CNA Salary in Vermont

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Vermont?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Vermont is $31,982 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $28,983 and $35,581.

For many nursing aides, Vermont is among the place which has a higher standard of living in the country. The salaries for certified nursing aides in Vermont, roam somewhere in between $28,000 to $36,000 per year. Due to this reason, the average pay for the CNAs in Vermont also remains highest throughout the country. Depending on various affecting factors, including the employer, the job experience and the locality, a nursing assistant could get more or less than the given figures, as their yearly income. Whether, you work in a recognised, and larger organisation, after seeing your experience, locality and the employer’s ability, on an primary basis you will able to make only around $23,000 per year in Vermont.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

The fact that a skilled nursing aide will be rewarded with a higher salary in any state is pretty much understandable. And so, the employers while giving the payment to the CNAs in Vermont also rewards those who have certain years of work exposure in this area. Those with little period of experience, and recently certified by the training centre, will receive a minimal pay in the beginning. However, CNAs who have been working since years, like 2 or more years of time, would be able to make a good sum of money in this field.


The employers in Vermont consider the actual pay structure for the CNAs. Certified nursing aides, holding certain years of expertise are generally preferred by employers, to work for them.

Some of the companies also are comfortable to pay the best salaries only to the seasoned aides. Certified nursing assistants have to start from the base in this job, and then they will grow up gradually in terms of gaining skills and dexterity. Nursing homes are the places to give the worst salaries to the CNAs in Vermont. However, they are good for gaining work exposure and offer a reasonable pay, as well. This is why, CNAs join in the nursing home for few months, and then, they switch on to some better paying companies. Hospitals and private companies come under the category of higher paying organisations. Moving into greater paying organisations also supports you with better benefits including paid leaves, insurance benefits, retirement plans, etc that are usually found at workplaces like hospitals and govt agencies. The pay scale of nursing aides in Vermont is relatively higher than the median salary of a teacher.

There are lot many earning options available for nursing aides in Vermont, apart from working in a hospital or some school districts. They can be self employed, if they would like to, or can work as an independent contractor. If you chose to become a self employed nursing assistant, then you have to work for private clients. They can let you work for them on evenings or weekends, to take care of their loved ones. Independent contractors do their jobs only on specific days for certain companies, for example, you may work for 12 hour shifts mainly on weekends. These alternatives give a CNA to raise the scope of their paying a bit more.

Vermont is filled with multiple work settings for nursing aides. Depending on the qualifications and experiences, a certified nursing assistant can get jobs in various backgrounds, like hospitals, long- term care and assisted living centres, home health services, mental health amenities and clinics are some healthcare areas that look forward for certified and qualified nursing aides.

Some other common medical associations in Vermont which have multiple job openings for CNAs are ‘Fletcher Allen Health Care – Medical Center Campus’, ‘Central Vermont Medical Center’ ‘Rutland Regional Medical Center’, and ‘Southwestern Vermont Health Care’.

Impact of the job location in Vermont

The standard of maintenance and distributed cost of this state also affect in influencing the salary scale of the nursing aide in Vermont. You can notice great differences among the pay rolls, and these are mainly because of the burden of expenditure in varying locations. The standard of living in this state is also extremely high.

Average Pay for CNAs in Vermont

In Vermont, nursing assistants receive pay packets ranging in between $25,000 to $35,000 annually. Even though, approximately only 2,990 certified nursing assistants are employed in this state, the average earnings in Vermont is quite reasonable, which gives a nursing adviser to make up to $29,000 per year, same like the nationwide average.

Nursing aides or licensed nurse aides in Vermont are expected to receive a pay scale that is 2% higher than the pay rolls prevailing in other areas in the entire United States. Regardless of the annual average income In Vermont, CNAs are able to make up to $42,000 or above in the nursing domain.

As per one of the most popular ‘Web job’ search engines, you can see some of the average pay statistics in cities for nursing aides in Vermont:

Vermont Annually CNA Income Statistics

Average Annual CNA Pay $18,890 – $28,334
Starting Annual CNA Pay $15,556 – $23,334
Top Annual CNA Pay $22,223 – $33,335

Monthly CNA Salary Statistics in Vermont

Per Month Average CNA Pay $1,574 – $2,361
Per Month Starting CNA Pay $1,296 – $1,945
Per Month Top CNA Pay $1,852 – $2,778

Per Hour CNA Salary Statistics in Vermont

Median per Hour CNA Pay $8 – $13
Starting per Hour CNA Pay $7 – $10
Top per Hour CNA Pay $10 – $15

CNA Salary in the Metropolis of Vermont

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly Income
Williston $26,000
Colchester $31,000
Burlington $31,000
Barre $21,000
Essex $32,000
Rutland $33,000

CNA Salary in Various Settings

Name of the Professional Settings Average Yearly Income
Home Health Agencies $31,000
Self Employed $49,000
Hospital $33,000
Home Care $24,000
Nursing Home $26,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Registered nurse $52,000
nurse aide $14,000
care giver $17,000
certified nurse assistant $17,000
cna – pca $14,000
certified nursing assistant cna $23,000
nursing assistant $28,000
patient care assistant $28,000
certified nurse aide $19,000
caregiver $17,000
certified nursing assistant $24,000
home health aide $17,000

Job Outlook in Vermont

Like various parts of the United States, Vermont is also facing a nursing scarcity. Nursing as a profession has been found out to be among desirable careers in the imminent decade. As per the ‘State of Vermont Department of Labor’, ‘Economic and Labor Information Office’, the profession of a CNA comes under the Vermont’s advanced 25 rapid growing occupations. Additionally, those who require post-secondary trainings, the quantity of jobs will be increasing from 3,190 to 3,620 within 2016 with a 14% growth in the services.