CNA Salary in Virginia

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Virginia?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Virginia is $31,609 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $28,645 and $35,166.

Nonetheless, these figures are not quite rigid as these can fluctuate according to various influential factors. Similar to the median income of nursing aides in US, the average annual income of nursing assistants in Virginia is also about $30,620 per year. There are multiple varying elements including experience, employers and the locales, a CNA can produce more or less than the average figures in Virginia.

‘The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ states around 34,000 nursing aides has got the nursing jobs in the state. Those who hold a GED or high school certificate can become a CNA in Virginia, once they complete their state approved training program and qualifying the CNA exam.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

If you start up your career as an entry-level CNA, it is fairly possible that you receive a lower pay scale in Virginia. Those who do not hold related work exposure in this field, only expect a lesser pay roll in the beginning. These aides are also not liable for any other job benefits, as they don’t have any related experience. CNAs working for 5 or more years in the same setting will enjoy better paying and facilities in Virginia.

Employers like, hospitals do not give any job opportunity easily to those nurse aides who have less than 1 year of work exposure. One of the reasons, why most of the organisations avoid hiring such newbies, is that they cannot manage to pay for their trainings. However, with growing experience while working in a nursing home, the CNA paying can be increased in Virginia.

Nursing aides who are earning less yearly income can also decide to go on for self-employment in Virginia, as this is one of the finest ways to make more funds, while working in a smaller organisation. There are many residents in this state, who keep nursing aide on per hour basis for personal patient care, at their homes. The hourly income in Virginia ranges from $8 up to $14.50 for nursing assistants.

While starting up the career in this field, you may receive a lower pay of $20,000 annually in Virginia. As per the ‘BLS’ report, the least 10% nursing aides of Virginia have produced around $17,090, by May, 2010. Seasoned CNAs were at 10 % higher on pay structure and have earned about $30,000, annually.


Employers in Virginia, provide a pay packet which varies widely, and thus keeps a huge significance in a CNA’s annual pay. Not only in Virginia, but around in the entire United States, it has been seen that normally several private companies, hospitals and governments (federal, local and state) organisations, pay  excellent salaries to the CNAs along with the best facilities.

Impact of the job location in Virginia

CNAs working in the metros of the Washington, D.C. are considered to be earning a reliable pay in the entire state.

CNAs who decide to get in jobs in urban areas of Virginia are earning a good sum of money than their neighbouring rural areas. According to the BLS reports, the certified nursing assistants who are employed in cities, like Roanoke, Richmond and Charlottesville are earning a median annual salary of about $29,000, by May, 2010. Nursing aides engaged in this profession in rural parts have made around 10 % less than $21,500 and in between $23,890 as their annual pay.

CNA Salary in Various Metropolis of Virginia

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly Income
Virginia Beach $24,000
Roanoke $25,000
Richmond $27,000
Lynchburg $32,000
Petersburg $28,000
Newport News $24,000
Norfolk $24,000

CNA Salary in Various Settings

Name of the Professional Settings Average Yearly Income
Home Health Agencies $31,000
Self Employed $50,000
Hospital $33,000
Home Care $24,000
Nursing Home $26,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Nurse aide $13,000
registered nurse $47,000
patient care assistant $25,000
cna – pca $13,000
certified nursing assistant $21,000
home health aide $16,000
care giver $15,000
certified nurse aide $17,000
certified nursing assistant cna $20,000
caregiver $15,000
nursing assistant $25,000
certified nurse assistant $15,000


You can avail the facility of free nursing trainings in Virginia, if you are an aspiring candidate who want to get into the healthcare field. The BLS service judgment confirmed about the nationwide growth of 20% in the entire US, before the end of 2020. This indicates a positive scenario for the nursing aide profession in Virginia on top.