Connecticut Board of Nursing

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Board of Nursing Connecticut also known as the CT Department of Public Health. The board’s main mission is, “improving and protecting the health and safety of the Connecticut public and citizen”.

The board plans to achieve these goals of health and safety by creating conditions that can make people healthy, promotion of physical and mental health and taking effective preventive steps for disease, injury and disability.

As per Board, the better and safe health can be created through strong and proactive leadership, capable and accountable workforce, better work environment, effective communication and efficient customer-friendly services.

The Department of Public Health (DPH) has a wide-ranging network of public health services and also a partner for local health departments to provide required technical assistance, advocacy and consultation, training and certification, and specialty services.

The Board also offers exact health related information to state and federal government representatives and agencies, legislatures and governor.  The respective agencies and representatives, after going through this information, act accordingly to monitor Connecticut’s resident’s health status and set health priorities for safe and better health. The information also assists them in the evaluation of the effectiveness of health initiatives taken by them.

The Board of Nursing Connecticut constitute of following departments:

  • Administration Branch
  • Affirmative Action Office
  • Communications Office
  • Government Relations Office
  • Health Care Systems Branch
  • Laboratory/Mobile and Surge Hospital Liaison
  • Local Health Administration Branch
  • Multicultural Health/Comprehensive Cancer Office
  • Operations Branch
  • Oral Public Health Office
  • Planning Branch
  • Public Health Initiatives Branch
  • Public Health Laboratory
  • Regulatory Services Branch
  • Research and Development Office

The Health Care Systems Branch (HCSB) has the responsibility for overseeing the Department of Public Health, its agency for the protection of public health and the focus is specifically on the competency of the health care service providers.

This branch constitutes three sections, having responsibility for State licensure and federal certification programs and they include:

  • The Facilities Licensure and Investigations Section:
  • The Practitioner Licensing and Investigations Section
  • The Legal Office

All three sections have different work functions, for licensures and certification, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, issuing of licenses, certificates, permits and registrations, prosecuting cases and processing criminal background checks.

The Facility Licensing and Investigations Section have the complete responsibility to oversee, inspect and regulate over 2,500 CT health care institutions under state licensure and federal Medicare regulatory authority.

Similarly, the Practitioner Licensing and Certification Unit is responsible for processing of complete licensing requirements, verifying licenses, certificates and permits, and administering of licensing examinations.

The contact details of Board of Nursing Connecticut:

The Department of Public Health (DPH)
Central office – 410-450 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106.