CNA Jobs California

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California can offer you best career opportunity in health career field because as per Californian government report, all health care facilities in this state is facing great shortage of certified nurse aide and nursing professionals due to ever rising ageing population and baby booms. Such phenomena have also highly increased the need for the qualified CNAs. The state projection is that, the demand will be around 116,000 by the year 2020. Therefore, certifying as a CNA can be your best option to get CNA Jobs CA, where your earnings may range from $20,800 to $36,200 annually.

As a CNA, you can get employment in distinguished hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, mental care institutions, home health settings, adult care centers, mental cares and other long term health care facilities. By additional training and experience you can even be a teaching faculty in the various nursing schools, to train new CNAs. Even, CNA schools and colleges are finding it difficulties in coping with the shortage of faculties to instruct certified nurse assistant students.

As a CNA, you must offer various types of duties and responsibilities to ailing patients, including basic nursing and personal cares, infection and nutrition control, emergency cares, nursing care for all age groups, promotion of patient’s rights and independence, taking care of the patients and work as mouth and ear of RN and LPN, by reporting everyday condition of the patients to them.

In California, major concentration of nursing jobs are in cities, such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco but other locations also have the similar CNAs requirements.