CNA Interview Questions

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You may have completed accredited CNA training program and cleared competency evaluation test with 90% scoring in both written and skill test, and earned Certification. Now you are looking for suitable job opening in some of the reputed nursing homes or hospitals with lucrative salary. But are you prepare for the interviews that will have to be faced for getting short listed for the posted CNA job?

For easy short listing for any CNA job posting, you must give special attention to following points:

  1. Well articulated CNA Resume
  2. CNA Interview Questions
  3. Dress Code
  4. Arrive Early for the Interview
  5. Good Manners
  6. Be on Guard
  7. Body Language
  8. Confidence

Following these steps carefully, you can create desirable first impression in the mind of the hiring manger or employer, who may find you better skillful than other applicants and short list for the posted CNA job.

But it is also advisable that you must get certain ideas of CNA Interview Questions that you may have to answer satisfactorily to impress the employer interviewing you and they include:

CNA Interview Questions

  • What are good qualities of a CNA?
  • How is your relation with your other family members?
  • What make you choose the job of CNA?
  • What do you like about this profession?
  • If you have not finished your work 10 minutes past your duty hours, what will be your reaction?
  • How is the behavior with other coworkers working with you?
  • How can you benefit this facility or what quality you have that can be valuable to this facility?
  • Was there any deciding moments in your life that made you join nursing profession?
  • If a resident under your care is expired and his family arrived at the facility, how would you react?
  • How would you intervene with a grieving mother, who has just lost her child?
  • What does endurance in nursing field means to you?
  • If your replacement is late in reaching, what will be your reaction?
  • During last 3 months of working, how many scheduled days did you miss or stayed absent?
  • Can we call your work supervisor to know about your job performance and attendance?
  • After spending a demanding day with a resident, if his family member approaches you aggressively, how will you handle such situation?

These questions are just examples of CNA Interview Questions. If you prepare similar questions properly, be more confident and keep your cool during interview then, you can hope to get the posted job without any difficulty.