CNA Salary in Oklahoma

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Oklahoma?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Oklahoma is $29,550 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $26,779 and $32,875.

One of the bright features of Oklahoma, which works in the betterment of certified nursing assistants, is that the state offers a number of free training programs for them. Not only this, there are various unemployment and welfare agencies available in the state, which can support you with the financial support in order to become certified nursing assistants. Additionally, if you work as a nurse aide and meanwhile, you obtain your certification in that first year, then there are some employers also, who will provide you reimbursements to cover your training expenses. You will also get to work with some of the institutions that can easily avail your tuition charges up-front, once you get associated to work with them for a precise duration. Hence, those who all are considering the profession to be an ideal one, read on further to gather more in-depth information.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

Work exposure for certain period of time, keeps a great significance in this domain. Those who do not posses any relevant work experience will hardly receive $18,000 or $22,000 annually, as a new joiner. Since the standard of living is low, so initially, they might have to gain some work experience by working in a small company at lower wages. Nonetheless,you may also encounter some of the organisations that can offer you an elevated salary, after few months of your services. But, the better decision would be to stick with the same organisations as much as you can. This can support a CNA to get an upgraded pay and several benefits from that employer. Veteran CNAs have the benefits of paid vacations, sick days and higher salary over here. A number of CNAs in Oklahoma are making about $35,377 annually. The preference to work as a self employed aide is also available in Oklahoma, if you are a seasoned nurse aide. The benefits offered to such seasoned nursing aides are paid vacation periods, coverage of health insurance and retirement plan reimbursements.

Impact of the job location in New York

The standard of living in Okhlahoma is quite poorer comparatively to other sections of the nation. Seeing the actual distributed costs, the government proposes the pay range to the employers of the state, and so, the employers pay accordingly. However, there are certain sections of Oklahoma, where the standard of life is higher, like in urban sectors. So, the nursing aides who all get employed here get paid higher.

Employers part are very essential in Oklahoma just likes other states. Which CNA will earn more salary or who will make less, these are all decided by the employers. After seeing that the employers are not able to pay a justifiable amount to the employees, the CNAs can walk out on from that job and catch another one. As, the metropolitan areas offers a decent pay scale to the nursing aides and also there are many options as well.


You will also find here, that some of the companies will pay you more than others. One such place of work is the government hospitals and some of the private companies. This makes many nursing assistants to apply for employment in hospitals. Moreover, they also provide several benefits like, paid leaves, retirement plan, etc. Those who get selected to operate in the ER or ICU, they get more elevated pay scales in Oklahoma. Nursing homes are mostly considered to be among the least payers in Oklahoma, mainly because the attrition rate is quite higher there.

Average Pay for CNAs in Oklahoma

The salary ranges from $19,000 to $32,500 per year, and the average income found out is $29,000 in Oklahoma. Later on, the nursing assistants can able to make a satisfactory income, once they increase their experience in this domain. $35,377 or above is also attainable for experienced nursing aides here. For that, many of them also start delivering independent services as an in-house worker.

Self-employed CNAs receive somewhat around $7.50 to $13 on hourly basis. If we have to see the average wage of a nursing assistant of this state, that will be about $9.50 per hour. Additionally, if you target to achieve a registered nurse position in this industry, then you should pursue further education as well, in order that, you can get the best possible pay and advantages.

CNA Salary in Various Metropolis of Oklahoma

Name of the Metropolis Average Yearly Income
Tulsa $22,000
Oklahoma city $24,000
Altus $21,000
Lawton $26,000

CNA Salary in Various Backgrounds

Name of the Professional Settings Average Yearly Income
Home Health Agencies $28,000
Self Employed $44,000
Hospital $30,000
Home Care $21,000
Nursing Home $23,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

CNA Live in Oklahoma $29,000
Patient Care Technician N in Oklahoma $25,000
CNA in Oklahoma $21,000
Companion Caregiver in Oklahoma $18,000
Home Health Care Aide in Oklahoma $21,000
CNA HHA in Oklahoma $20,000
Resident Care Specialist CNA in Oklahoma $22,000
Client Care Aide in Oklahoma $29,000
Hiring CNA in Oklahoma $15,000
CNA Caregiver in Oklahoma $19,000
Cna’ in Oklahoma $22,000
Hospital CNA in Oklahoma $30,000
Caregiver CNA in Oklahoma $20,000
CNA And HHA in Oklahoma $21,000
Caregiver Companion CNA in Oklahoma $16,000

Job Projection

After completing 120 hours of curriculum for state licensing test including a minimum of 16 hours of hands on practice, nurse aides can apply in the medical sector in Oklahoma.

Even though, the annual salary structure of this place is a bit lower; still the ‘Oklahoma Security Commission’ has shown a positive projection of increase in the demands of nursing aides in Oklahoma, which is about 17.4%, in the coming decade. Additionally, the orderlies, attendants and certified nursing assistants are also likely to get most of the job openings by the year 2016. However, it might depend on the locations and various other factors also, that when and where these projections will be available in Oklahoma.

As per the ‘Oklahoma Security Commission’, the Nursing and Residential care facilities will be expecting a greatest and fastest service growth by 2016. Medical Assisting is one other popular health care profession to get associated with, as it promises similar income with a positive job growth projection of around 18.25% in Oklahoma.