CNA Salary

CNA salary depends on various aspects, which includes educational qualifications, job locations and years of work exposure in the same sphere. Those, who want to obtain a respectable career along with a satisfying salary; the job of a CNA is just perfect for them. In this article, we have also briefed you about average pay scales and best paying similar careers for nursing assistants. So, in order to know the essential elements that can influence your income, read on further.

Factors Affecting CNA Salary

  • Education

Education has an enormous impact on the earnings of a nurse aide. If you want to make more money, then it is essential to be certified by a recognized nursing assistant program. You can avail either a traditional in-campus course or can go for an online nursing program as per your convenience. These courses normally take around six to twelve weeks to complete. The longer course you will opt for, the more information and learning you will get. You must also gain clinical experience as this counts as a significant element when you go for a job in the same area. Do remember that you can get an elevated pay scale if you study the related subjects in your high school and receive good marks in them.

  • Location

The location, where a person works, also strongly influences his/her pay scale. Places with the high cost of living and massive demands for certified nursing assistants usually disburse high salaries. California and New York are the highest paying states of the USA. People engaged in this occupation can earn up to $30,000 or more per year, depending on the geographical location.

  • Professional Experience

Relevant work experience also adds to your annual pay. People with fewer years of experience or who joined as an entry level worker usually make less salary as compared to people having years of work exposure in the related domain. A fresher nurse aide can expect an average annual income between $22,000 and $29,000. However, with growing experiences in this area, you can earn up to $35,000 to $40,000.

Additional Benefits

Apart from salary, a CNA can earn some other benefits also.

  • The benefit package may include health insurance facilities, paid vacations and time offs.
  • If you work for longer in a particular organisation, you may get retirement plan facility.
  • There are also fair chances for you to earn bonuses if you continued to work as a nursing aide with the same organization. Some employers also offer gratuities to their employees. However, for that, you need to sign a contract with the employer so that you can’t leave the organization for the period mentioned in that agreement.
  • Moreover, the nurse aides can earn good overtime by extending their working hours.
  • They also get promotional opportunities.

CNA Salary- A Glimpse

As per the reports generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CNAs earned an average annual pay of $24,190 and hourly wages of $11.63 in the year 2011. According to, these professionals had been offered around $25,641 annually and $12.33 hourly in September 2012.

Your income possibilities also depend on the designation you are recruited for. If you work as a non-certified nurse, you will not be able to make more than $11 on an hourly basis. If you work as a certified nursing assistant in general medical agencies and surgical hospitals, you can likely earn up to $27,290 per annum and $13.12 per hour.

The highest paying sectors, like Scientific Research & Development Services offers an annual pay of $36,910 and hourly wages of $17.75, the centralized government facilities pay $35,850 annually and $17.24 on an hourly basis, and universities and other educational sectors shell out around $32,200 per year and $15.48 per hour. For a fresher, the per hour earnings are estimated to be between $8 and $10. However, those having some experience can make $12 to $15 hourly.
The below table shows the average annual pay package of nurse aides employed in the various sectors of the healthcare industry.

Annual Salary

Paediatric Care


CNA in Intensive Care Units


Medical Transcriptionist


Hospital or Nursing Home Nurse Aide


Emergency Hospital Aide


Psychiatric Aide


Home Health Aide


Personal Care Aide


Average CNA Salary with Related Career Titles Nationwide

In USD as of Feb 18, 2013

Registered Nurse

Patient Care Assistant


Nursing Assistant


Certified Nursing Assistant


Certified Nursing Assistant CNA


Certified Nurse Aide


Home Health Aide




Certified Nurse Assistant


Care Giver


Nurse Aide





The employment opportunities for CNAs are expected to grow fast in the years to come. Considering the bright future in this profession, the number of aspirants joining this field is increasing day by day.

If you really want to make more and more money in this career, you must obtain a certification through the authenticated regulatory body. This will aid you in strengthening your knowledge and hone your skills, which will eventually help you a lot in your work.