CNA Salary in Arkansas

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant – Nursing Home earn in Arkansas?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant – Nursing Home salary in Arkansas is $24,589 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $23,278 and $26,168.

The job involves certain essential responsibilities, but once you get into the profession you simply start loving it. So, if you are all set to join in the healthcare industry and looking for some useful information regarding the payment made in this area, you can read on further.

Average Payment in Arkansas

As per the U.S. ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’, the median annual salary of orderlies, nursing aides and attendants are about $24,190 and $11.63 per hour by the year of 2011. According to, the median annual salary for CNAs in long-term care facilities was about $25,641 and $12.33 hourly, as per the data gathered of September 2012. However, a number of other factors also lies which deciding the payroll of a CNA in a particular place. Those who work in common medicinal and surgical hospitals, make around an annual earnings of $27,290, and $13.12 hourly. While, those who are employed in a substance abuse services, comparatively earn less money of about $23,500 per year and $11.30 hourly. And if you want to get employed in any of the highest paying industries, then you must try for to apply in the scientific research and development industry, as the per year salary ranges from $36,910 to more and $17.75 per hour. The federal government branch also offers the highest salary of $35,850 annually and $17.24 hourly. If you want to apply in colleges and universities, then also you can make a good sum of $32,200 annually and $15.48 per hour. Yet, the average annual salary of CNAs in Arkansas is considered less, while comparing it to the average annual salary i.e. $29,000 at national level.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

One of the obvious reasons of salary fluctuations of a certified nursing assistant in a place is experience. More number of work experiences will increase your chances of getting a better payment in this industry. This also gives a rise to get more jobs and preference over an inexperienced CNA. Hospitals basically are considered to give the higher payment to the CNAs and also are among one of the most desirable jobs, but if you want to apply for that, then you must have at least one year of work experience. A minimum of one year of experience is also required for working in schools, private companies and local government sectors.

Impact of Job Location on The Salary

As we all know that the job location plays an important role for deciding the payroll criteria in a place. Similarly in Arkansas, the wok area also affects the pay scale depending on a number of aspects. Locales having a lower cost of livelihood normally pay less to CNAs than those who have higher cost of living. From major to smaller cities, the medical job opportunities and the related salaries vary largely. So, in order to choose a place suiting to your budget, it is imperative to know about the average pay scales of a specific place. You can get an idea about the average payment of CNAs, by reading on further.

CNA Salary in other Cities

Name of the city Average Annual Salary
Fort Smith $39,000
Jonesboro $29,000
Fayetteville $27,000
Pine Bluff $26,000
North Little Rock $25,000

CNA Salary in Different Facilities

Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Self employed $49,000
Hospital $33,000
Nursing Home $26,000
Home care $23,000

Average Salary with Jobs Related Titles

Registered Nurse $43,000
Nursing Assistant $23,000
Patient Care Assistant $23,000
Certified Nursing Assistant $20,000
Certified Nursing Assistant Cna $19,000
Caregiver $14,000
Certified Nurse Aide $16,000
Home Health Aide $14,000
Care Giver $14,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $14,000
Nurse Aide $12,000
Cna – Pca $12,000

Salary Conclusion

The data regarding the increasing number of employment opportunities with the highest number of pay scales explains why most of the potential trainees are joining in this industry. After reading the article, you must have been aware now that learning, work exposure and settings lays are major aspects to get a job in this sphere. Though, the salary given to a certified nursing assistant in Arkansas is quite reasonable. Still, if you want to make more funds, then you must try to earn more experience and have undergone thorough trainings.

Serving with care and affection to all the mentally and physically ill persons definitely is not an easy task. However, being a health care professional to give long-term services to such patients would surely improve your skills and experience which would finally add on to your remuneration in this field.