CNA Exams in Utah

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The fundamental step in the process of becoming a certified Nursing Assistant, in the state of Utah, is to begin a state approved CNA training course that equips your essential skills and knowledge, which are necessary to move forward in a health care industry.

UNAR (Utah Nursing Assistant Registry) is an authentic body, with a mission to influence the quality patient care by certifying qualitative nursing assistants. Candidates, seeking Nursing Assistant Certification in Utah, have to appear in the Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP). CNA training is applicable for one year from the closing date of training. All the tests must be accomplished within 1 year from the closing date of training. All the expired CNA’s must test within 1 year from their certificate finishing date.


  • All candidates are required to complete the Utah state approved CNA Training program.
  • Candidates have to achieve an application for certification testing.
  • Candidates must be of 18 years or above.
  • Qualified with a criminal background verification process.
  • Passed in Fingerprint test.
  • Undergone a full physical check-up, including a negative TB check, immunization, and no drug test.
  • Graduate with a minimum qualification of a GED or a high school diploma.

On the Day of Exam

  • Applicants are required to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled exam.
  • Applicants are required to carry 2 identification forms. One should be a photo ID, driving license, passport or government issued photo ID.
  • Improper identification forms are not permissible for taking the examination.
  • Late applicants will not be permitted to enter the examination hall.
  • The name of the applicant should resemble the name, specified on provided ID.
  • Candidates are required to carry a divorce decree or marriage certificate, if he/she is a recently divorced or married one.
  • Wear a watch with a second hand.
  • Appear with a proper dressing in the exam hall.
  • Bring a blue or black pen to accomplish your written test.

Examination Rules and Regulation

  • Electronic devices like pagers and cell phones are not permitted in the examination hall.
  • Cell phones are required to be turned ‘off’ during the process of test.
  • Smoking breaks are not allowed during the testing process.
  • Bathroom facilities will be allowed in between written and clinical exams only.
  • The exam of candidate will be terminated for creating mismanagement during the examination process.
  • Weapons are not permitted in the exam centre.
  • Guardians of the applicants, including family members, guests, and children are not allowed to visit the examination centre.
  • If English is not your primary language, you can keep an unaltered dictionary.
  • Electronic dictionaries are not permitted in the exam hall.
  • Eatables are not permitted.
  • Cheating is prohibited in the exam hall.
  • If you are found doing cheating, your exam will be rescinded at that moment.
  • The authorities will take necessary action on sharing the information, after taking the exam.

CNA Examination

The CNA Examination is a criterion to measure the knowledge, abilities, and skills of a person to become a Nursing Assistant. The CNA exam in Utah has a maintained sequence of a written examination and the skills examination.

Skills Examination

During the skills examination, your skills will be evaluated by a state approved RN skills examiner. The applicants have to execute a set of vital signs, and proper hand washing during the skills examination. The candidates will be provided minimum of 20-30 minutes and maximum of 40 minutes to accomplish all the required skills. The instructor will provide you a list of skills to be accomplished. Candidates are required to demonstrate any 5 of them.

Written Examination

During the written examination, candidates are asked to complete 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates have to secure 75% of a passing score. The written exam is computer-based audio test. Candidates can use headphones to hear the questions unambiguously. Candidates, with documented disability, can avail a paper & pencil test.

Practice Examination

Candidates are required to succeed in both the examinations, in order to get listed on the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (UNAR). Candidates can go through the sample questions, provided in the handbook. The sample questions are also available on the below mentioned website:

To take a practice test online, one has to click on the option of “on-line practice exam” on the home page of the website. When the next screen is visible, scroll down and click the option “practice exam”, and start your exam. At the end of exam, give a password SUNSET in capital letters in the black box. Then your result will be declared.

ADA, Vocational Rehabilitation, Special Education, 504

All testing sites are abided by the ADA (American Disabilities Act) and other documented disabilities. If a candidate has a disability or requires an accommodation, he is required to make engagements with the testing centre, when he calls for a testing appointment.

