CNA Training in Oregon

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The mounting elderly population and the demands of nursing staffs in various health care settings, in Oregon, has open up multiple job opportunities for the aspiring candidates in this field. The profession requires you to be rigorously active and dedicated for work, to take care of sick people. To come across various challenging tasks, you must possess multiple skills like, tolerance, emotional strength, kindness, good communication qualities, thoughtfulness, etc.

After completing the 75 hours of thorough training schedule; only then, you will be able to obtain a CNA certificate in the state. Individuals, who cannot bear the expenses of the CNA training program in Oregon, the state executes different, free of charge CNA training programs, as well.

While, undergoing the practical and academic, both portions of training in Oregon, you will also have to qualify the program at two different levels. The level comprises CNA1 and the CNA2 programs. Once, you qualify the CNA1 level then, you can carry forward with the CNA2 program. It is essential to succeed the CNA2 training programs, as it provides highly developed skills. The CNA2 level gives specializations in restorative care and acute care programs for in-depth knowledge of the domain.

Oregon has several medical settings, which gladly offer without any cost CNA training to the potential candidates. To gain the advantage of without any charge CNA training in the state, you may contact a number of nursing facilities, hospitals, health care services, rehabilitation centers, etc. Employees here, accept a predetermined contract to get a job from these free training providing employers. This aids the employers and the workers both, as the company gets an employee for a fixed time, on the other hand, the employees do not have to pay a penny for the CNA training, they obtain it for free.

Most of the CNAs try to get a job with Medicare or Medicaid facilities within one year of obtaining the CNA certification, as the facility can then reimburse all their training related expenditure to such employees. Those, who are seeking for financial assistance, can also talk to the financial aid divisions of different institutions, like colleges, vocational schools or universities in Oregon. After, meeting the eligibility criteria of that institute, you will be given the financial help, either as scholarship or grants.

Visiting the local nursing services, rehabilitation centers, adult care centers and other health care centers, may help the candidates to collect significant information regarding the CNA training courses for free. Those, who are ready to work with these establishments for a set time-period (which might include six months to one or more years), may apply at these places in Oregon.

Those, who are still not a certified medical professional and work as a non-medical worker in a health related setting, can also inquire and put across about their curiosity to become a CNA in front of their work setting. On the basis of your performance and dedication, they might progress you to work, as a certified nursing assistant and provide you a free of cost CNA training within their own facility.

Applying online for this training program would also be quite reasonable or free for you. Various colleges and other educational facilities execute online training programs for deprived students in the state. But, to gain the practical experiences, you have to join in an institute by spending a little amount of money. Nonetheless, the cost will worth you, once you will become CNA in the state.

These are contact information of nursing facilities in Oregon that might offer CNA training for free to those, who cannot bear the expenses:

  • Avamere Rehabilitation, Sweet Home
    Contact Number: 541-367-2191
    Address: – 950, Nandina Drive, Sweet Home, Oregon-97386
    Fax: 541-367-2630
    Official Website:
  • Avamere Riverpark, Eugene
    Contact Number: 541-345-6199
    Address: – 425, Alexander Loop, Eugene, Oregon-97401
    Fax: 541-345-6721
    Official Website:
  • Baptist Manor
    Contact Number: (503) 255-0860
    Address: – 900, Northeast 81st Avenue, Portland, Oregon-97213
  • Baycrest Health Center
    Contact Number: (541) 756-4151, 541-982-2995
    Address: – 3959, Sheridan Avenue, North Bend, Oregon-97459
    Official Website:
  • Blue Mountain Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (541) 820-3341
    Address: – 112, East Fifth Street, Prairie City, Oregon- 97869
    Fax: 541-820-3628
    Email Id:
  • Camelot Care Center
    Contact Number: (503) 359-0449
    Address: – 3900, Pacific Avenue, Forest Grove, Oregon- 97116
    Fax: (503) 357-0707
  • Evergreen, Milton Freewater
    Contact Number: (541) 938-3318
    Address: – 120, Elzora Street, Milton Freewater, Oregon- 97862
  • Evergreen, The Dalles Health
    Contact Number: (541) 298-5158
    Address: – 1023, West 25th Avenue, The Dalles, Oregon-97058
    Fax: (541) 298-3864
  • Evergreen Vista Health Center
    Contact Number: (541) 963-4184
    Address: – 103, Adams Avenue, La Grande, Oregon-97850
    Fax: (541) 963-8548
    Official Website:
  • Evergreen Windsor
    Contact Number: (503) 399-1135
    Address: – 820, Cottage Street Northeast, Salem, Oregon- 97301
    Fax: (503) 399-7273
    Official Website:
  • Fair View Trans. Health Center
    Contact Number: (541) 479-2606
    Address: – 1710, Northeast Fairview Avenue, Grants Pass, Oregon- 97526
    Fax: (541) 471-0611
  • Fairlawn Good Sam Hc
    Contact Number: (503) 667-1965
    Address: – 3457, Northeast Division, Gresham, Oregon- 97030
  • Fernhill Care Center
    Contact Number: (503) 288-5967
    Address: – 5737, Northeast 37th Avenue, Portland, Oregon- 97211
    Fax: (503) 288-8532
  • Marquis Care, Centennial
    Contact Number: 503-665-3118
    Address: – 725, Southeast 202nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon-97233
    Fax: 503-674-5759
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Marquis Care, Forest Grove
    Contact Number: 503-357-7119
    Address: – 3300, 19th Avenue, Forest Grove, Oregon- 97116
    Fax: 503-357-6122
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Marquis Care, Hope Village
    Contact Number: 503-266-5541
    Address: – 1577, South Ivy, Canby, Oregon- 97013
    Fax: 503-266-5544
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Marquis Care, Mt Tabor
    Contact Number: 503-231-7166
    Address: – 6040, Southeast Belmont Street, Portland, Oregon- 97215
    Fax: 503-230-9858
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Sherwood Park Nursing and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: 503.390.2271
    Address: – 4062, Arleta Avenue Northeast, Keizer, Oregon- 97303
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Siuslaw Care Center
    Contact Number: (541) 997-8436
    Address: – 1951, East 21st Street, Florence, Oregon-97439
    Fax: (541) 997-4407
  • South Hills Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: 541-345-0534
    Address: – 1166, East 28th Street, Eugene, Oregon-97403
    Fax: 541-343-0913
  • St. Elizabeth Health Services
    Address: –3325, Pocahontas Road, Baker City, OR- 97814
    Contact Number: (541) 523-8145
  • Sunny Vista Care Center
    Contact Number: (503) 760-1737
    Address: – 10435, Southeast Cora Street, Portland, Oregon- 97266
    Fax: (503) 761-1582
  • Sunnyside Care Center
    Contact Number: 503.370.8284
    Address: – 4515, Sunnyside Road Southeast, Salem, Oregon- 97302
  • Tierra Rose Care Center
    Contact Number: 503.585.4602
    Address: – 4254, Weathers Street Northeast, Salem, Oregon- 97301
    Email Id:
    Official Website: