is liable to be prosecuted.

Knowledge Test Content Outline

The knowledge test contains the following subjects to check the theoretical dexterity of the candidate.

  • Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Basic Rights
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Physical Health & Illness
  • Basic Nursing Skills & Personal Care
  • Role & Responsibility
  • Mental Health & Illness
  • Aging Process 

Skills Test

The principle purpose of the skill test is to measure the performance of the candidates, who are seeking the nurse aide skills. The candidate must keep a count at least a 75% on every skill task, devoid of omitting any key steps in order to pass the skill test.

The candidates will be given a complete list of skill tasks, printed in a handbook. The five skill tasks that a candidate is needed to perform, will be selected at random from this given list. The steps that are programmed to perform each task are the minimum number of steps, essential for the candidate to pass the skill test. The candidates are evaluated on these steps.

What to Expect During the Skill Test

  • The commencement of the skill test will be done by reading out the five skill test before the candidate, by the test observer.
  • When the test observer is reading out the scenarios, it is expected by the candidates to listen to him cautiously. The candidates can get the task repeated, if required.
  • The candidates are suggested to listen to all the points vigilantly. They are not allowed later to ask anything in between.
  • The candidates will be given thirty (30) minutes to finish the five assigned tasks.
  • If a candidate makes any mistake while performing the task, he/she can start it off again after informing to the test observer. This process has to be completed within the time frame allotted to the candidates.
  • To qualify the skill test, all the steps are to be finished properly, and all the five tasks are to be cleared by the candidate.

The Cost of Knowledge/Skill Testing:

The total charges that the individual has to pay, to take the CNA examination, are as below-

  • Knowledge Test – $67.50
  • Skill Test- $85.00
  • Both – $152.50

ADA Accommodations

If a candidate has a certified disability, and he/she is in need of a provisional accommodation, please contact the SDHCA office, to demand an accommodation form or download it from the official website of SDHCA ( The ADA form is required to be submitted, in conjunction with the application packet.

Candidates with Temporary Disabilities

The test observer has the authority to disallow any candidate from testing, who has a clearly visible impermanent disability. The skill test comprises of some exhausting physical tasks, which can be performed by those candidates only, who are physically fit. Temporary disabilities include limitations, like back injury, knee injury, pregnancy, or recent surgery, etc. Such disabilities can hinder the candidate’s performance while performing the task. The candidate will not be allowed to test as the SDHCA, test observer, or the headmaster does not cover personal physical injury.

If the temporary limitation is not pre-approved by the South Dakota Health Care Association, and the candidate goes to test where the test observer denies him/her from taking the test, then the candidate will be charged a no show fee.

Test Day- What to Bring

  • The candidate must appear at the assigned test location twenty minutes before the commencement of the test.
  • The candidate must bring a photo ID or an approved alternative ID form, and the test notification letter.
  • The candidate must carry quite a few sharpened no. 2 pencils with erasers.

 Testing Policy

  • If any applicant arrives behind schedule for the test, he/she will not be allowed to perform the test.
  • Electronic devices, like mobile phones, pager or any other gadget are not allowed during testing.
  • The candidates are not allowed to carry any personal stuff such as bags, extra books, briefcases, study materials, or papers into the testing area. If such materials are brought with the candidate into the testing room, it will be collected and returned after the completion of the test.
  • The candidates can bring a calculator.
  • The candidates cannot take any materials from outside the testing area.
  • The candidates are not permitted to eat, drink or smoke in the duration of the test.
  • If a candidate is found causing an annoyance of any kind or engaging in other unnecessary activities, he/she will be debarred from the test and reported to their state’s licensing agency.
  • No visitors or children are allowed while the duration of testing.

Scheduling an Exam Date

The candidates who are giving the CNA exam for the first time, have to give both the exams, i.e., skill test and knowledge test on the same day, at either an approved OSBN in-facility or at an approved Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) regional exam site.

When the candidate successfully completes all nursing assistant training requirements, he/she must choose an appropriate exam date, which has to be given to the instructor. The candidate has to mail the preferred date within 21 days, after mailing the examination application to the OSBN.

Exam Results

South Dakota Health Care Association will make available the test results to the candidates on the same business day, after the test. The score card indicates whether the candidate has passed or failed the knowledge/oral test and/or skill test.

If any candidate fails, the score card will specify the portion/portions where the candidate needs improvement. If a candidate who has not qualified the test, he/she has an alternative of retaking the test, for which certain procedures are followed.

If the candidate effectively passes both the Tests, he/she will be positioned on the South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry. The copy of fail/pass letters may be demanded from SDHCA for $15.00.