CNA Salary in Nebraska

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Nebraska? 

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Nebraska is $29,233 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $26,492 and $32,523.

With the rise and fall in the economy of the country, several individuals have decided to pick on the profession which can be secure and have the probability to earn more than average. Healthcare sectors have emerged out as one of the best occupations that give you the opportunity to make good wealth by being a CNA. Besides the payment, being a nursing aide also gives an internal contentment, while you pursue this job with determination.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

The related job experience works as the deciding factor for a CNA’s pay scale in Nebraska. If you get employed, just after the completion of the CNA trainings in this industry, then you have to work directly for the patient and you will get paid a very least amount. This shows that experience is an extremely significant influence at this place as well.

However, things will be better and progress gradually in this field after two or more year of time.

As always, the experienced professionals of this domain get multiple benefits and make great money. They also get the chance to work with their desirable employers, whenever they want to. Many private and government hospitals and nursing homes recruit only skilled nursing aides with years of expertise for the fact, they can save their wealth, as well as, time spent on trainings of the fresher of this field.

Candidates working here also hold the option to start their own services, once they get one or more years of work experience as a nursing aide in Nebraska. Nebraska also provides the opportunity to nursing assistants to serve as an in house nurse aide for the care of patient at home. Citizens living in these states are mostly following this trend, as they find it more convenient, rather than shifting the patient to the nursing facility. This has broadened the employment prospects more for the nursing aides of the state.

Being self-employed in the nursing field have been found a good money making option for nursing assistants. As, they have making in between $9 to $14.50 on hourly basis in Nebraska. Sometimes the amount gets doubled , whikle comparing it to the facility-employed nursing aides.

Average Pay for CNAs in Nebraska

Some of the cities in Nebraska turned out to be very disappointing in terms of average pay. Valentine comes under one of the low paying places of Nebraska, where the bottom 10% CNAs earn lower than $15,555 yearly. The highest income was tracked in Omaha, wherein the highest 10% earned $32,297 or more. And, if we discuss about the bottom 10 % pay scale for nursing aides on a national scale, then it was around $23,531 or less and the top 10% was at $33,473 or more.

Grand Island pay scale represents the median pay in Nebraska, where a CNA appointed in that city’s nursing home make an average of $17,499 annually. Long-term care nursing assistants in Grand Island receive an average of $18,508, wherein those who are in a job with occupational health centres take home $20,328 per annum.

If we see that annual remuneration of Chadron for nurse aides, then it is again a low pay of about $19,708, whereas, Scottsbluff gives slightly more of $19,990, per year. All these paying are positioned under the lowest 10% for nursing aides across the nation. However, certified nursing assistants working in Lincoln, manage to earn a bit higher average income of $24,811 annually, ranking in the least 25 % nationwide.

The average pay in Omaha is slightly better, as compared to other parts of Nebraska, where a CNA can make a median pay rate of about $26,362 yearly, which is quite close to the on a national scale average of $28,194 per annum for this profession.

Types of Employment

Employers in this area influence the CNA’s income a lot in Nebraska. Larger hospitals hold the capacity to pay good deal to the nursing assistants. Moreover, they also maintain a higher status, so they try to recruit the most excellent candidates. Nursing homes also comes under high turnover areas and mostly give break to new CNAs. However, these professionals after gaining experience move on to high paying jobs. But most of the times they like to stick with the organisations, which reward them many other benefits as well.

Impact of Job Location on the Salary

Depending on several things, the salary also varies according to the cost of living of such places, like Midwest has a lower standard of living. This shows that the income is low than other regions of the nation. You can also see this difference in pay scale on the state level. The dissimilarity between cities and countryside also laid an enormous impact on the wages of nursing aides in Nebraska. City hospitals are mostly on the verge of paying more than rural hospitals or other Medical amenities.CNA Salary Nebraska

Name of metropolis Average Yearly Income
Lincoln $20,000
Omaha $22,000
Bellevue $22,000

CNA Salary in Various Backgrounds

Name of Employment Setting Average Yearly Income
Home Care $19,000
Nursing Home $21,000
Home Health Agencies $25,000
Self Employed $40,000
Hospital $27,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Nursing Assistant $23,000
Certified Nursing Assistant $20,000
Certified Nursing Assistant Cna $19,000
Cna – Pca $12,000
Caregiver $14,000
Certified Nurse Aide $16,000
Home Health Aide $15,000
Patient Care Assistant $24,000
Care Giver $14,000
Registered Nurse $44,000
Nurse Aide $12,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $14,000


According to the Federal law, a certified nursing assistant must own a valid certification from a legalized CNA institute, before getting into the CNA job.

After, completing the exams and practical trainings, you easily get listed on the ‘state nurse registry’.  This helps the employers to verify your certification details and etc. Though, you can come across many companies, who can lawfully employ a non-certified nursing aide, still with the change of time, now they prefer those having certification to raise their level of quality.