CNA Salary in Maryland

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Maryland?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Maryland is $33,947 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $30,763 and $37,767.

Healthcare field in Maryland guarantees to maintain a continuous growth in the coming years, while offering skilled workers a strong reason to apply for nursing assistant’s profile. The salary of a nursing aide in Maryland has also proved to be rewarding, if you have appropriate qualifications and expertise. The employer and job locations are also essential criterions, which affects the annual income of a CNA in Maryland.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

Work experience attracts to every employer in any field, especially when they are on for the search of a perfect skilled person. An experienced person is always get considered over someone, who’s has just entered the professional environment. The scenario is absolutely the same in Maryland, as the experience get counted here as well. On the job paid trainings are provided in Maryland by many employers. This usually happens in the organisations, where the turnover is quite high. However, once the employees get certified and their duration of training is completed, they move on other big work place. This is one of the reasons, why most of the company can pay you less. Nonetheless, this turn out to be profitable for both the parties, as on the one hand, the organisation saves their cost on hiring, and on the other, the employee gets free training, experience and earn money.

Among multiple advantages for an experienced CNA; paid leaves, perks, paid vacations, insurance, bonuses, and frequent increments are some of them, which they usually enjoy. Most of the companies prefer giving higher pay only to experienced nursing aides in Maryland. Maryland offers a pretty decent amount to certified nursing assistants employed here, which lies in between $22,000 to $31,000 per year and $11.80 to $19.59 on an hourly basis.

Experienced CNAs got multiple ways to double their income in this sphere. They find some private clients, who can pay them well and get appointed as an in-house nursing aide. Some of them also prefer working with organisations on contractual basis in a health agency or nursing homes. All these have mostly found beneficial for the experienced persons.

Impact of Job Location on the Salary

The health settings plays an important role in the pay roll of a nursing assistant. One can make more or less, that will depend on the area, where a CNA is appointed for work. Lower standard of living and manpower scarcity also results in getting higher or lesser wages in Maryland. However, if you want to produce more, you must acquire a valid certification and sufficient work exposure in this domain.

If there are shortages of nursing staffs in the clinics or hospitals, they can offer you more as well. Rural and urban areas, as usual always lay a great impact of the pay roll. Working in rural areas might get you quite low income, as compared to urban sectors.

Employment Sectors

As a usual fact, in most of the employment settings, the salaries can rise and fall and differs place to place. Like, in Hagerstown, a nursing assistant make a yearly income of $22,484 per year in nursing homes, $23,781 in long-term healthcare facilities and $26,119 in occupational health. However, in Salisbury, you will see a great difference, as the payments are comparatively higher. Nursing aides employed in nursing homes make an annual pay of about $25,242. $26,697 per year is the average amount given in the long-term care agencies to the assistants and $29,322, per year in occupational health services.

CNA Salaries in Various Places

Name of the city Average Yearly Income
Baltimore $29,000
Frederick $30,000
Rockville $34,000
Bowie $33,000
Annapolis $29,000

CNA Salary in Various Sectors

Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Self employed $50,000
Home care $24,000
Hospital $33,000
Home health agencies $32,000
Nursing Home $26,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Certified Nursing Assistant $31,000
Nursing Assistant $36,000
Caregiver $22,000
Cna – Pca $18,000
Certified Nursing Assistant Cna $29,000
Certified Nurse Aide $25,000
Home Health Aide $22,000
Patient Care Assistant $36,000
Care Giver $21,000
Registered Nurse $67,000
Nurse Aide $18,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $22,000

Job Opportunities has already provided a positive fact about the employment openings in Maryland by illustrating it in the job records of 2011. CNAs will be required for various job positions to get connected with diverse employment settings in Maryland. Some of the main titles existing in the assisted living amenities, acute care, geriatric departments, general hospitals, hospices, medical centres, senior living homes, trauma departments, nursing homes, etc.

Patient care technicians and medical assistants are some of the major positions which are mostly required by the employers of Maryland.