CNA Salary in Hawaii

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Hawaii?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Hawaii is $35,934 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $32,564 and $39,977.

Hawaii stands at fifth position among one of the highest paying states of USA for CNAs. The current data of the state mentions that less than 1 percent of the workers of the country are employed in Hawaii. This indicates that there are huge possibilities for all the nursing assistants to get a suitable job at this place.

If you want to be a CNA in Hawaii, then you can easily avail the facility of many low-priced training programs here. This state is economical in comparison to others. Undergraduates or entry level professionals must keep on trying for other higher level jobs. After getting higher education and gaining some work exposure by doing part-time or full-time shifts, you can achieve a registered nurse position, wherein you get an excellent salary. Everyday giving direct care to the patients’ is a quite challenging task and salaries earned at some of the places are somewhat low. However, after a tough start of your career in this field and gaining some years of work experience, you can get contented with your job profile and salary.

To get appointed as a CNA in Hawaii, it is imperative for you to complete the CNA training program and qualify the American Red Cross Nurse Aide Certification Exam, approved by theState Department of Human Services’. Those who want to work in a Medicare, Medicaid or a State licensed or certified facility, must receive a State of Hawaii Certified Nurse Assistant Card to set up a flourishing career in this field.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

Similar to other states hiring systems, work experience matters a lot in Hawaii and in its other parts as well. Most of the employers usually avoid recruiting nursing assistants, who are untrained or inexperienced. They prefer experienced and trained professionals to secure their time and wealth which will be splurged on them for trainings. One of the other major reasons found out is that several times many CNAs leave the companies after getting certified, and hence the company has to bear the loss. So, now they make a contract with on the job CNAs to work for them for a certain period, as mentioned in the contract and in return, the organisation will train them. This helps the company to keep a CNA for a longer. The nursing assistants also get the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Entry-level CNAs in Hawaii are paid less in comparison to the experienced CNAs. Most of the employers in Hawaii offer advanced salaries only to experienced CNAs. They also provide add-on benefits to the CNAs who have years of experiences. An experienced CNA also receive paid leaves, sick days, insurance benefits along with free regular education. Working for years in the same industry gives all the CNA a great opportunity to gain the experience as well as earn high income. This also allows them to pick the employer of their own choice and the location they want to work in.

Impact of Job Location on the Salary: To get employed as a nursing aide in the highest paying states of the Hawaii, you must try at places, like Pearl City, Honolulu, Kailua, Kaneohe and Hilo. The job location can affect the salary of a CNA, as it can vary depending on the organisation economic strength. There are certain work conditions in Hawaii, where a CNA can make more money than his/her average salary. Like, if you are ready to work in a high pressure work environment, then it can lead you to make more money. These stressed conditions can include continuous urgent care of a patient, etc. Doing nightshifts, choosing particular harsh areas of healthcare to work at, etc are some of the other situations, where you can make more income in this sphere.

Hospitals are in high demands as a potential area of work for all the CNAs. As, they provide sought after job positions, flexible work hours, high income schemes and many other benefits. CNAs engaged in the government sectors or in school districts are getting excellent remuneration in Hawaii.

Average Pay for CNA in Hawaii

The average salary structure for a CNA in Hawaii ranges from $32,000 to $39,000 per year. Depending upon the work area, period of work experience and education, the figures can rise and fall.

CNA Salary in Different Cities of Hawaii

Name of the city Average Annual Salary
Kailua $21,000
Pearl City $21,000
Kaneohe $21,000
Honolulu $21,000
Hilo $17,000

CNA Salary in Different Settings

Name of the employment situation Average Yearly Figures
Self employed $36,000
Hospital $24,000
Home health agencies $23,000
Nursing Home $19,000
Home care $17,000

Average Salary with Related Jobs Titles

Census Type Work in Hawaii $32,000
CNA Live in Hawaii $23,000
Client Care Aide in Hawaii $23,000
Patient Care Technician N in Hawaii $20,000
Resident Care Specialist CNA in Hawaii $17,000
CNA in Hawaii $17,000
Nurse Technician in Hawaii $17,000
Cna’ in Hawaii $16,000
Caregiver CNA in Hawaii $15,000
CNA HHA in Hawaii $15,000
Supported Living Assistant in Hawaii $15,000
CNA Caregiver in Hawaii $15,000
Uchc Technician in Hawaii $15,000
Caregiver Companion CNA in Hawaii $13,000
Hiring CNA in Hawaii $12,000

Salary Conclusion

Though, the jobs are quite exigent for all the CNAs, yet they are vital for the proper caring of the patients. Seeing that, ‘The Bureau of Labour Statistics of United States’ has indicated that nursing aides can expect a promising career prospect on a national scale by 18% before the end of 2018.

The on-average increase in the employment rate of the nation holds a positive scenario for the CNAs to work in Hawaii. In a survey done by the Census Scope on the basis of the age distribution statistics in Hawaii, the state is facing a constant rise in the population of elderly persons. In the coming future, the numbers are yet to be increased more. This makes the requirement of trained health care professionals’ ever-increasing. The time seems to be quite favourable to enrol for CNA training at this place.