CNA Salary in Pennsylvania

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Pennsylvania?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Pennsylvania is $31,426 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $28,479 and $34,963.

If you are willing to get employed as a CNA in Pennsylvania, there are several training programs existing for prospective CNAs. The CNA income in Pennsylvania does not require any particular degree or program, as many candidates get jobs after completing a GED or having a high school certification. If you join this profession in Pennsylvania, you can also find some employers training to CNAs free of cost and support them to obtain their certification. They also provide them related employment just after their completion of certification with paid trainings.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

The work experience counts for the salary structure in Pennsylvania just like other places for the nursing aides. This can make the payment fall above or below, or can keep it in the middle range as well. The maximum number of CNAs, who are working as an entry-level workers make about $22,000 per year, which is considered as quite a pleasant amount to carry on a normal live.

To become an independent nursing aide in the state, you must hold one year of experience at least, so that you can gain from $9 to $17 on hourly basis. Self-employed assistants have also found to be earning highest salaries, in comparison with those aides who are functioning at hospitals, home-health services, as they earn reasonable payment. However, they avail various other remunerations, besides their annual earnings.


Every firm has its own significance while making an allowance in the pay scale of an employee. Most of the times, an organisation do not need to provide a nursing aide more than least amount wage, however, there are possibilities to make good if you can show your hard work to them. This way nurse aides working in Pennsylvania produce more or less $10 to $15 on hourly basis. After seeing a CNA’s consistent performance, the companies also do offer them health insurance facilities, with which they can afford the stuffs they would require. Many employers are aware of the vital necessities a nursing assistant would seek or need, and so, they offer multiple facilities in order to draw and keep the knowledgeable CNAs.

Nursing Home Income

People consider nursing homes as a major employer for certified nursing assistants in Pennsylvania. However, the annual payment made here is typically minor, as compared to other professional settings. Particularly, if we see the salary of CNAs in Uniontown employed in nursing homes, then it would fall around $21,899 on average per year. CNAs functioning in nursing homes of Pittsburgh are getting around $23,228, whereas Philadelphia’s nursing homes give $25,337 to its aides, as their annual takings on average, revealed by the ‘’ by March as of 2011.

Impact of the job location in Pennsylvania

The employment ratio of Pennsylvania is around 5% of the whole nursing assistant staffs of the nation. CNAs are working in Pennsylvania on an average pay of $26,000 per annum. Though, by and large salary of a nursing aide can range from $19,500 to $35,500 annually, after seeing their experience and level of education both. Other factors influencing the pay packet of the CNAs are place of work, employer, area of practising, etc. The service areas where certified nursing assistants generally get the jobs are nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, long-term health-care amenities, etc.

Average Pay for CNAs in Pennsylvania

The payment in Pennsylvania fluctuates to a certain degree, however, with not huge differences. As per ‘’ certified nursing assistants in Uniontown have received an average income of $25,757, by March 2011. An average salary for nursing aides in Erie revolves around $26,728 per year. In Wilkes-Barre, the CNAs collect about $27,067. Pittsburgh gives annual revenue of $27,320 and Lancaster offers $27,518 as per year pay. CNAs employed in Harrisburg produce around $27,659 and those who work in Reading take home about $28,194 per year.

Also, the cities situated inside Pennsylvania hire nurse aides on an annual average pay packet, which ranges from $25,740 to $30,960, by March 2011. However, the least paying place is Uniontown in the state, where the below 10% aides make lower than $21,500 yearly. Philadelphia tops this salary pay table in terms of paying the highest possible salaries, where the upper 10% be paid extra than $35,380 on yearly basis.

CNA Salary in Various Metropolis of Pennsylvania

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly Income
York $22,000
Lancaster $20,000
Scranton $22,000
Altoona $23,000
Erie $25,000
Harrisburg $21,000
Allentown $21,000

CNA Salary in Various Backgrounds

Name of the Professional Settings Average Yearly Income
Nursing Home $23,000
Home Health Agencies $27,000
Hospital $29,000
Home Care $21,000
Self Employed $43,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

patient care assistant $34,000
registered nurse $62,000
nurse aide $17,000
certified nurse assistant $20,000
cna – pca $17,000
caregiver $21,000
nursing assistant $33,000
certified nurse aide $23,000
certified nursing assistant cna $27,000
home health aide $21,000
care giver $20,000
certified nursing assistant $29,000

Job Projection has recently done the job forecast for CNAs working in Pennsylvania for available positions at hospices, home health-care amenities, mental healthcare services, rehabilitation treatment, nursing centres and at senior care unit.

In-house care jobs will also be there for interested nursing aides on per diem or as-needed basis, which might include days or nights, both. Most of the times the employment postings do not provide any salary information, still a nursing assistant can look forward to get company-contributed facilities, like medical, vision and dental insurance, life insurance, free disability insurance, a 401(k) plan, paid time offs, tuition reimbursement, any other retirement investments plan along with regular education programs, if required.

Moreover, those who are working with nursing facilities also become entitled for the elder care profits for their family members after certain duration of their jobs in this state.

Some of the full-time and part-time aides also obtain benefit packages as paid reimbursements. ‘Golden Living Centers’ has set an ideal example of providing such benefits to CNAs in Pennsylvania as an organization by offering them health insurance, life and disability insurance, child care help, voluntary legal insurance, a health-care expenditure account, discount-and-services, programs for lifestyle assistance, aid to workers, discounts for nursing homes, and referral bonuses.