Top Nursing Schools

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What do you mean by Top nursing schools 2008? How the status of a nursing school is is determined? When you say top nursing school of 2008, this simply means the nursing schools that performed best in the year 2008.

There are various ways, how the quality of a school is determined including, number of students enrolled in the school, quality of instructors, standard of lectures and course work, accreditation and approvals, accolades and achievements, research, clinical hands-on experience offered by the school, NCPLEX and other various types of state and national certification test passing rates, demographic population of the school and so on.

There are few authorities that offer top ranking to nursing schools in America, but among these, two agencies are most reliable and famous, and they include, U.S. News & World Report and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The school ranking from these authorities is widely recognized throughout the country though both agencies have their own standards to determine the rankings. The other credible ranking authorities are the Princeton Review Online Education Database (OEDb),, Community College Week (CCW) and others.

How the ranking benefits an aspiring student? A student aiming to enroll in nursing school can judge from the ranking, which school suits him/her best for nursing education. The employment opportunity and annual salary criteria is paramount for aspiring students, who want to make their career in health care field. The education, diploma, certificates and degrees from the top ranking schools can offer them immediate employment in distinguished health care facilities, offering them lucrative salary.

As an applicant to a nursing school, you must also keep in mind that there are various necessities that must be considered before enrolling in any nursing school and that include the financial assistance and aids offered by the school, location of the school, tuition fees and program cost, and so on.

Though, ranking can be best way for your admission school criteria but, it is still wise to keep these points in mind before opting for any school.

In 2008, these crediting agencies, ranked following campus based and online nursing schools as the Top nursing schools:

  • Top nursing schools 2008 on Masters and different Masters-Specialty:
  • University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia
  • University of California–San Francisco
  • Columbia University – New York, NY
  • University of Washington – Seattle
  • Yale University – New Haven, CT
  • University of Maryland – Baltimore
  • University of Michigan -Ann Arbor
  • University of Colorado – Denver
  • Yale University
  • University of Maryland–Baltimore
  • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  • Pace University – NYC
  • Rush University
  • University of Pittsburgh -Main Campus Pittsburgh
  • Columbia University – New York, NY
  • Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA;
  • Catholic University of America Washington, DC;
  • University of Rochester – Rochester, NY
  • University of Virginia – Charlottesville, VA
  • Indiana University
  • Purdue University –Indianapolis
  • University of Iowa – Iowa City
  • New York University – NYC
  • Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland, OH
  • Oregon Health and Science University – Portland
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Texas Health Science Center–Houston
  • Duke University – Durham, NC

2008 Top Online Nursing Schools

  1. Walden University
  2. Kaplan University
  3. University of Phoenix
  4. South University
  5. Indiana State University
  6. American Sentinel University
  7. Norwich University
  8. Liberty University
  9. Keiser University
  10. Chamberlain College of Nursing