  • The written examination can be availed online at an approved testing site.
  • The written examination is also available with an audio option, where the candidate can use headphones and listen to answer at the same time. If a candidate wants to avail an audio test, he is required to inform the testing site in advance.
  • If a candidate is a 504/ is a Vocational Rehab/ is an ADA disabled or in a special education class, he/ she can have a reader from the testing site. The candidate cannot bring his own reader.
  • An option of a paper and pencil test is also available, if a candidate is granted an accommodation. For availing the paper test, candidate must inform in advance. Candidates are required to give a prior notification to the testing site.
  • The candidate is not permitted to use a foreign language interpreter.
  • Candidates may access a translation dictionary in their native language.

Beginning Procedure Mandatory Actions

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before entering into a room.
  • Assemble all the required equipments.
  • Visit resident’s room, knock, and pause before entering the room.
  • Introduce yourself by name and title.
  • Address the resident by their name and identify by facility policies.
  • Candidates are required to seek visitors to leave the room, and inform them to wait.
  • Candidates are required to provide a privacy procedure; pull curtains, properly covering patient as needed, and shut the door.
  • Candidate must explain the procedure slowly and directly to the resident. They must speak clearly, and if possible, maintain face-to-face contact.
  • Answer the questions asked by a resident about the procedure.
  • Allow the resident to provide help as much as possible.
  • Lift up the bed to a comfortable working height.

Ending Procedure Mandatory Actions

  • Maintain the position of resident comfortably.
  • Return the bed to its lowest position.
  • Leave a signal cord, water, and telephone within reach.
  • Perform a common safety check.
  • Open the curtains.
  • Care for equipment following procedure.
  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Let visitors know that they may return.
  • Report the completion of task & observation of any abnormalities.
  • Record all the actions and observations.

Exam Fees

The federal and Utah state laws have implemented various rules for the payment of fees to take the respective examination.

  • Skills evaluation: A candidate is required to pay $40.00 for evaluating skills.
  • Written examination: A candidate is required to pay $35.00 for taking a written examination.

Candidates are required to make their payments in the form of a certified (cashier’s) check or credit card, and a money order. Candidates have to fulfil the details of the credit card at the bottom of the application, for Certification Testing form. If a candidate is not employed presently at a nursing home, or do not have an offer of employment at a nursing home, he is required to pay the fees.

Exam Scheduling

After the completion of Certified Nursing Assistant Course, candidates are required to schedule their exam. Following are the steps to be followed to schedule a test:

  • Candidates will be provided “Application for Certification Testing” from their instructor.
  • Candidates are required to fill the form correctly, and send a money order or cheque to UNAR.
  • After 5-10 days, candidates will receive ‘vouchers to test’ (a written & a skills voucher) through a mail, with a list of various testing centres.
  • The training and vouchers are valid for one year from training completion date.
  • After receiving vouchers to take a test, candidates can contact one of the testing centres and fix an appointment.
  • The voucher is considered to be a candidate’s ‘ticket’, allowing him to sit for the skills and written examinations. Expired tickets are not acceptable.
  • Please appear timely for the scheduled appointment. Late candidates will be charged a late fee by the testing centre.
  • The arrangements for accommodation must be made with the testing site, when your appointment is made.
  • Within 8-10 business days, candidates will receive a mail, concluding the results.

Exam Evaluation

If a candidate qualifies both the examinations, a mail will be sent through the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry, within one week from the date you appeared for the examination. Candidate’s name will be listed to the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry. The Scores obtained by the candidate are confidential, and are only revealed to the candidate himself and the state. Scores are not revealed over the phone.


Retesting is the other option left in front of a failed candidate. Retesting is only required if a person is failed. Candidates are required to pass both the clinical skills test and written test. Candidates can qualify the exams within three attempts, in a two-year eligibility period.

Contact (for any query)

Candidates can visit or contact:

550 East 300 South
Kaysville, UT 84037
Phone: (801)547-9947