CNA Assistant Resume

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Is it your aim to serve the human kind, by offering competent nursing care to suffering bedside patients? If it is your dream to work with the patients, you must enroll into a nursing school or college for CNA Training, obtain certification and join some hospital, long term care unit, hospital or any other health care centers.

Though, all American states are already reeling under nurse assistant shortages and there is ample demand for the nursing professionals, but getting a job in a good health care facility with attractive salary is another matter.

What course of action can bag you attractive CNA Assistant job with lucrative salary? If you have formulated a well written resume, which can highlight your compassionate caring expertise and skill, you can hope to get short listed for the posted CNA job. But, if your resume is prepared unprofessionally, without proper format, you can forget about the said employment, you will not be even called for the interview.

Therefore CNA Assistant Resumes of nursing field job seekers plays very important role in getting selected for the job or rejected. Well articulated resume can show your professional nursing skills, experience, technical skills and compassionate nature.

In preparing a CNA resume, following points must be must be recorded category wise in the resume to impress the hiring manager/employer of the hospital or long term care facility:

  1. Name, Address, Contact Number & Email Address
  2. Objective
  3. Professional Nursing Summary
  4. Professional nursing expertise/skills
  5. Working Experience, including past and present working with the name of health care centers, position held and duration of working period and types of duties performed.
  6. Academic Qualification – High school or GED, CNA training program and other nursing field education and training, with the name of the educational Institute, certification and degree award year and curriculum of courses and clinical hands-on training attended.

Any ranking or accolades conferred as best performer during the academic years or during voluntary services serving suffering people in different occasion and calamity.

  1. Additional & Technical Skills – Inborn or inherent qualities, such as compassionate nature, soft spoken, docile nature, knowledge of English and excellent writing and communication skills.
  2. Proficient in technical skills, like computer or software operation.

With resumes articulated in this fashion, will surely get you selected for the CNA Assistant job.