CNA Salary in Mississippi

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Mississippi?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Mississippi is $28,448 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $25,780 and $31,649.

Based on various aspects, the salary in Mississippi is also considered on the work experience of a person, the place of work, and the organisation, where he/she needs to work. Since there’s a shortage of trained professionals in this field, people are anticipating more towards this career. This will improve the lacking condition of CNAs in Mississippi and the increased number of certified nursing aides will provide better patient care at all the levels. If you believe that you got the attributes to become a certified nursing assistant then, nowadays it’s not a complicated prospect. Many people make a successful career in this domain.

CNA trainings have been proved out to be a breakthrough for aspirants in this field. These programs elevate their qualification and lead them to arrive at high paying designations. On the entry-level of nursing, you might not be given specialized nursing skills. Although, going forward, you can enhance your skills by accomplishing higher education, and aim for the occupation of a registered nurse. Many people believe that being a nurse aide gives a low start to your career, but the fact is this you get an early debut in the nursing industry. You will come across many nursing aides, who are making good money after being self-employed on an hourly basis from $7.50 to $12.

Advantages of Being an Experienced CNA

Normally, the pay lies in between $22,000 to $32,000 per year, however, Mississippi is considered as a place, where nursing aides can survive a secure life and make a good sum of $35,000 or more. Employment settings have also laid a grand impact in the payments of a certified nursing assistant, like in Jackson, Mississippi; the average is nearly $30,667 per year, as of 2011. Being experienced, you get several great powers, like you can decide where to work and who to work with. Higher salary and ample other benefits lie down their feet, wherever they get appointed. Some of the advantages are paid vacations, sick days and holidays. The advantage to earn overtime is also given by some of the employers to the experienced nursing aides.

Average Pay for CNAs in Mississippi

Those who are engaged in Mississippi get the opportunity to earn more money than the average pay scale but there are also some, who make lower than that. In the begging of joining this field, entry-level joiners have limited options available. Individuals with less work experience, receive a lower pay in the beginning. Once you have completed your qualifications, you can seek to take home a respectable amount. Nursing homes, healthcare agencies are some of the facilities with the lower pay. To make a good deal of money, you must try to get a job in hospitals, government agencies and private companies.

Impact of Job Location on the Salary

Even though, the standard of living in urban sectors are higher, yet the pay can vary considering on the location of work and the employer. Urban areas are measured out as more productive settings for healthcare industry than rural sectors. Still, you will find Mississippi offering a pretty sufficient amount to the nursing aides working here, on an annual basis.

CNA Salaries in Different Cities

Name of the City Average Yearly Income
Greenville $32,000
Gulfport $26,000
Columbus $29,000
Jackson $35,000
Biloxi $27,000
Pascagoula $26,000

CNA Salary in Various Environments

Name of the Professional Setting Average Yearly Income
Nursing Home $31,000
Self Employed $59,000
Hospital $39,000
Home Health Agencies $37,000
Home Care $28,000

Average Salary with Related Professional Titles

Hospital CNA in Mississippi $38,000
CNA And HHA in Mississippi $27,000
Client Care Aide in Mississippi $37,000
Hiring CNA in Mississippi $19,000
Patient Care Technician N in Mississippi $32,000
Cna’ in Mississippi $29,000
Caregiver Companion CNA in Mississippi $21,000
CNA Caregiver in Mississippi $24,000
Caregiver CNA in Mississippi $26,000
CNA Live in Mississippi $37,000
CNA in Mississippi $27,000
CNA HHA in Mississippi $25,000
Companion Caregiver in Mississippi $23,000
Resident Care Specialist CNA in Mississippi $29,000
Home Health Care Aide in Mississippi $27,000

Job Outlook in Mississippi

Since, the time is right for the certified nursing assistants to enter this industry, a minimal training sessions of about a few months for entry level joiners’ would aid them to advance in this field. Progression to higher posts in this health care sector will generally require further education.

The nation’s growing shortage of the potential CNAs, and the rise in the ageing population of the elderly individuals have forced the employers to hike up their pay. The situation is expected to change by 2016, as more treatment centres like, hospices, nursing homes, long term care facilities are going to begin sooner.