CNA Salary in Alaska

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How much does a Certified Nursing Assistant earn in Alaska?

The average Certified Nursing Assistant salary in Alaska is $35,693 as of January 16, 2019, but the range typically falls between $32,346 and $39,710.

Alaska offers its nursing aides employed in the various locations about an average of $25,000 per year. As, the health-care industry is always in a huge demand for certified nursing assistants, this opens a door for several CNA trainees and graduates to start with a great career prospects. After New York, Alaska is one of the biggest paymasters for CNA jobs. Although, the job is somewhat considered challenging, mainly for those who are new to this field, however, you can also get to earn good amount of money after short span of time. Apart from money, CNA jobs also give you an extreme satisfaction for serving to many lives in pain with care and concern.

Average CNA Salary in Alaska

The salary of a particular state in this field can vary depending upon the various factors of that place, including the employer, job location, advantages, experiences, skills, etc. However, an average of $32,000 to $40,000 has been noticed in the CNA salary of Alaska. But, before you jump on to a conclusion, you must be aware that the demographic condition and customary requirement for nurse aids are the major rationale of a place to employ more and more CNAs. In most of the places, all these factors also play a vital role for an employee to get a pay rise after some time.

Hourly wage in Alaska

The hourly wages are basically divided into day shift and night shifts because of the fact that the services are required 24 hours. Due to the lack of time or other existing commitment, if you want to pursue this job on hourly basis, then also it wouldn’t disappoint you. You can earn $15 per hour in Alaska, which is the highest hourly wages among all the other states of the US. As per a recently done survey, the hourly wages of a fresher in Alaska ranges from $8 to $10, while experienced entrants receives about $12 to $15 per hour. As followed in many prominent organisations, the salary slabs in this industry also vary counting on the rank of CNA certifications and experience. However, this too can ebb and flow according to the company’s own terms and conditions.

CNA Salaries in other Cities

Name of the city Average Yearly Income
Denali $18,000
Anchorage $23,000
Juneau $23,000
Fairbanks $23,000

CNA Salaries in Different Settings

Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Self employed $41,000
Hospital $28,000
Home health agencies $26,000
Nursing Home $22,000
Home care $20,000

Average Salary of Jobs

A Registered Nurse $57,000
nursing assistant $31,000
patient care assistant $31,000
certified nursing assistant $26,000
certified nursing assistant CNA $25,000
certified nurse aide $21,000
certified nurse assistant $19,000
home health aide $19,000
caregiver $19,000
care giver $18,000
nurse aide $16,000
cna – pca $16,000

Conclusion for CNA Salary in Alaska

After getting a quick delineation of salaries and job positions, we hope that you too might be looking forward to get associated with this industry. And this is possibly the best job option for you, if you are ready to serve people who are not well, as Alaska is the top most payers for this job. But before joining this field to earn a higher salary, it’s important that you must hone your mental and emotional strengths along with physical proficiencies which are imperative to have. Working in a number of settings like, schools, hospitals, private sectors, etc, aids you in gaining precious work experience which constantly helps in increasing your salary seeing your expertise.