CNA Exams in West Virginia

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To seek Nurse Aide Certification in the West Virginia, aspirants must take the NNAAP Examination. The exam contains two sections- a Skills Evaluation and a Written/Oral Examination. Candidates become eligible for listing on the state’s nursing aide registry only after passing both the sections.

The Virginia Board of Nursing works along with Pearson VUE to monitor, score and produce the results of the NNAAP testing for the Virginia CNA Registry.

Components of NNAAP Examination

The Skills Evaluations and the Written/Oral Examination are the two parts of the NNAAP Examination process.

Written Examination: This section consists of 70 multiple choice questions. Students get two hours to finish the exam. To answer all the questions, students get 2 hours.

Oral Examination:  Candidates who face difficulty reading English can give the exam orally in place of the written examination. This orally administered exam involves 10 reading comprehension queries and 60 multiple choice questions. Students are given 2 hours to complete this examination.

Skills Evaluation: Under this, candidates are asked to perform any five randomly chosen nursing aide skills in 25 minutes. Testing administrator chooses those 5 skills. A Registered Nurse Evaluator rates the skills.

Eligible Candidates

  • New Nurse Aide (Both first time test taker and previously failed all or a section of the Exam)- They must submit an original letter on letterhead from the program co-coordinator of a CNA program approved by the state Board of Nursing, along with the exam application.
  • Nursing Graduates- They must submit certified or original copy of a school transcript that can verify that they have completed a nursing program, along with the examination application.
  • Nursing Students– these candidates must complete minimum one clinical course that involves at least 40 hours of hands-on clinical experience that involves direct client care. They must submit an original letter on a letterhead from the program director.  
  • Lapsed Certificate Holders– These candidates must complete a reinstatement or a renewal application with the Virginia Board of Nursing within the last one year.

Exam Application

  • Applicants have to get the Examination Application either by calling NACES at (800)758-6028 or downloading the application from the website of Pearson VUE-
  • Candidates must complete the application with accurate information and mail it at the address-

7600 Burnet Road, Suite 440

Austin, TX 78757-1299

  • Completed application remains valid for 12 months from the original receipt date or the date of approval.
  • Address that candidates provide on the Examination Application becomes the address of record on the Virginia Board of Nursing.
  • The way to change the address is to mail a notification to the Virginia Board of Nursing. This can be done during the CNA license renewal or at anytime.
  • Candidates who got any query regarding the examination application can connect with a NACES Customer Service Representative at (800) 758-6028.

Examination Fees

Skills Evaluation & Written Examination Both $ 94
Skills Evaluation & Oral Examination Both $ 94
Written Examination ONLY Re-test $ 25
Oral Examination ONLY Re-test $ 25
Skills Evaluation ONLY Re-test $ 69
  • Under Virginia and Federal laws, candidates who are employed or required to retest in the nursing facilities (that receive federal funds) need not to pay the testing fees.  The nursing homes pay the fees in this case.
  • Payment is done via certified check, money order or company check. These are payable to NACES”.
  • Whichever mode candidates chose to make the payment, it must carry student’s name even if employer pay the fee.
  • Payment is made for both Skills Evaluation and Oral/Written Examination, when candidates take the test for the first time.
  • Payment through Credit cards, cash or personal- checks is not acceptable.

Exam Scheduling                        

  • NACES must receive a completed examination application and all other required materials at least 12 business days before requested test date.
  • NACES schedule the exam and mail candidate’s Authorization to Test Notice at the address mentioned in their Examination Application.
  • If students do not receive their Authorization to Test Notice within 10 business days, then they must contact NACES at (800)758-6028. The Test Notice contains crucial information regarding the NNAAP Examination.
  • NNAAP Examination is scheduled at Regional Test Sites. Information about the test schedule is obtainable from the Pearson VUE website-

Special Examination Requests and Services

  • Candidates with disability can request for special arrangements for testing at the time of applying for the NNAAP Examination.
  •  Candidates must seek approval for special arrangements in advance from the Virginia Board of Nursing.
  • Candidates with disability, who got accommodation requirements can make a call to the Virginia Board of Nursing at (804) 367-4569 and ask for guidance document 90-22. This document can be downloaded from the website of Virginia Board of Nursing –
  • To aid hearing-impaired candidates and deaf individuals, Pearson VUE is equipped with TDD (Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf).

Cancellation and Rescheduling of the Examination

  • Candidates, who are unable to attend the exam on a scheduled date, can notify NACES to reschedule the exam.
  • Notification for the exam rescheduling must be sent to NACES minimum 5 business days (by noon) prior to the scheduled examination date.
  • Paid examination fee is neither transferrable to new exam date nor refundable, if NACES is not being notified timely. The paid fee is transferred to new exam date if NACES receives the notification for rescheduling on time.
  • Candidates cannot give their exam reservation to another student.
  • If employers are paying the examination fee then candidates must inform their employers about missing the examination.

For the Exam Day

  • Candidates must check- in the test centre at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for both testing (Written/Oral and Skills).
  • Candidates must carry two forms of official for identification to the test site. The forms must carry signatures. Out of the two forms, one must be a photo-identification.
  • Birth certificates are not acceptable for identification. Acceptable identifications include- Driver’s license, Library card, Passport, Credit card, State-issued identification card, Clinic card, Signature bearing Social Security Card and Signed University/School ID card. Identifications must not be expired, only current are acceptable.
  • Candidates are not permitted to challenge the examination without proper identification and the testing fee is also non-refundable in this case.
  • For Skills Evaluation, candidates must bring non-binding, loose clothing at the site centre.
  • Registered Nurse Evaluator is present at the testing site to guide students.

Score Reporting

  • Candidates need to contact Pearson VUE [at (877) 244-1694] not the Nurse Aide Evaluator for any kind of query related to the Score Report.
  • Results are not announced over the phone.
  • Scored answer sheets of Written (or Oral) and Skills Evaluation are faxed to students at their given address. The official Score reports indicate whether a student has qualified the Examination or not.
  • The Score Report of Skills Evaluation is mailed on the same day when students appear for the exam. Due to some technical difficulties, score report may be delayed some days. If the score report is not received within 5-7 business days then candidates must contact Pearson VUE at (877) 244-1694.
  • The Score Report lists the 5 skills that candidates perform on the exam day. A passing score of a skill is indicated by Satisfactory and failed score by Unsatisfactory.

Failing Score Report

  • A Score Report indicating failure of students, provide information on how to retake either or both sections of the NNAAP Examination.
  • A new testing fee is charged to retake any part of the exam.
  • Candidates must submit a new application or the failing Score Report and the required fees to NACES to retake the exam.
  • Candidates must mention a testing location while submitting the failing Score Report.

NOTE: Candidates can retake the Skills Evaluation and Written/Oral Examination many times within two years period until they qualify both the sections. They are needed to retake the complete NNAAP examination all over again if they fail to qualify both the sections in those two years time period.

  • When candidates pass both the sections of the NNAAP Examination successfully, their name is listed on the Virginia Nurse Aide Registry and they can practice as a Certified Nursing Aide in Virginia.