CNA Resume Summary

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The completion of CNA Training program and award of Certification offers the legal working opportunity to a certified Nurse assistant. She can seek employment opportunity in many hospitals, long term care units, nursing homes and numerous other health care centers.

But earning of the certification is not enough, unless CNAs applying for the jobs, follows the right procedure for job application. The first step for any job search is well articulated CNA resume. A resume, which is not written in proper format and order, always minimizes the chance of nurse assistant for getting selected for the posted job.

Therefore CNA Resume Summary must be written in proper format and under separate sub headings as shown below:

The resume summary must start with Contact Details of the CNA job applicant, followed by Objective, which shows certified nurse assistant’s career goal and possessed skill. The objective must be written in short form.

After Objective, the candidate must highlight, her Professional Summary, which include, various skills learned while working in different health care centers or during nurse training programs. This section must also inform about any accolades and achievements received by her for caring the bedside patients or working as a volunteer with other agencies. She can also show her knowledge about any technical skills and inborn qualities like compassionate nature and humble behavior under this sub heading.

The resume must also show her working experience, position held and name of the health care centers, where she has worked before. If CNA does not have any working experience then, she can concentrate more on her nursing skills knowledge gained, while working with the patients, during clinical hands-on training. The resume summary paragraph will be the best place to highlight these skills.

Similarly completion of accredited training program and earning of certification can be shown in the Educational Qualification section.

Well written CNA Resume Summary can always offer better job opportunities and job short listing.

You should start preparing your resume in the following style:

Contact Details

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact No. (Telephone or Cell No.)
  • Email Address


Show your career goal through the position you are applying for the job. This objective will be modified depending upon, whether you are looking for specific hours or not. Do not write entry level if you are fresher because in that case you may be put under screening process. For example:

A Full-time 11 p.m.-7 a.m. position as a Certified Nursing Assistant to provide compassionate and skillful care to the patients in an environment where professionalism and teamwork is common procedure.

Professional Summary or Core competencies

The core skills learned through job experience, classroom and clinical trainings can be shown in this section.

Professional Experience

If you have worked in any organization, long term unit or health care centre, you can mention your proficiencies in this field. You should start writing with the position held by you in the specific job, name of the organization, location and duration of your working period along with the details about your duties and responsibilities.

Other Experience

Any volunteering or social aid services you have performed in course of your career history. Mention such experience along with the duration of such services.


Your Academic career, nursing training programs or any other courses you have completed can be shown under this sub heading along with the name, date and course curriculum you have completed. For clinical training, you can add skills learned by you, such as:

Clinical Experience

  • Followed nursing care procedures when taking vital signs
  • Practiced West Virginia State safety standards and privacy policies
  • Utilized Standard Precautions
  • Assisted with activities of daily living, i.e. feeding, ambulating, walking, exercising, bathing and so on.

Achievements, Awards and Accolades

Any achievements or awards bestowed on you for your excellence during academic years, training periods or professional or other work experience.


Any Certification received by you for your course completion or achievements.
Technical Skills

Computer and any other skills like Microsoft Office Package, Typing speed, data entry speed etc. should be shown under this sub heading.

Additional Skills

This section should show your inborn qualities like compassionate, good communication and interpersonal skills, humble caring etc.
With such resume, you can be prepared for any good satisfying CNA job opening application.