CNA Salary in Iowa

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Iowa? 

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Iowa, LA is $29,187 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $26,450 and $32,471.

To become a nursing assistant in Iowa, you may avail several reasonably priced training programs here, after getting your high school diploma. Being a CNA in Iowa fulfils your short-term purpose of affording a comfortable life at this place. You also gain the exposure of working in the nursing field in a quite short span of time. The income and other remunerations in this job, mostly depends upon many other aspects, which includes location, professional achievements, employer, experience, and additional education of a nurse aide.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

The annual income of a nursing aide in Iowa ranges from $25,000 to $32,000, which is considered as a good sum of money. Many nursing facilities of Iowa, generally, hire inexperienced certified nursing assistants at a minimum of $24,000. They can give a sum of $32,000 to experienced employees annually.

The more years of work experience you have as a CNA, the better jobs and earnings you get in the medical industry. Trained and highly qualified nursing assistants are highly preferred in this area. Organisations, like hospitals and private clinics often hire only to those who already have some relevant experience. Many employers do not want to splurge the money to prepare the newbie by giving them nursing aide trainings, as it cost them a huge sum.

You might get some of the companies, like, Govt hospitals, nursing homes, etc, with high revenue rate every year, are training some nursing aides for free. However, these establishments also fastened the CNAs to do the job for the company, for a specific, period of time, with the help of a legal contract. This is beneficial for such on the job nursing assistants, as they get experience and money in less time. Once the duration is completed, you can leave the job to join a bigger company, that can offer you higher pay and more benefits.

Working at home for private clients is also one of the manners to achieve expertise and money as a CNA in this field. This way, sometimes you might make good money and sometimes you have to be satisfied with only with low wages. However, the experience you will get will be valuable for you to get other high paying jobs.

Impact of Job Location on the Salary

The variation in the pay scale of Iowa happens mainly due to it’s standard of living and it’s geographical extension. The countryside areas have quite low cost of living, while the suburban and urban areas hold a higher distributed costs. This eventually gets reflected in the salary structures of the certified nursing aides of this location. Living in urban areas can get you higher salary. Though, it balances out as the expenses of living in such high profiles areas are also quite high. In order to have some savings, some CNAs while residing in lower cost locales, prefer commuting to organisations that pay them more.

CNA Salary in Different Cities of Iowa

Name of the city Average Yearly Income
Davenport $30,000
Cedar Rapids $25,000
Sioux City $25,000
Des Moines $24,000
Waterloo $23,000

CNA Salary in Different Settings

Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Self employed $46,000
Hospital $31,000
Home health agencies $29,000
Nursing Home $24,000
Home care $22,000

Average Salary with Related Jobs Titles

Registered Nurse $45,000
Nursing Assistant $24,000
Patient Care Assistant $24,000
Certified Nursing Assistant $21,000
Certified Nursing Assistant Cna $20,000
Certified Nurse Aide $17,000
Home Health Aide $15,000
Caregiver $15,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $15,000
Care Giver $14,000
Nurse Aide $12,000
Cna – Pca $12,000

Salary Conclusion

The ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’ has estimated, till 2018, there will be about 18% of occupational growth, in Iowa.The growing career prospects in the healthcare business, is one of the reasons, why many people are attracted to join this industry. Till 2018, approximately 18 % of professional growth is expected by the ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’.

Seeing this, many of the potential CNAs has migrated to Iowa from lower cost of living areas. As per the projection, multiple nursing related jobs will be provided to the certified nursing assistants. The average payment range in this place will also mount higher.