CNA Salary in Connecticut

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Connecticut?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Connecticut is $35,179 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $31,880 and $39,137.

Certified nursing assistants or health care workers in the United States are in quite high requirement nowadays. A CNA’s job is considered quite hectic as they have to maintain a constant connectivity with the patients and provide them attentive services in their daily activities. This is mainly due to the aging inhabitants in Connecticut, that the numbers of health care facilities are rapidly increasing. And thus, they are paid higher salaries in the state for their job. Connecticut has also the similar deciding factors like other states, including experience, location and employer. So, if you dream to establish a career in this industry, then you must go for a short-term CNA training. After getting a CNA certification, you will be qualified enough to begin with a professional career in this field. To get more details regarding the salary structure of CNAs

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

The work experience is an important aspect to gain extra benefits and recognition. This also leads you to get high paying jobs by cities’ biggest employers. Hospitals are considered as the highest paying organization for nursing aides, in Connecticut. However, to make good income within the same settings, like nursing homes, etc, you have to provide your work experience to the employer. The employer also rewards the nursing staff who has worked hard and stayed longer to gain experience. Nonetheless, after getting years of experiences, you can get better opportunities to get associated with high paying employers and get promoted further. Once you be an experienced CNA, you can become self employed and make money according to your convenience, where you do not have to give any answer to any of your seniors. The option to serve the private clients also gets opened for the experienced CNA, wherein you need to provide care to the family member and work on a contract basis. This way, the experienced CNA have the power to make money according to his/her ability and convenience both.

Impact of Job Location on the Salary: In order to make good payment in Connecticut, a CNA has to choose the employer carefully. For nursing aides residing and working in Connecticut, it will be better to select the city, where the standard of living is the highest. Small towns generally have low cost of living, as compared to the big cities. So naturally, a nursing assistant, who works in countryside, earns lower income, than a certified nursing assistant who’s employed in urban area. Also, there are some certified nursing assistants, who chose to visit the cities, for getting higher wages. However, for CNAs working whether in rural or a city area, the payment made in Connecticut gives a restful livelihood. Though the nursing homes usually give low payment to the staffs but they offer a comfortable and pleasant work environment. This makes the CNAs working in Connecticut to stay longer and hence, they gain experience which ultimately makes the employer to increase their salary. CNAs who are functioning in a hospice or a government agency, usually demand higher pay. Depending upon the employer, a CNA might also get other benefits, like paid sick leaves and vacations.

Average Salary with Related Job Designations

Certified Nurse Assistant $19,000
Caregiver $19,000
Certified Nursing Assistant $27,000
Certified Nursing Assistant Cna $26,000
Nursing Assistant $31,000
Registered Nurse $59,000
Patient Care Assistant $32,000
Home Health Aide $20,000
Cna – Pca $16,000
Certified Nurse Aide $21,000
Care Giver $19,000
Nurse Aide $16,000

CNA Salary In Other Cities of Connecticut

Name of the city Average Yearly Income
Greenwich $38,000
Derby $31,000
Bridgeport $30,000
Ansonia $30,000
Danbury $32,000
New Haven $27,000

 CNA Salary in Different Settings

Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Self-employed $53,000
Home health services $34,000
Home care $25,000
Nursing Home $28,000
Hospital $35,000

Salary Conclusion

Situated in the north eastern parts of the United States, Connecticut is measured as a reasonable place, when it comes to earn. Some of the top paid nursing aides are employed in Connecticut since a long time. For the fact that the job responsibilities of CNAs are considered valuable and testing to the healthcare services, they are paid well.

The BLS has declared Connecticut as one of the highest salary paying states to CNA in 2009. The State of Connecticut has approved certain CNA programs in conformity to the federal regulations to follow the state regulations and policies. To verify the quality of care and safety in continuing care services, this is one of the major steps taken by the govt. All these indicate to an advanced and elevating career potential of the CNAs working in Connecticut. If you are all set to join this medical care facility in Connecticut as a CNA, then the time is right for you.