CNA Salary in New Mexico

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in New Mexico?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in New Mexico is $29,177 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $26,441 and $32,460. The salary range of New Mexico is not something to sneeze at, however, while comparing to other states, it is quite middling.

Education, organisation, experience and job location, all these partake in an essential way in the salary of a certified nursing aide. Your final pay will seek all these elements in your resume and will fluctuate accordingly. Your longer years of work exposure in the nursing field, will take you a way higher, as a CNA in New Mexico. This will aid in augmenting your actual pay scale and your job position along with additional advantages in New Mexico.

With a high school certificate or a GED, and specific skills required for this job, one can easily enter the nursing field. Though, this job will surely involves certain challenging responsibilities, like handling the patients in pain, checking their blood pressures, etc, but it’s the pay scale in New Mexico, which attracts the nursing from across the nation to come into this profession.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

To make you aware what a work experience can do for you, we have some essential information for all the CNAs applying in this field. While beginning your career in this milieu; don’t expect over the top to get associated with a highly renowned topmost firm or government agencies, like hospitals, etc. Such jobs are mostly preserved for experienced candidates, as they do not have to be trained and this saves time and money both.

Facilities like, nursing home, home health, etc will pay you less; however you will definitely gain valuable work experience which will aid you in future jobs. You can switch over into other advanced organisation for a better pay and multiple benefits.

New Mexico is considered a bit more rigid with its hiring policies, especially when it comes to CNAs. One of the finest methods to gain an excellent pay scale in New Mexico is that, you must work for a minimum of five years. After getting five years of relevant work experience, you will get the authority to choose your place of work, as per your own suitability.

The recent salary data says that the certified nursing aides on initial basis, with zero experience working with healthcare facilities, earn a minimum pay of $17,000 per annum. Nevertheless, they can start making a standard earning of about $29,000 per year, once acquiring some years of work experience in this domain.

Some of the advantages, you will get once you become an experienced nursing aide in New Mexico are that hospitals, government agencies and private companies, will all be inclined on to sign up you at higher cost. Additionally, paid vacations and other employee benefits will also lie under your feet.

Experience also gives you the great opportunity to work as a self-employed CNA in New Mexico.Private clients get convinced with hourly income proposed by the nursing aides and let them work as an in-house worker. Self-employed nursing aides have found earning around $8 to $16.50 or above, on hourly basis in New Mexico.

Average Pay for CNAs in New Mexico

As per the reports, after employing 6,950 certified nursing assistants, New Mexico got 41st rank in the whole United States amid 50 states and the DC, in the gone year. Although, the standard source of revenue in New Mexico has calculated out to be 24% lesser, when compared it on a national scale, even though, the nursing assistants, receiving a starting pay of $17,000, can also reach up to a brilliant amount of $34,500 per year, in New Mexico.

New Mexico CNA Annual Wage

$17,020- Very Low

$19,550- Low

$23,530- Median

$29,050- High

$34,410- Very High

CNA Salary in Various Cities of New Mexico

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly income
Las Cruces $23,000
Deming $26,000
Albuquerque $22,000
Alamogordo $25,000
South Valley $22,000
Rio Rancho $22,000
Santa Fe $27,000

CNA Salary in Various Settings

Name of the Employment Setting Average Yearly income
Home Health Agencies $28,000
Self Employed $44,000
Hospital $29,000
Home Care $21,000
Nursing Home $23,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Certified Nursing Assistant $20,000
Nursing Assistant $23,000
Caregiver $14,000
CNA – PCA $12,000
Certified Nursing Assistant CNA $19,000
Certified Nurse Aide $16,000
Home Health Aide $14,000
Patient Care Assistant $23,000
Care Giver $14,000
Registered Nurse $43,000
Nurse Aide $12,000
Certified Nurse Assistant $14,000


Interested candidates must prepare an updated resume just after qualifying the CNA certification examination. You must list all your qualifications in the resume to make sure that all your strengths and skills are being highlighted, in order to get an appropriate job as a certified nursing assistant in New Mexico.

As per ‘The Department of Workforce’ of New Mexico, the annual standard salary of a nursing aide is around $22,580 across the state. It has also predicted a far-reaching growth in the employment rates of the certified nursing assistants in the coming 10 years.

The ‘American Red Cross’ and community colleges offers quite reasonable training programs in new Mexico to procure an entry-level job position in nursing field. To obtain the position of a certified nursing assistant in New Mexico, these training programs are quite helpful.

Successful trainees in New Mexico can find career openings at rehabilitation centres, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term healthcare services, et