CNA Salary in Florida

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Florida?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Florida is $36,588 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $33,157 and $40,705.

However, this will entirely depend on your qualification, experience and work location that can make you earn more or less.

The upcoming medical facilities and existing companies of Florida are seeking for new joiners to recruit as a CNA in Florida. The rise in the aging population of Florida has given all the CNAs a great opportunity to work at this place. Among many existing jobs available here, the profession of a Certified Nursing Assistant, also known as nursing aides, is one of the most sought-after. To carry out various job responsibilities under the command of Registered Nurses or (RNs), are quite challenging for CNAs. However, this makes them more valuable at many places. Many persons choose to get into this field because they know that their job is quite secured in this industry, and so, they negotiate with their salaries. A person who holds good ethical character and dedication towards his/her work and also have a state approved CNA certification can become a nursing aide.

Below is the information about the advantages of being experienced, importance of employers, locations in Florida, along with the salary details.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

On the initial stage, you can get jobs with lower salaries in this field due to lack of exposure and education. However, if you constantly strive hard for achieving higher education or more work experience in this industry, then you can surely achieve higher pay and promotions in the future. Working constantly for years can also aid a CNA to move ahead to higher positions of a medical assisting or a licensed practical nursing in the coming future. Some of the CNAs also find the tasks more interesting and fruitful as a career. Your salary increases according to your experience. Later on you can also get the opportunity to get employed in a bigger organisation.

Like any other state, entry-level CNAs in Florida with less than one year of experience earn less money, than a nursing aide of more than one or two years of work experience. Hands on training experience alone can’t be considered as a work experience by the employers, unless you have gained work experience by any of the reputed organisation and got a valid experience letter.

The job is very much liked by those who wanted to work in a friendly environment. While working in a nursing facility many CNAs develop a very warm and close liaison with the patient and their families as well. This works as a counterbalance for those who are getting less paid and hence, they stick with their jobs for longer.

Bigger organisations or most of the govt. related health facilities gives you the extra benefits of overtime and paid holidays. According to, in Florida you also get other advantages, like 401k, health care, pension, time off, disability and personal days, which takes the total compensation up to $39,300.

Impact of Job Location on the Salary

Similar to other states of US, Florida also provides better chances to get higher income in urban areas in comparison to countryside localities. You get better working facilities and career prospects in metropolitan areas. Some of the metropolis areas that offer superior job openings for CNAs are Fort Myers, Saint Augustine, Miami, Tampa and Orlando.

Average Pay For CNA In Florida

As per the ‘The Bureau of Labor Statistics’, there are 3,090 professionals are working in Florida. As per the salary data of 2015, 25th percentiles of them have earned up to $25,730 yearly, and the 75th percentiles have made up to $29,980 per year. However, shows the data for an average annual income including hospital and other CNA positions ranging from $30,000 to $ 40,000 as of 2018.

Nursing aides who are looking forward to work in Tampa, Fl can usually earn somewhat around $23,000 to $29000 per year.

CNA Salary In Different Cities Of Florida

Name of City Average Salary (Annually)
Fort Myers $28,000
Miami $28,000
St. Augustine $27,000
Tampa $26,000
Orlando $26,000
Jacksonville $26,000

Average Salary of Jobs with Related Titles

Census Type Work in Florida $43,000
Client Care Aide in Florida $31,000
CNA Live in Florida $30,000
Patient Care Technician N in Florida $26,000
Resident Care Specialist CNA in Florida $23,000
Nurse Technician in Florida $23,000
Cna’ in Florida $21,000
CNA in Florida $22,000
Caregiver CNA in Florida $20,000
CNA Caregiver in Florida $20,000
CNA HHA in Florida $20,000
Uchc Technician in Florida $20,000
Supported Living Assistant in Florida $19,000
Caregiver Companion CNA in Florida $17,000
Hiring CNA in Florida $15,000

 Salary Conclusion

According to the prediction made by the BLS, the job prospects for certified nursing assistants might increase by 18% on a national scale by the end of 2018. The nursing care facilities are expecting a huge growth, for the fact they wanted to discharge the patients quickly after providing them a fast cure. The other reason for this growth in this sector is a sudden rise in the population of the elderly persons in Florida.

You can find Job positions in cardiac units, orthopaedic departments, nursing homes, senior living communities, home health agencies, and hospital general floors.