CNA Salary in South Dakota

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in South Dakota?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in South Dakota is $27,537 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $24,955 and $30,636.

On an annual basis, $27.537,000 is what the nursing aides working in South Dakota earns on average. Although the salary in South Dakota is quite near to the ground as compared to the nationwide average, still, it gets quite well with the lower standard of living of the state. Nonetheless, it is quite possible to make somewhere around $22,000 to $30,636 per year, by working as CNA in South Dakota. This annual range is considered, as a reasonable pay to avail a respectable living in this state.

Though the tough job requires you to be more determined and dedicated towards your work, still, the profession is perfect to make a quick entrance into the medical field. Additionally, you can also continue the formal education for achieving the registered nurse post, besides doing your full or part time job.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

It is quite possible to for a CNA to get the jobs even after getting a minimal training qualification. Still, many employers like to recruit nursing aides who have some period of work experienced. Seeing the annual salary range of South Dakota from $22,000 to $30,000 per year, some of the nurse assistants get quite less than the minimum given range, whereas some are making more than the maximum range. This is mainly due to considering the relevant work experience of a CNA in the state. Certified nursing aides with more years of work expertise, will be getting the higher range, while those, with less years of experience, such as working as entry-level aides, will receive the lower pay scale. Many CNAs will stay with the same employer in order to amass their job experience and their yearly salary.

Gaining apt work exposure can also aid you to become self-employed aide in South Dakota, on per hour income basis. The hourly payment can range in between $8 up to $14; however, the average per hour paying given to the nursing assistants is $10 in this place. Once you obtain more expertise in this field, you can ask for appraisals and salary hike. For doing so, you may advance your education in the nursing field.

Impact of the job location in

Location is always involved in playing a significant part to decide the pay packet of the CNAs in South Dakota. As a substance of reality, we all are aware that metropolitans usually offer an excellent pay roll to the nursing aides engaged there. Wherein, nursing assistants, who all are employed in rural areas are mostly unable to reach that pay level. Small towns holds low standard of living, and thus this brings a massive difference in the salaries of smaller towns and cities. Since, it is quite costlier for a person to survive for his/her life in the cities; hence they are paid more than rural segments.

Considering one more scenario, where you can earn a greater pay, is when there is  scarcity of certified nurse assistants in a place. Despite of urban, suburban or rural locations, the employers would give you higher pay in order to encourage more CNAs to get employed there.


The organisation, where a CNA has to get appointed also holds a prominent significance in South Dakota, mainly when it comes to fix on the pay range. Same like everywhere else, nursing aides working at entry-level positions are liable for only limited facilities and lower pay, as they be deficient in job experience. Even though, they get suitable jobs in nursing homes and sometimes seeing their performances these facilities also them a good pay scale.

Government jobs and hospitals, have always been the most wanted for all the nursing assistants to get a job inside. Also, there are many best positions available for a CNA, apart from a superb pay and other benefits.

Average Pay for CNAs in South Dakota

As per the data revealed by, ‘The South Dakota Department of Labor’ in March, 2010, CNAs, attendants and orderlies were making around average $15 on an hourly basis and $28, 510 on annual yearly basis.

CNA Salary in Various Metropolitans of South Dakota

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly Income
Watertown $19,000
Brookings $22,000
Pierre $23,000
Rapid City $22,000
Vermillion $24,000
Aberdeen $19,000
Sioux falls $22,000

CNA Salary in Various Settings

Name of the Professional Backgrounds Average Yearly Income
Home Health Agencies $25,000
Self Employed $40,000
Hospital $27,000
Nursing Home $21,000
Home Care $19,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Certified Nursing Assistant CNA $17,000
CNA – PCA $10,000
Registered Nurse $39,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $13,000
Patient Care Assistant $21,000
Nurse Aide $11,000
Certified Nurse Aide $14,000
Caregiver $13,000
Nursing Assistant $21,000
Home Health Aide $13,000
Certified Nursing Assistant $18,000
Care Giver $12,000


The ‘Department of Labor’ has anticipated an employment augmentation in the nursing area by 2016 of about 16.8%. All, those seems to give a good indication to the promising nurse aides. Medical Assisting is also considered to be the other promising health care profession to get associated with in South Dakota. The occupation offers similar income and an expected job rise of 38.8%. You must try to explore mote medical assisting programs in the state as the training typically takes more or less 6 to 18 months, as per the program’s schedule.

While searching for appropriate training, around your community to know whether they provide placements to CNAs or not, and what exactly would be their pay scales; you may find some of the free training classes in South Dakota. There are also many companies who get ready to bear your cost of trainings and testing, which you spent to become a CNA.