CNA Salary in New Hampshire

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in New Hampshire?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in New Hampshire is $33,281 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $30,160 and $37,026.

New Hampshire also comes under the states that have some specific prerequisites, before hiring individuals as a nurse assistant. To get registered in the list of the ‘New Hampshire Nurse Aide Registry’ and procuring a licensed are considered as milestones affecting the salaries of a CNA.

There are also some part-time and as-needed basis jobs available in New Hampshire for nursing aides. If you will work for full-time job positions, you will be more likely to get add-on benefits like, health insurance, dental and life insurance, long and short-term injury disbursement, 401(k) or any other relevant saving plan, paid holidays and vacations, etc.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

In the beginning of this occupation, that’s quite apparent like other jobs; you will not be able to make a good figure out of this. Entry levels positions will offer you quite less amount. However, with continued advanced education, nurse aide can very soon apply for the post of registered nurse. You can also search for the companies’ field offering on-the-job trainings in the nursing field. This early debut will sooner make you capable enough to make the most of this profession.

Additionally, CNAs with zero or less work exposure, cannot apply for some particular positions. For example, if a well renowned hospital wants an assistant, who have an experience of operating in the emergency room; then such inexperienced candidates will not be selected by such organisations, till the time they get their first experience. This is the reason, why many CNAs get into this profession on a very early age by getting associated with a small nursing home, home health agencies, etc. This way they accumulate years of expertise, which ultimately aid them to achieve for a job providing them a great pay scale along with multiple facilities.

Those after acquiring few years of exposure get self-employed as in in-house nurse aides. They receive an hourly wages of about $10-$18 in New Hampshire.

Impact of Job Location on the Salary

The North-eastern states are well thought-out to be among few most expensive states for nurse aides to live in. Working in various location of New Hampshire gives you the opportunity to make an elevated income of average salaries in the United States. Earning between an averages of $29,000 to $37,000 per annum, you can live a comfortable in New Hampshire, while being employed as a CNA. The biggest concern in the dissimilarities among the salary scales is the standard of living in the various areas of the place and the nation.


Employers participates as an important body, at the time of deciding their annual pay-rolls. The voracity and necessity to earn more money pulls some of the potential CNAs to work with government agencies. As, such established organisations propose many essential benefits along with an excellent hike in the salary. Those who lack expertise and higher level of degrees, strive to get job in small hospices and private nursing homes, where they have to get contented with a minor pay scale. However, this also works beneficial for such new comers in the nursing field, as they earn precious experiences of work, along with a contented salary.

So, this makes the fact quite clear that in general hospitals, several private companies and government facilities provides the best income and benefits to the CNAs, where schools and private nursing homes gives the least amount.

Long-term care facilities, private clinics, home health care and hospitals are some other facilities for the nurse aides in New Hampshire.

One of the major requirements for hiring nurse assistants is that they must be licensed and have a professional certification.

Average Pay for CNAs in New Hampshire

As per the CBSalary reports, they tracked an average pay of $33,510, as of January 2018, for all the nursing aides in the state. Nursing aides in the middle 50% of the pay scale use to earn in between $26,400 to $44,880 on the national level. However, the average income of the nursing assistants noticed was $36,640, whereas, the central 50 % in New Hampshire were earning around $29,760 to $50,570 annually. Berlin offers a slightly more to the licensed nurse aides working there at an annual pay of $33,790. Concord and Manchester areas give a better payment of $35,780, where Laconia tops the salary parameters by giving a huge income of $38,160 annually.

CNA Salary in Various Metropolis of New Hampshire

Name of Metropolis Average Yearly Income
Nashua $28,000
Manchester $27,000
Portsmouth $27,000
Concord $26,000

CNA Salary in Various Settings

Name of Professional Background Average Yearly Income
Home care $24,000
Nursing Home $26,000
Home health agencies $32,000
Self employed $50,000
Hospital $34,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Travel Position – Occupational Therapist $57,000
Personal Care Assistant $17,000
Nursing Assistant $27,000
Cna $16,000
Assistant Nurse Manager $56,000
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Cota $343,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $16,000
Certified Nurse Aide $18,000
Occupational Therapy Assistant Cota $69,000
Patient Care Assistant $27,000
Nursing Asst $14,000
Certified Nursing Assistant Cna $22,000


Approximating to other states, there’s also a major boost anticipated for the requirement of Certified Nurse assistants from now to 2016. The ‘Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau’ of New Hampshire is look forward to a great hike of approximately 26% in this demand in the few coming years. This indicates a brighter chances to achieve a suitable job, as options are plentiful in this industry. Positions for certified nursing assistant are in nursing facilities, clinics, assisted living centres, medical and hospitals centres, etc.