CNA Salary in South Carolina

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in South Carolina?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in South Carolina is $30,036 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $27,219 and $33,416.

These major features which make a difference in the pay scale of a nursing aide are the location of work, the companies which hire CNAs, the duration of work experience, and level of qualification of certified nursing assistants. Since CNAs are considered as one of the major source of vital function to handle the patients with concern, therefore, many medical firms always look forward to recruit well-trained nursing aides in order to provide a better facility to their clients. This indicates that there are several companies in South Carolina which are ready to pay privileged salaries with multiple other benefits to nursing aides. Though, as everyone know this filed is quite demanding, even then, many people start loving this profession and get contented with the pay, once they get involved with the patients and the responsibilities.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

As a certified nursing assistant, your work experience determines the actual pay offered to you by any employer. However, advancing your skills by obtaining higher education can also aid in elevating your annual income to a certain extent. Still, the experience gained during the training sessions will not be considered as actual work experience by many employers. So, in order to avail the benefits of an experienced employee, you have to gain entry in the medical field and should work with a renowned organisation. This supports in rising your annual paying year after year as a nursing aide.

Once you have gained the relevant exposure, you also get the advantage of asking, either for higher amount, or any other employee aided benefits. A veteran CNA can also choose which organisation to join in, after comparing the pay scales and facilities offer to him by different organisations in South Caroline. As, seasoned aides are always in more demand, and for this reason, they get the benefit of negotiating for more pay and services.

Mostly, employers prefer to propose higher pay packets and better profits, like paid sick leaves, vacations, insurance services, etc usually to seasoned CNAs, who at least must have 1 year of appropriate work experience in the similar domain. Some companies will seek nursing professional with more years of work exposure, as they don’t want to offer any trainings to them. However, many companies will give you on-the-job training and will pay you as well, on the condition that you have to toil for them in return for a particular period.

Impact of the job location in South Carolina

The locality where a CNA is employed has a great affect in positioning the annual pay packet of the nursing aide in South Carolina. The difference can be seen by doing a job in a city, and in a rural section of this state. As, comparatively you get more money in cities and also get more job opportunities, than in rural segments of the state. The reason behind this discrepancy found out is the difference between the standards of livings in a particular place. Due to this, everything costs additional in urban areas, and so the salaries of CNAs that. Not only, towns and metropolitans facilitate superior exposure and employment prospects, but also they give nursing aides chances to earn more perks, as compared with rustic areas.

Average Pay for CNAs in South Carolina

The median yearly CNA income in South Carolina has calculated to be around $26,000, which is somewhat lesser than the nationwide average. Even though, self-employed aides have given the opportunity to make about $8 to $14 on hourly basis. And, the median hourly wage gained by the nursing aides in South Carolina is more or less $10. One of the interesting facts about the self-employed nursing aides found in South Caroline was that they have also earned an average paying of $44,000 per year. You will definitely find slight variations in the pay rolls of nursing aides from one locality to another, throughout the state.

If we see the annual pay for CNAs engaged in nursing facilities in Georgetown, we would find them earning quite less around $28,810 per year, whereas, Columbia offers lesser median payment of $29,470 yearly to the nursing aides. Anderson is slightly better by giving them a decent amount of $30,460 as their median pay roll. Sumter is considered among the better salary payers of South Caroline, as the place offers $26,010 per year to the aides.

Nurse assistants engaged in Charleston produces about $26,190, while those who are working in Spartanburg make little higher of $26,300 per annum. In contrast, the median annual salary for CNAs nationwide was about $28,300 in January 2011. The mid 50% range of nursing assistants of the states urban places ranges in between $22,660 up to $29,070 annually. And the below 10% earned wages under $20,710, while the top 10% received greater than $31,420 yearly.

CNA Salary in Various Metropolis of South Carolina

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly Income
Sumter $25,000
Spartanburg $22,000
Columbia $24,000
Greenville $22,000
Charleston $25,000
Florence $31,000
Rock Hill $29,000

CNA Salary in Various Backgrounds

Name of the Professional Settings Average Yearly Income
Home Health Agencies $28,000
Hospital $29,000
Nursing Home $23,000
Self Employed $44,000
Home Care $21,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Caregiver $15,000
Certified Nurse Aide $16,000
Home Health Aide $15,000
Nurse Aide $12,000
Cna – Pca $12,000
Certified Nursing Assistant $21,000
Patient Care Assistant $24,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $15,000
Care Giver $14,000
Registered Nurse $45,000
Certified Nursing Assistant Cna $20,000
Nursing Assistant $24,000

Job Projections

‘’ had listed almost 200 post openings for certified nursing assistants in South Carolina in January, year 2011. As per a recent survey job positions can be found in general hospitals, acute care amenities, home health services, senior living homes, hospices, long-term-care sections, nursing homes, medical centres and rehabilitation facilities. However, to find out the actual pay scale as per current standard paying is difficult, still CNAs working in full-time shifts would receive dental and medical insurance treatments, paid leaves, vacations and 401(k) retirement plan. There are also organisations that might provide you employee support programs and teaching reimbursements. They may also offer you a company-matched plan for regular education.